Monday, September 01, 2008

Obama doesn't get it

Obama is guilty of thinking the election was over and playing it safe. He picked a very mediocre Senator who may be the dumbest person in the Senate as a safe pick. He went into histrionics about a book and has done nothing of substance.

Obama's big mistake was the trip to Europe. He has had difficulty connecting with regular people who live in rural areas. His condescending remarks after Pennsylvania
about God and guns have hurt his candidacy.

Into this mix comes a breath of fresh air. Gov Pallin is the true outsider who has not been into the salons of Europe. She was a working mother who has held a real job and has executive experience. Oddly the pregnant daughter bit probably helps her with parents who know first hand that kids even given the best of parenting sometimes fall off track.

Pallin is as real a person as we are likely to see in a National election. If she did not live in Alaska where everything is so expensive she could probably tell us what a box of Captain Crunch is. She is the opposite of Gomer Kerry's windsurfing and inability to name baseball players such as Manny Ortiz.

Pallin is more qualified to be President than Obama based on her executive experience
and holding a real job.


Always On Watch said...

The Dems and the left are pulling out all stops to smear Sarah Palin. It's gonna backfire.

Beamish said...

My question is, if these leftist Democrats are truly confident in the electoral viability of their candidates and their message, why are they going negative on Palin's children?

Oh, shit. I answered my own question.

Jungle Mom said...

Amazing! This poor girl ends up pregnant and it is somehow a national political event!

Ducky's here said...

Shouldn't be too hard to crush her. Just don't make the mistake of going after the mommy persona.

Go after the fact that she was endorsed for Gov. by Ted Stevens and that she loves spending that pork money.

She's the kind of fiscal conservative Rethugs love. Her budget was the highest in Alaska's history. She supported the "bridge to nowhere" and is an oil & gas industry pimp.


#1) Abstinence only education = pregnant daughter
#2) Oil meetings in Texas = putting unborn infant at risk
#3) Anti-choice = more Opus Dei supremes
#4) Mayoral decisions = putting small town in HUGE debt
#5) Executive decisions = firing those who politically disagree. Largest pork budget in Alaskan history.

I wonder if Candidate McCheese is going to use her as an example of how he'll control earmark spending. Just another Republican hypocrite.

Ducky's here said...

Beak what happened? Rudy got dropped as a keynote speaker. Kicked out of the convention?

You gotta wonder what happened here. There are two possibilities - Either Rudy was jettisoned from the program because McCain has given up hope of attracting moderates and independents and is lunging for the Wingnut Vote; or Giuliani took stock of the slow-motion train wreck in the Twin Cities and decided he didn't want to get the stench of failure on him.

Which is it?

Ducky's here said...

Sarah Palin = Dan Quayle with boobs.

I only wish the folks at Huffington could get the evidence of Sarah's boob job. That would cap it.

The Merry Widow said...

ducky-That was crass, uncalled for and petty.
A pregnant 17 yr. old, how often does that happen? The difference is, the girl and the boy are going to do, "the right thing", which is much better than abortion and pretending nothing happened.
The kos-kids were also crass and you REALLY want to be associated with them?
The ONLY Perfect Person was crucified 2,000 years ago, the rest of us try to do our best, fall, and then get back up and try again.
The kos-kids(and alain colmes, with his boneheaded stupidity about the cause of Down's Syndrome) stay down in the cesspool they fell into, and play with the feces!
Is that what floats your boat?


Always On Watch said...

Why would a boob job matter?

nanc said...

beak - as i've mentioned on a number of occasions, it seems most people i've spoken to in this state are registered democrats who've NEVER voted that way - they believe if word got out they were conservative/republicans at heart there'd be hell to pay.

i had the opportunity to fill some of them in on sarah at church sunday - AND, although they were going to vote for mccain anyway, they were THRILLED to hear about sarah. a few people were craning their necks to eavesdrop on the conversation.

all the little ladies at wal-mart also corner me and want to know more - they are appalled by snobama. when i told them her 17 year old daughter was pregnant - the consensus was, "what business is it of ours?"

Ducky's here said...

Let's see. If the Obamas had a 17 year-old daughter who was unmarried and pregnant by a tough-talking black kid, my guess is if that they all appeared onstage at a Democratic convention and the delegates were cheering wildly, a number of conservatives might be discussing the issue of dysfunctional black families.

But we get the usual Republican hypocrisy tonight.

The Pagan Temple said...

Women that have boob jobs for vanity reasons generally end up with boobs that are disproportionately large to at least some extent.

After taking a considerable amount of time to study them in great detail, to what limited extent I am able to do so by way of published photographs in which she is fully clothed, I have come to the conclusion that Sarah Palin's breasts are normal size for her height and weight, and therefore are more than likely quite natural and non-enhanced.

Jungle Mom said...

PT, Thanks for doing the investigative reporting for us!
Ducky, If Obama's daughter were pregnant we would never know of it as the innocent baby would have been murdered before it could become a 'punishment'. Good thing Obama's mom did not feel the same as she was carrying her little 'punishment'.

And you know you are just jealous because all the Republican women are good looking where as the Dems are...not.