Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Desperation Time

A desperate Renegade Eye has started a false claim that yours truly is a messianic Jooooo. To his credit the usually unhinged Kahanist stooge MZ questions this idiocy.

This episode reveals some stupidity on the part of MZ. I am not familiar with the blogger that was banned but lets assume this charge is true that he is a messianic Jew.

This person has 100% supported the actual Jewish people and the State of Israel. MZ tolerates the communist fake Jooo who deliberately stokes populist Antisemitism in an
effort to boost the ranks of his Trotskyite cult. The comment section at his blogoften resembles the Protocols of the Elders of Zion a and the anti semitic sections of Stormfront. He currently is linked to a blog of an actual blogger whose Nazi like content is recognized by the folks at Stormfront LWB.This actual Nazi is encouraged and welcomed at his site without critical comment. Diverse bloggers such as Jams, Sonia, CB and many others have noticed and commented on the anti semitism of LWB. Ren also keeps an Islamocommunist antisemite on board MILF from Lebanon (pun intended) whose brain impairment is amusing.

The record indicates that Ren has claimed "Zionist do not care about Jews" and made some asinine comments about Zionists working with Nazis on Sonia's site. He ignores
the actual record of Communists alliances with Nazis such as the infamous Nazi-Soviet
pact to enslave the Baltics and Eastern Poland. Ren also rationalizes the extermination of Jews by Arab terrorists and fantasizes about a workers state replacing Israel. This idea would actually bring Peace to the region as neither Jew nor Arab would want to live in a Middle Eastern Cuba or North Korea. Ren has also ignored the anti semitism of his God the cokehead commie Hugo Chavez.

I do not condemn a persons right to see God as they choose. The original Christians were considered a Jewish sect and the classical interpretation of Jesus is the fulfillment of Judaic prophecies. I have never condemned messianic Jews as they routinely support Jews and Israel. They have chosen a different path but I recognize
freedom of thought. Likewise I have been on record supporting former friend Mecurial
Justin Morris who now oddly calls himself a messianic Jew.

There is something wrong with Kahanists when they castigate and expel a messianic Jew
while embracing a Communist Impostor who actively stokes the most rabid forms of anti
semitism. Communists cease to be Jews or Americans the second they sign onto the wacky Marxist cult. The religious dimensions of Marx have been recognized by many scholars notably Toynbee.

Onto the latest amusing claim by Renegade Eye who has in the past speculated I have committed murder or that a well known anti communist is a "Stalinist" ? This new claim is that yours truly is a closet "Messianic Jew". This claim is false and quite amusing to my family and friends. The beloved Rav Roov would term who is an actual practicing Orthodox Rabbi as well my brother would never describe me as such. Traditional Orthodox Jews (Not to be confused with hateful Kahanists) tend to be more optimistic about non practicing Jews who do not practice the faith and would use the term non observant. My brother does chide me in private but always gently and loving as a family member should.

I do not consider the term messianic Jew to be an insult as I know several who are decent people. However, I remain a traditional Jew who respects Christianity with the
exception of the "Liberation Theology" crew who are and remain communists.


Ducky's here said...

Beak, why does Israel have one of the highest abortion rates in the Western world?

The Merry Widow said...

You nailed the "liberation theology" followers! Add in the non-Bible reading and understanding, "replacement theology" types(Rice and Bush BOTH belong to rt churches)and you have a mess.
I used to babysit for a Jewish family, and my being a Christian didn't bother them...teaching me how to keep osher was an adventure for us both! LOL! I may not know it real well, but at least I can ask the right questions! Before goofing up.

I don't uderstan it either, Beaker...I would rather hang with someone who supported my right to exist, rather than with someone who is wishy-washy and unstable...with suspect friends!
And people forget that the nazis and commies were cozy, until territory came into play!


The Pagan Temple said...

He didn't exactly say that, he said you might be a good prospect to become a messianic Jew.

Ducky's here said...

A reminder, Beak

The Republicans are a dishonor and shame to us all.

They have skyjacked our institutions-- they have hijacked our media and our government through lies and dirty tricks, and they are crashing our own institutions into us, ruining our environment, teaching our kids lies about science and reality, sending our people off to die in pointless military theaters of operations, squandering our public money and freeing the rich from paying a modest amount of taxes as the price for being extremely successful and powerful in this country. These "Republicans" betray us and stab us in the back every damn day, just like they did leading up to and after 9/11.

Remember, it's not just McCain-- every single option the Republicans put in front of our noses as a potential Presidential candidate this year has been a corrupt incompetent.
Rudy Giuliani was specifically responsible for making sure the firefighters had faulty equipment, for moving the City's emergency command headquarters to a much less effective location so it could be a convenient babe-nest, and for working against the wishes and interests of First Responders who worked on 9/11 and of 9/11 families and widows in the days, weeks and months after the attacks. Yet the piece of walking scum takes credit for the work of people who actually helped on 9/11 and tries to turn the attacks into a political boon for him. In a saner world, this guy wouldn't be able to get a single minute of air-time on any television station, except to report on how corrupt, unworthy to call himself an American, and asinine he is.

But you love him Beak. Must be a result of your illness.

The Merry Widow said...

ducky-What alternate univere do you live in?
The VAST majority of the media hacks are registered dhimmicrats, give to liberal causes and to the dnc and if you look at the pornfest of the lamestreammedia and obama, you would know that they are so liberal they aren't even in the same ballpark!


Beamish said...


Ducky takes the extra time to prove to people that he's an imbecile because you might not consider him a leftist otherwise.