Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Political Extreemism and Mental Illness

The Neonazi site linked by commies has some rather amusing examples of Elmer Fudd antisemetism. There is a rather deranged post by a lunatic that the ADL has videotaped him having sex and he has complained to his local FBI office. There is a second who claims the Zionists derailed his acting career in Pittsburgh.

The site in question regularly posts antisemitic fare with a wild hypothesis that there was a nest of Israeli spies who by nature of their close proximity must have known about 9-11. What these dolts also leave out is that in the same general area are about 30,000,000 people of all types including midgets, imbeciles and fans of Vanilla Ice.The fact that in such a large number there is any particular subgroup is irrelevant.

The logic of this imbecility is that if we look at any cross section of people we can find any anomality we wish. No doubt there may be a cluster of people eating green jello when a car accident happens across the street. However, eating green jello has no relationship to car accidents.

We have written that political extremism of various types is often a mask for severe
mental illness. Paranoid delusions about the ADL filming bedroom antics is a good indicator of how insane the nuts are.

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