Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Not so impressed

As usual Rudy is a tough act to follow. His speech was the best by far of night. Just exactly what did Obama do before going into politics. "Community Organizer" does not exactly seem impressive at all.

Now onto the speech of the VP it seemed about average. Perhaps I am disappointed as the buildup was a bit much. I would have preferred JC Watts or Bobby Jindal as the VP pick.

I want to thank the folks at the Daily Konstipation for their over the top anti-semitism. Their comments about Joe Lieberman pushed a good man out of the Democratic party. I keep waiting for Charles Schumer to speak up about the mess at the Daily Konstipation. Schumer is eventually going to get some of the same basic anti-semitism when he runs again. Schumer is strangely silent on this subject and that is a feat.

Why didn't Obama pick Bernie "Col" Saunders moron VT for VP. It seems that there are rules that require VP picks to have some brain function and a pulse. Picking the potted Senator would have fired up the folks at the Daily Konstipation. Saunders is their type of candidate incoherent, dumb and spineless.


Steve Harkonnen said...

Islamic terrorists....oh my, that probably sent CAIR shaking in their boots. Next thing we'll be hearing from CAIR is a request for Rudy to "repudiate" what he said by using "Islamic" and the word "Terrorist" in the same phrase.

beakerkin said...

Rudy said it, but it is common sense.

The Pagan Temple said...

I thought Rudy was great too, but so was Palin. Everybody there sure seemed to like her. Rudy would be the nominee right now if he had followed a sensible strategy. I got to hand it to McCain though, he made an excellent choice.

Z said...

were the words TERROR or ISLAMIST or AL QAEDA mentioned at the DNC? I don't think so.

Beamish said...

Sarah Palin is going to mount Joe Biden's head on a wall next to the moose.

Ducky's here said...

I was surprised, I thought they had bumped Rudy.

The cowardly little dick still didn't explain why he got a lot of good men killed by failing to update their communications gear after he was informed of the first responder incompatibilities.

Probably struttin' with his chippy and getting tough on squeegee men. Beak's kind of leader.

Steve Harkonnen said...

I prefer calling them Muslim terrorists. After all, the truth is the truth. Or heck, Islamic terrorists is just as good.

Since I'm out sick today, going to check the CAIR news feeds to see what they have to say about Rudy's speech.

Jungle Mom said...

I agree about Rudy's speech. it was one of the best speeches we have heard in years. BUT, I think Palin's was awesome!
Conservatism is back... And it wears lipstick!

Ducky's here said...

Stop whining Beak. We sent a billion to the Georgian republic. If they do what they did last time the money won't be spent on rebuilding but on weapons from the Israeli welfare queens.

Everything is working fine. I don't know what that Kahanist Lieberman has to be upset about.

Ducky's here said...

What the difference between Hockey Moms and Pit Bulls?

Only about half the pit bulls are bitches.

Ducky's here said...

Levi Johnson (Preggers Palin's sperm donor)
He reminds me of K-Fed, without a job.
He gets the governor's daughter drunk,
screws her,
impregnates her,
then says,
"I don't want kids."


When will we hear about his meth bust?

The Pagan Temple said...


I think you've got the wrong idea about Bristol. I know there aren't many Democrats in Alaska, but I'm sure if she really wanted to, and looked around hard enough, she could have found some "responsible adult" Democrat that would have been willing to sneak her across the border to Canada to get an abortion without her mom and dad knowing about it.

After all, that would have been in everybody's "best interests".

nanc said...

that would be some timing, plucky.

let me see - okay, she's ovulating - time to get her drunk and impregnate her - do you even see the idiocy in that?

accidents happen and teens remain stupid. chances are if she were a leftist child, the baby would be in a dumpster outside an abortion clinic long before this - all probably done under a different name.

time to tell you to stfu!

Beamish said...


When will we hear a legitimate reason to vote for Obama?

