Saturday, September 08, 2007

Beak on the disabled list

There are many unique experiences in NYC. One of the most unique is street food. The trucks that serve huge vocational spots are called "roach coaches". I have a fondness for them dating back to my days as a fasshion executive. We had an excellent one in NJ that served resturant quality food and even cashed company checks, for a fee.

I saw an old truck that I was familiar with from my days in NYC. It was about to pack up and I steped in a pothole while trying to get to it. I sprained my foot quite badly. I am much better today but yesterday I my father drove me to the ferry. He did not think I was going to make it to the bus. It took me three hours to get home.

Many of you who expressed concern about the scrutiny given to the cases would be proud of the job that is done. I can not go into specifics but there is far more scrutiny here. I am shocked at what I am seeing both good and bad. Be rest assured the work here is much more important than the work in VT.


The Merry Widow said...

I gathered, because in VT you would moderate during the day, and answer. Now...where's Beaker?
Do take care, and try to elevate it some during the day when you can!


Jungle Mom said...

Take care!!!

Farmer John said...

Good news, beak. The AQI a-hole responsible for bombing the Yazidi's is getting beaten by 72 Viginians in jihadi heaven.

BAGHDAD, Sept. 9 -- A U.S. airstrike in northern Iraq killed one of the men responsible for planning the coordinated truck bomb attack that killed at least 411 people last month, the military said Sunday.

Abu Muhammad al-Afri was killed on Sept. 3 in a rural area 70 miles southwest of Mosul, the U.S. military said in a written statement.

U.S. forces identified Afri as the leader of al-Qaeda in Iraq's operations in the northern village of Sinjar and one of the organizers of the deadliest bombing since the U.S.-led invasion in Iraq.

The military said the Sept. 3 airstrike killed al-Afri and his driver. "Close associates and detainees confirmed that al-Afri was killed during the strike," the military said.

The Merry Widow said...

About time! I have no patience for such calculated evil and cowardice!


nanc said...

when may we start calling you "grace"?

Always On Watch said...

A sprained foot is so painful! Been there, done that.

Elevate whenever possible.

roman said...

Hope your sprain clears fast.
WOW.. Some good news out of Iraq thanks to farmer john. Funny, did'nt hear a peep about this in the newspapers.

z said...

Monday: How's the foot, Beak? All the best. Z

beakerkin said...

I can now walk without pain as long as I am on level ground. I am lucky as this is my non driving foot.