Saturday, September 06, 2008

Another 9-11 Post

I want to apologize to older readers for having to endure another one of these posts.

This post is aimed at the newer readers. I will provide some back story to this blog and my life.

I was there on 9-11 just another face in the sea of humanity that ran on that day. The media does not seek my opinion as I am a faceless ordinary man. They seek out the vocal
far left Jersey Girls who think they own that day. Sorry, but unlike the Jersey girls I was there. I could tell them of the haunting looks on the faces of the firemen who raced past me into history as I moved away from it. I will never forget the haunting look on the faces of men called to duty trying to save lives knowing they may not return. The Jersey Girls do not speak for me. I speak with my own voice, for better or worse.

A twist of fate in the life of this New Yorker had me in the building the first time it was bombed. Many of you forget that it was bombed in the Clinton years. Bill Clinton did nothing as usual and never visited the site.

On the Saturday after 9-11 the city was filled with the stench of burning evil. The buildings were smoldering in the distance at Ground Zero. Most of us were wondering who we knew who was dead and the estimates at that time was 30000 dead. Communist held a Nuremberg rally in Union Square Park and blamed the Joooos. The media gave extensive coverage to Fallwel's stupid remarks but not a single sentence to this hate
fest. I was prepared to fight and told my girlfriend I would meet her at home. Somehow she read my body language and she said " I am not going home without you". My
duties to my household were more important than the anger of the moment. However, at that moment the Cold Warrior was reborn.

If I were young enough I would have signed up to fight. Once again my duties at home and my age prevented me from doing so. I took a test for a security related government job as the best I could do. The rest of the story is familiar a stint in Northern Vermont and my return home to my beloved NYC. I was to leave for a trip to GA, MO,KS and CA before returning home again.

That is my story.

Recently, I had a chance to hear a different perspective from a young and hopelessly
naive Muslim American. He remembers the anger and hate directed at Muslims in the days after 9-11. Now it is 100% wrong to blame Muslim Americans for 9-11. However, America did not get a honest reponse from the community. What should have been said was this attack was inexcusable. Instead we got rationalizations about foreign policy
and BS about poverty causing terrorism. Even in the discussion about Rudy's remark we
still get the story about "well it is US foreign policy".

What bothers me even more is the Mickey Marxist version of Islamic history being taught in our University by MELAC hacks. Most Americans remember the droning on about the evils of colonialism. However, Muslim students seem to think Islamocolnialism is a different animal from its western counterpart. What is being taught is a cartoon version of history that is more Disney than fact. Muslim students are never told about invasions of Christian lands, genocide in India or the kidnapping of people from all over the planet for slavery.

The section about the treatment of minorities ruled by Islamic tyrants is especially odious. Imagine a presentation of the American South with happy slaves and Blacks thrilled to live under Jim Crow. The presentation of such history would be dishonest
and racist. The usual response of leftists and Muslim students is usually well Jews were treated worse in Europe. In actuality this is as absurd as claiming American slaves were treated better than their counterparts in Africa. One does not justify crimes against humanity with the claim that other crimes elsewhere were worse.

Lost in the mix is that Muslims try to restrict the conversation to Jews. This is also misleading as Christians and many other minorities are ignored. The fact that these Jim Crow systems were dismantled by the West and in the case of ancient Iran the supposedly barbaric Mongols. Muslims are presented as victims of the Crusaders, Mongols, Europeans and now Jooooos. The Crusades were a belated response to a series
of invasions by Muslim colonialist. Unfortunately, they often terrorized Jews who had
nothing to do with Muslim colonialism.

Thus Muslims are presented a wildly inaccurate history where they have never mistreated or invaded anyone and are perpetual victims. It takes a genuine feat of academic malfeasance to create this history.

It may be a serious undertaking but we may have to push for genuine changes in our school curriculum. It seems the wrong people are being given historical guilt trips.
A more inclusive curriculum including the horrors created by communism and Islamic colonialism need to be added.


Always On Watch said...

Never apologize for posting about 9/11.

You know, in many ways you are my hero. You endured 9/11, then took action to serve our nation.

beakerkin said...

I am no hero. I was an ordinary person in the wrong place at the wrong time.

I am genuinely sad that Brokenmystic feels such pain at the words Islamic terror. However, he needs to come to grips with the fact that Bin Laden's motives were religious. This does not mean that Bokenmystic supports this version of Islam.

The comments are seriously ignorant
on the subject of Islamic history.

Always On Watch said...

A patriot that takes action and seeks service to our nation, such as you did, is a hero, Beak. We need more like you.

And heroes never think of themselves as heroes.

Beamish said...

Fighting wars in Islamic countries will only create terrorists among the people we should not profile at the airport.

beakerkin said...

AOW Thanks

Mr B

I am glad you brought up the subject of profiling. We had a short discussion about this at work when an attorney claimed a certain line of questioning was profiling.

There is some confusion over what profiling is. If a law enforcement officer reacts to something he sees
than this is not profiling. In fact
if the officer does not react to this he is not doing his job.