When will we hear Joe Biden tell us that his 35 years in the Senate make him at least 89 times more qualified to run for President than Barack Obama?

When will we hear the left come up with a reason to not believe leftists are imbeciles?

How many days after Obama loses the election are you going to mope?

The Merry Widow said...

Hanging around the kos-kids sewer again, ducky?
Good morning, G*D bless and Maranatha!

He isn't running for vp...and don't tell me that your past is real pretty? I know mine, and I made some monumentally stupid decisions. And they weren't my parents fault either.
Are you so lily-white, pure?

Always On Watch said...

Giuliani's speech was excellent.

However, it was Palin's speech which caused a few Obama supporters to phone me and ask for more information on Obama. They'd been unwilling to listen previously.

Anonymous said...

I think you forgot to point out the incredibly Islamophobic remarks that Rudy Giuliani made. Prejudice and hatred towards another group of people doesn't help our society at all and it does not reflect the American values. If McCain gets elected, there will be another unnecessary war that cost so many innocent lives.

Saying "Islamic terrorism" OFFENDS the 5-7 million Muslims who live in the United States -- the Obama campaign won't use this kind of terminology because Obama understands that this kind of language generates STEREOTYPING. When we stereotype an ENTIRE GROUP OF PEOPLE, we strip them of their individual characteristics. We don't see them as individual people, instead we see the stereotype. What's dangerous about this is that we categorize people and dehumanize them by accusing them of being things that they're not. I have experienced discrimination and prejudice first hand, and ALL of my Muslim friends and family members have experienced some form of Islamophobia.

However, we KNOW that those prejudice and bigoted people do NOT represent what America stands for. We have grown up here. This is MY HOME, and I plan to raise a family here, God willing. I don't want my future children growing up in a world where they are discriminated against just because of their religious background or ethnicity.

Obama is the only candidate who can help keep this country safe because he believes in DIPLOMACY. Read your history books -- Salah Al-Din was not afraid of making alliances with the Christian King of Jerusalem, Baldwin IV. He was not afraid of developing a long distance friendship with Richard the Lionhearted. He was not afraid of agreeing to terms with Balian, the Defender of Jerusalem, which resulted in a NON-VIOLENT surrender of Jerusalem. NOT A SINGLE CHRISTIAN CIVILIAN was murdered on that day.

We need to learn from our history. The more we perceive other groups of people as "evil," the more problems we will have in the world. Bombing and invading countries will not stop terrorism. It will only produce MORE and MORE radicalism.

We all come from the Same Source. We are all children of the same God. We need to stop killing each other and try to build stronger bridges of understanding. I strongly believe Obama can do that.

Why do you think Muslim Americans don't support McCain? Why are most African-Americans and other minority groups supporting Obama? Because Obama acknowledges that this is a multi-cultural and diverse country. He acknowledges that this country values diversity and coexistence.

beakerkin said...


Lets do this slowly.

I do respect people's right to worship as they choose so long as it respects others rights. There are plenty of law abiding Muslim patriots. Unfortunately, your community suffers from poor leadership. The sole exception is Stephen Schwartz who is often fighting windmills. Schwartz almost
alone is quite public about the damage terrorism does to Islam.

Islam as currently practiced is clearly not multicultural. Placing
non Muslims under Sharia is intolerance. One can talk with a wide assortment of religious minorities and find plenty of true
stories of Islamo Jim Crow.

The exception to this is Schwartz
of the CIP who urges Muslims to respect the laws of the country they reside in. If you want to practice polygamy, do so elsewhere.

The folks at Al Queda, Hamas and a host of other groups do commit terror in the name of Islam. 90%
of the terrorism is committed under
the banner of Islamacism or Communism. The folks at Fatah do labor to commit crimes under both

Unlike some others I grant that it is no feat to find decent Muslims
in the USA. However, you should not
blame Rudy for pointing out the obvious.

