Thursday, September 18, 2008

Note for Book Review Fans

We will be reviewing and discussing Stephen Schwartz's new book The Other Islam. It is important to note that I support the peaceful practice of all religions. Schwartz represents the Islam that we wish were the norm tolerant, cosmopolitan and appreciative of the larger culture.

I am still bothered by the words of Broken Mystic who fails to understand that 9-11 has nothing to do with US foreign policy. The fact that a group has a grievance does not excuse or rationalize a criminal act. A similar thought process would be that since a Muslim radical attacked the USA America has the right to nuke Mecca.

Americans wanted to hear American Muslims unequivocally denounce all terrorism. The folks at CAIR spun and played word games. Almost entirely alone Stephen Schwartz and the CIP stood out in denouncing terror without word games. Schwartz's honor, craftsmanship and skill as a writer and human are noted and surprisingly we even agree with him every now and then.

The folks at the local Borders assured me the book will be in next week.


Ducky's here said...

Actually Muslims need to realize that they don't have to conform to what a Kahanist thinks they should be.

That's the issue, not terrorism. Muslims are the most frequent victims of Islamic terrorism so they really don't want to be told how to be have by someone pimping for Kahanists.

beakerkin said...

It is not for bird brained communists
to decide what real Americans think
or anyone else for that matter. You
have me mistaken for MZ. Kahanists are quite open about their views, unlike commies. A commie switching to
Kahanism would be a form of self improvement.

Communists are vermin and belong in jails or asylums.

Always On Watch said...

No doubt about it. Mr. Schwartz has clearly made statements as to his position on terrorism and Wahhabism. I particularly admire his courage to stand up to CAIR.

Steve Harkonnen said...

Well Beak, I hope this isn't me disagreeing with you - but of course, I do support the peaceful practicing of all religions too.

It's just that I feel that any religion that cannot tolerate other religions, or call for the edict of killing all non-believers of Islam, who disrespect women, where almost all Islamic men have at least practiced homosexual acts on each other and where their book is full of hatred, sorry, this religion should be outright banned since it is a threat on mankind.

"The Other Islam." Is this a puff piece on Islam?? There is no "other" Islam, period. It is one huge screwed up bunch of people who have turned batshit insane on the world.

Islam isn't peaceful. It is a mockery of mankind.