We are not fans of multiculturalism
in this site. We do advocate secular law and respect for others
rights including gays to live free
of harassment. While we do accept some accommodations such as offering Kosher or Halal meals to those who request them, there are limits to this. If one wants a passport, drivers license or to walk into a bank the face can not be obscured.

Always On Watch said...

When will we hear about his meth bust?

I fail to see why that matters, even if true. Levi Johnson isn't the VP nominee.

From what I've been able to find out, the speculation about Levi Johnson's meth use comes from the Huffington Post.

Always On Watch said...

Broken Mystic,
Saying "Islamic terrorism" OFFENDS the 5-7 million Muslims who live in the United States...

Then, they should be so offended that they take back the mosques and Islamic centers from the Wahhabists. In other words, the so-called moderates should police their own Muslim community.

The more we perceive other groups of people as "evil," the more problems we will have in the world.

Tell that to the Salafists.

The Merry Widow said...

It used to be, that America was multi-ethnic, NOT multi-culti!
There is a distinctive American culture, it was summed up by, "G*D, country, Motherhood and apple pie".
Now all of the above are denigrated by; leftistas, dhimmicrats, the nea, AND MOHAMMADIS HO WANT SHARIA LA TO SUPERCEDE THE CONSTITUTION!
mohammadism has 1400 years of violence and 7th century thinking to color the thoughts of non-mohammadins...if you are a mohammadin, you are most likely not trustworthy.
So deal with it!
Good morning, G*D bless and Maranatha!


Anonymous said...

Always on Watch,

Your response is very typical of people who refuse to address the issues. When I speak about one issue concerning Muslim Americans, you redirect the discussion by saying "Muslims should tell that to the Salafists."

Deal with ONE issue at a time. Many Muslims, including myself, speak out against the Wahabis, and believe me, I have no respect for them. You can read my posts about Wahabis on my blog.

But right now, I'm talking about the ignorance of Giuliani's statements. It's a flawed statement because it associates the religion of "Islam" with terrorism. If you know any Muslims, have Muslim friends, or ever visited a Mosque before, then you would probably understand why it offends so many Muslims. If you are Catholic, and you hear someone say there is something "Catholic" about the way certain Priests molest little boys, then I'm sure you would be offended to.

We should police our own community? How do you know we don't? Again, visit a Mosque. We just had a Bible Study group visit our Mosque, and I took some of my non-Muslim friends with me and they really enjoyed the experience. And what happens we are discriminated against? I was fired from my job last summer because a lady called me a "terrorist" just because of my physical appearance. The line was moving really slow, she started cursing at me, I asked her politely to stop, and then she called me a "terrorist." I was fired because I verbally confronted her. I didn't swear or curse, I simply felt the need to defend myself since her and her friend said they would beat me up in the parking lot.

I lost my job because the system says that the customers are always right. If they don't want me working there, then I have no choice. I reported this incident to the police and even got some human rights organizations involved, but nothing happened.

What happens when my Pakistani CHRISTIAN friend gets beat up with baseball bats just because some ignorant kids think he's "Muslim"? Don't point fingers at the Wahabis right now -- that's a separate issue -- talk about what's going on with Muslim-Americans. I did the research, and I'm conducting more research right now. What we have to acknowledge right now is that hate crimes and discriminatory acts against Muslims INCREASE ANNUALLY.

I'm also making a short film right now called "Daughters of Abraham," which is about three young women -- a Muslim, a Christian, and a Jew -- and how their friendship transcends the political conflict and hatred that exists in the world.

We need to communicate with each other more rather than being bitter and discrediting other people's experiences. We need to learn more about each other instead of being afraid.

Merry Widow -- your comments are really disturbing, especially how you're judging me when you don't even know me. You just judge me based on my LABEL. That's what stereotyping does, it strips people of their individuality.

beakerkin said...


AOW's remarks are on target and her
critique is the same critique as that of Stephen Schwartz of the Center of Islamic Pluralism. The problem rests not with AOW but with the folks at CAIR and the University hacks who rationalize terrorism and brutality.

As far as TMW you do not know the woman who is beloved by all. Islam
was spread by colonialism and has subjected a wide variety of people to a series treatment that makes Jim Crow look like a day at Disney.
These are not opinions they are facts. FYI Do not attempt to claim that persecution of minorities was worse elsewhere as this false logic.

I am glad your Pakistani Christian
friend is safe here. Would you like
to discuss why many Christians leave Muslim areas. I see the refugees several times a month with the exact same story.

As far as Islam in America respect
others and obey the laws. Do not expect unreasonable accommodations.
This is not something we direct at Muslims alone but at everyone.

The Merry Widow said...

brokenmystic-Go read what Thomas Jefferson had to say about mohammadins.
And yes, I HAVE read the koran, and THAT disturbs me VERY much.
The ONLY innocents are mohammadin, hindus, buddhists, Christians, Jews, athiests, agnostics,animists, etc. are all considered the same as enemy combatants. Your holy book and the sunna and haditha ALL support the view of dar es harb and dar es islam...and the stated goal of mohammadism IS three-fold; convert, dhimmitude or death.
Your holy book states it, so that holds true of your entire religion.
So I'm NOT saying that you are not a nice, polite and hard-working person, BUT, your own chosen faith demands my submission, slavery or death.
I have a problem with that...and when you read of the barbarity followed under sharia law, I reject it and will stand firm against it!
So if you are feeling abused, look to what you hold too...and maybe think that you are on the wrong path.


Anonymous said...


The problem with your statements is that when someone presents a view that is alternative to yours, you perceive that as "rationalizing terrorism" or "sympathizing with terrorists." This is the same type of criticism Steven Spielberg received when he made his film "Munich." Rather than dehumanizing and vilifying the Palestinians, he encouraged UNDERSTANDING. Understanding is not about forgiving or being soft, it's a strong and courageous stance. People behave the way they do for a reason. That's not to justify things -- it's just to understand the people are responsible for their own actions, but it's the situational factors and complexities of the surroundings that influence their REACTIONS. In other words, if someone invades your home and starts shooting up your family, are you going to just stand around or are you going to fight back?

You and TMW have serious misconceptions about Islam and Islamic history. What is your source material? Please read the following books, which have been written by authors who have their PhD in Islamic studies and Middle-Eastern history:

"Peace Be Upon You: Fourteen Centuries of Muslim, Christian, and Jewish Conflict and Cooperation" by Zachary Karabell.

"No god but God" by Reza Aslan

"Lost History: The Enduring Legacy of Muslim Scientists, Thinkers, and Artists" by Michael H. Morgan.

When you say Islam was "spread by colonialism," you are discrediting A LOT of history. Every political leader who is driven by materialism is going to use religion in order to rally more supporters of their agenda. Islam and terrorism are NOT linked. Do you really think that Muslims are fighting Americans and Israelis because they "hate freedom/democracy"? This is an enormous insult to human intelligence.

If you read the Qur'an, you will see that it is a message of peace, tolerance, and coexistence. In the hundreds of years following the death of Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, Islamic civilization flourished with advancements and discoveries in medicine, mathematics, astronomy, science, art, literature, and philosophy. While Europe was in the dark ages, the Muslim Empires were making all these great and enormous contributions to the world, and they were very tolerant towards their non-Muslim minorities, especially the Jews and Christians, who were allowed to keep their religion, practice their faith in respective places of worship, and even held government positions. Islamic civilization would not have made so many accomplishments if they did not acknowledge that free-thinking and peaceful relations with all people was essential to having a civilized society. The Caliph al-Mamun of 9th century Baghdad, which was the capital of the political world, had a dream of Aristotle one night, and Aristotle taught him what the Qur'an taught him: to use Reason and Love. God gave us a brain to use, and He gave us a heart to Love. We all can learn from this.

Did persecutions and murders occur towards the non-Muslim minorities? Of course, but overall, the Islamic empires have demonstrated tolerance and coexistence. Have you ever heard of a man named Musa ibn Maimun, or as the Latins called him: Maimonides? He was a Jewish thinker and philosopher who lived under Islamic ruled Spain and excelled in his studies on astronomy and philosophy. He was even a physician for Salah al-Din, the great Muslim ruler who restored peace and coexistence into the Holy Land 100 years after the Crusader invasion and massacre of Muslims and Jews. Salah Al-Din did not MURDER A SINGLE CHRISTIAN OR JEWISH CIVILIAN when he captured the city of Jerusalem. When the Almohads from North Africa invaded Spain and forced conversion upon the non-Muslim minorities, Maimonides fled to other parts of the Muslim world. For those who criticize Muslims for being antagonistic towards Jews, one must question: Why did Jews like Maimonides not flee to Europe? Many historians and scholars agree that the Jews felt safer under Islamic rule than under the Christians nations of Europe at that time.The Jews thrived under Muslim Spain, and even when the extremist Muslims invaded, the Jews fled to other parts of the Muslim world instead of European countries, which were worse places for Jews to live. We saw this during the Spanish Inquisition in 1492 when all the Muslims and Jews were exiled from Christian Spain.

If these Muslim people were so barbaric towards non-Muslims, as some critics claim, then it must be pondered why the Muslims did not burn the Greek philosophical texts of Aristotle, Plato, Ptolemy, Pythagoras and many others? After all, we wouldn't have these texts if the Muslims did not preserve them in the first place. It is important for non-Muslims to understand that the Islamic empire was a very civilized empire. Just to give you an example of how much they thirsted for knowledge - the Caliph al-Mamun would defeat the Byzantine armies and instead of asking for material gain, he asks for a translation of the Almagest, a book written by Ptolemy on mathematics and astronomy, which many Muslims would later IMPROVE and CORRECT many of his studies.

So anyone who says that Islam and democracy are incompatible needs to enroll immediately in a Middle-Eastern history course or read the books I mentioned above.

beakerkin said...


You seem to point at two sections of the planet in isolation. Would you like to talk about India where Jews and Christians lived with Hindus in peace until guess who shows up.

Muslims just happen to be inconflict with Hindus, Buddhists, various Christian denominations, Zoroastrians sects a wide variety of animists but is the rest of the planet.

As far as Israelis go there is no such thing as a Palestinian. Arabs were already given well over 70% of the area as an ethnically cleansed
state created in 1920 called Jordan. The remainder represents 1%
of the land mass. How much Judenfrie real estate do Muslims need. Why is it that Muslim require
ethnically cleansed states but Israel and India have no such need?

The number of Jews who left Muslim lands exceeds the number of Arab refugees. Jews settled their refugees and Arabs and the communist left treated them like animals. The left repackaged the conflict as the rights of an aggrieved ethnicity after the Six Day War as judenfrie real estate had obvious unsavory parallels. Does one speak Palestinian? Where are they mentioned in Josephus as an existing people. How about the Roman accounts?

The context of the original Arab Israeli wars was Judenfrei real estate. The cry was "Jews into the
Sea". The massacres even predate the creation of Israel by 2o years.
Jews lived in Hebron and Medina well before Islam was a concept.

The Jewish tribes massacred by Mohammed would probably differ with
your assessment of the Koran.

Actually if you spend the time and
effort to read Bat Yeor's books you will find you are mistaken. Bat Yeor happens to be one of those troublesome Jews Egypt ethnically cleansed and her first language is

Your comments about Muslims preserving culture are amusing. Except that when one has spent the
time and read Alvin Schmidt's the Great Divide this you are crediting
Muslims for feats done by Assyrians
and other Christians.

I would suspect that you have not read enough. As far as being civilized the Mongols who invaded dismantled the apartheid like dhimi
system in Iran. The religious minorities who lived under Islam would not agree with your opinion
of civilization.

Summing this all up. As an American
I am proud of my nations history. My pride and patriotism does not blind me to the wrongs committed against Indians and those enslaved.
Muslims need to take a similar look
at their own history. Failure to recognize the serious crimes against religious minorities by Islam is akin to Holocaust denial.
Muslims need to look at their history in a similar manner.

The Merry Widow said...

bm-This IS what mohammadin culture brings to the table, today!
Frankly, I have a teenage daughter, and if any mohammadin tried to take her against her will, I would shoot him, ot because I revel in violence, but because I treasure her more than your blood thirsty and false prophet's rantings.
And I will state her also, mohammadins do OT worship the same G*D as the Christians and the Jews!
al'a'alah was another name for Tammuz, the Babylonian moon god.


beakerkin said...


In fairness honor killings are a regional practice as are arranged marriages. Honor killings are not unknown amongst other groups. I do not think Brokenmystic would advocatethis or female genital mutilation.

However, the overall treatment of women and minorities under Islam is a legitimate topic of discussion.

I think that we should ask the following questions?

1 Do you respect the rights of nonmuslims?
2 Do you respect the laws of the United States?
3 Do you advocate placing non Muslims under sharia?

We should treat Brokenmystic with courtesy and await his answers. I do not expect Brokenmystic to agree
and in reality Americans never agree on much.

The Merry Widow said...

Good points, Beaker. But then, we should also bring in AOW and her historical knowledge of WHY the Inquisition in Spain was in many ways a necessity.
As for honor killings being regional, ask Canada and Texas, they have both seen them. And there are also cases of slavery, Colorado just dealt with such a case.
And AOW knows someone who worked on the homes for a mohammadin enclave near DC, he said they ALL had slave quarters.
And I'm certain that the enclave on Palm Coast, here in Florida has the same. That is against Amerian law...
I cannot accept mohammadism as a religion of peace, it han't proved itself to be very peaceful.
When there is no one else to fight, it devolves into sunni/shiite/salafi/sufi infightig, then further devolves into tribal and then family battles.
It is a bloody and blood thirsty "faith".
Most others have grown up, so to speak.
I'm not holding my breath on mohammadism.
As I said, bm, may be a very nice and personable human being, but they need to face the truth about their beliefs, history and present behavior.
As a Christian, beheading someone is not fun and games. And it isn't a preferred method of killing. I personally would regret having to kill someone in the defense of my own, or another's life. But I would use the least drawnout and terror inducing methods. I would shoot to kill, and not in the stomach to enjoy the screams.
Nor do I see myself giving my daughter as a child in marriage!
Nor would I countinence anybody being treated as less than a full human being, no matter their faith.
My reaction is to the teachings IN THE koran, and they are antithical to anything I believe.
And superseding the Constitution with something as barbaric as sharia law is something I will fight!


Anonymous said...


I remember speaking with a colleague of mine who is in the field of Middle-Eastern History and Studies, and she pointed out that Bat Yeor has been discredited many times by fellow scholars and academics. Bernard Lewis once cited her work, and was subsequently discredited as well.

In any case, we all know that history is biased, but it doesn't mean that one can't be objective. Bat Yeor has criticized many times that she expresses her anti-Islamic opinions more so than reporting actual history. Like I mentioned above, the Jewish people lived prosperously under Islamic rule. What happened during the Crusades when Jews were massacred as certain Crusaders marched to the Holy Land? What about 1492 and the Spanish Inquisition? The Catholic rulers EXPELLED Jews from Spain, and where did Jews find refuge? In the Ottoman Empire of course.

You cannot think of Muslims as ONE SINGLE ENTITY. There were numerous dynasties within the Islamic empire, and many times, they would fight against each other. Not all of them were the same. The Safavids, for example, were not the same as the Ayyoubids, and the Ummayads were not the same as the Abbasids. There were cruel rulers throughout the course of history that mistreated Jewish and Christian minorities -- I don't deny that -- but for the majority of the time, the Muslim rulers were very tolerant towards their minority groups.

When you speak of India, you ignore the great rulers like Akbar, who encourage and promoted multi-culturalism. You also ignore the culture that was produced there (see the Taj Mahal). What about when Alexander the Great invaded India -- don't you think there was some antagonism towards the Macedonians? You also speak of India as if Hindus don't do anything to Muslims. I have an Indian Christian friend who mentioned that their church was set on fire by Hindu extremists. There are all forms of conflict, and being South Asian myself, I KNOW that most of the South Asian community is sick of it. In the United States, we can coexist and establish peaceful and friendly relationships with each other. That's one of the great things about America, is it not? By the same logic, we see Palestinians and Israelis (or Jews and Muslims) getting along in the United States too. So why the hatred and antagonism, TMW?

Of course I acknowledge the problems that minorities experience in the modern Islamic world. There is a REASON for this, and it's LARGELY due to the Wahabi movement which began in the 18th century. Abdel Wahab intended to "purify" the religion of Islam of all the cultural practices and "innovations." Him and his "holy warriors" attacked Mecca, destroyed the site that marked the birthplace of the Prophet, peace be upon him, and his family. They also went to Medina, destroyed sacred shrines, destroyed flowers, banned music and coffee (of all things -- ban coffee from Arabs?! lol). Since then, we have seen this very strict and literal interpretation of Islam echo in the rest of the Muslim world. Prior to Wahabism, the Islam practiced was very much like Sufism. Many argue that it WAS Sufism. So I'm glad you're going to be reading about Sufism soon.

Anyway, thanks for your responses so far, and a respectful dialogue. I appreciate your comments towards TMW too.

To answer your questions:

1. Yes, I respect the rights of non-Muslims.

2. Yes, I respect the laws of the U.S.

3. No, I don't advocate Sharia law on non-Muslims.

As for honor killings, I recently wrote a poem called "Sister" which you can find on my blog. It reflects how I feel about honor killings. Please read it when you can.

beakerkin said...


When I say regional practice I mean confined to a certain locality. I do know that those killings took place in the West but the Killers were from Pakistan or other places. This custom is also practiced by the Yezidi and probably predates Islam.

Brokenmystic is certainly not advocating this or placing people into slavery.

I am glad you are not advocating placing Sharia on non Muslims, respecting others and obeying the laws of the United States. All of us should respect others and obey the laws of the United States.

I am aware of the criticisms leveled at bat Yeor. I am also very
aware of the criticisms of bias leveled at MELAC departments. I am also aware of the warped hiring processes that allow terrorists like Bill Ayers to get jobs in higher ed. What percentage of Americans are Marxists, Anarchists
and Greens? How does such a small percentage of the population find itself so exponentially over represented?

Bat Yeor's critics as well as Bernard Lewis in his dotage were politically motivated. There are other scholars who disagree.

Lets go to India. The Macedonians invaded and left. The Muslim invaders remained and caused numerous deaths. Even when Muslims were given two states this is still
not enough.

Funny the Indian Christians I speak to never say a word about Hindus. The Jews and Christians lived in peace until guess who arrived. There is some dispute about the origins of the Taj Mahal. However, it would not excuse massive butchery of the local populace.

I am aware of the theory that the Wahabis are behind the current trouble. However, the colonialism
and human rights abuses predate Wahabism. Stephen Schwartz of the CIP would agree with you on many things.

As far as the current anti Christian wave in India is concerned the local community is being wrongly blamed for Maoist violence. You are also forgetting that India is a diverse democracy
with a thriving economy while Pakistan is ethnically cleansed.

I do respect peaceful dissent. Ultimately, terrorism hurts Islam more than islamophobia.