Monday, September 08, 2008

Momentum McCain and football.

A recent poll indicates that McCain is now leading Obama. No doubt those on the left
will make a variety of excuses. However, the far left is doing the best it can to derail Obama.

The far left is a hateful cartoon with such classics as Bush=Hitler, General Betrayus and a series of sexist attacks on Gov Palin. There is an unhinged element that thinks
calling Condi Rice " Aunt Jemimah" or Eli Wiesel a "Shoah Pimp" is acceptable discourse. In actuality the left is more bigoted than the old cartoon of Archie Bunker.

Every day goes by with another disgusting episode from the Daily Konstipation. The latest was caught by the folks at LGF and the folks at the Konstipation removed it. Obama at some point may have to address the hate at the Daily Konstipation.

I am somewhat saddened that the media largely ignored the antics of the RNC protesters. Had middle America been shown exactly who these people are the election
would be a rerun of the Nixon victory in 1968. I am amazed at the clueless left crying about the arrest of Amy Goodman who looks like she needs a bar of soap. A police officer clearly warned her to stop her behavior and she ignored the warning. Even on the highly edited version the law enforcement officer talks about his rights being violated by Goodman.

I can tell you from experience at the RNC convention in NYC that far left media types
do provoke and edit things. I looked out the window of my apartment and witnessed what appeared to be a protester tossing a tennis ball at the back of a cops head. Of course the cameras never picked up the initial provocation and started filming only after lawless types attempted without success to prevent police officers from doing their jobs. This is starting to look like a publicity stunt who should not be confused with a serious journalist.

Our former friend Justin has endorsed Obama. We do recognize that Justin like the rest of us is entitled to intellectual freedom. However, as stated earlier Justin has
always been somewhat mercurial in that one never knows which Justin will show up. His
sidekick has returned to rooting for the dreadful Detroit Lions after jumping joining
the axis of evil and rooting for the Cowboys. Now some of you may presume this move
was caused by mistaking the QB of the Cowboys Tony Romo with a Rib joint Tony Roma's
but he clearly knows football.

Speaking of football do not expect the Patriots to tank due to Tom Brady's injury. They play in a dreadful division and should still get 11 wins. The season is somewhat
early and injuries play a very large part. NE can get by without Brady easier than the Cowboys without Owens or SD without LT. Seattle and SD are better candidates to tank than NE.

Now some of you may ask about the Giants. I was not impressed with last weeks win.
This squad is very thin along the defensive line and LB. I am not sold on these units remaining healthy. I do think they can win next week, but beyond that injuries will determine their overall record.

Maybe for fun I will post my picks with Mr B and whomever else.
The rules are you have to pick every game with a score such as Giants 27 Rams 13.


Ducky's here said...

Beak, post some Spankees score.

Jungle Mom said...

Obviously these people have never seen real police brutality. In Venezuela, we carry vinegar and hander kerchiefs when ever we go downtown, as we may be gassed. I do not remember how many times my family has had that happen just trying to get home form the market. What whiners!

Why is it that Republicans don’t run to the Democratic Convention and break windows and need pepper spray and try to rush the stage during the acceptance speech of the opposition candidate, but the Democrats try to do all of the above and more at the Republican conventions?

The Pagan Temple said...

The Jets might give them a run for their money this year since they have Favre. They won their opener pretty handily yesterday. That's especially true if Brady is out for a while.

My Bengals are back to sucking, so this might be a lousy football year for me.

You didn't watch the right convention coverage. The one I watched showed the protesters in the conention. One guy held up a high sign that said "McCain votes against veterans". Some woman made her way halfway down the aisle in the middle of McCain's speech shouting something, and started removing her clothes. She was from Code Pink, and she wore a pink slip. Some cop finally led her out of the hall with her screaming and straining against him the whole way.

This was during McCain's speech,by the way. What nobody seems to have noticed is that you didn't see these kinds of antics at the Democratic convention. They didn't allow protesters anywhere near the place. They were relegated to certain areas where they couldn't make much of an impression.

To Code Pink's credit, they protested the Democrats too, or they tried to. There was more security at that Democratic convention than there was at the Beijing Olympics.

The Democrats didn't allow protesters, the Republicans did, yet the Democrats claim they're the party that supports free speech. What a laugh.

Beamish said...

Football season has begun?

Will someone please inform the St. Louis Rams?

If McCain and Palin weren't trouncing Obama and Biden in every poll the media won't talk about, I'd be downright depressed.

Okay, I'll say it.

Hey coach Haslett! Cover 3 Defense. Ever heard of it, you dipshit?

Beamish said...


I didn't know you was a fan of them damn dirty Bengals. They have a special place in my heart, because they're dirty.

The Code Pinko asshats got into the Republican convention with MSNBC press credentials.

Which is likely one reason Keith Olbermann is in the hangtime between being kicked out of an anchor chair and before going back to being a hack sportscaster.

beakerkin said...

Obviously Communist trolls are quite unfamiliar with the layout of lower

The Pagan Temple said...


The Bengals are the most undisciplined bunch in the history of the NFL. On any given week there are pretty good odds one of them will be arrested or fined for something. One of my favorite receivers, Chris Henry, is likely out because he can't stay out of trouble off the field.

Raw talent combined with no discipline and low morale equals lackluster at best performances. The quarterback can't do it all.

Thanks for the info about MSNBC and Code Pink. Olbermann is a fucking dickhead. I didn't watch the NBC coverage, but I wish now I had. I'm going to see if I can find some snippets of their coverage.

roman said...


Now that Brady is out for the season, we'll finally get an answer to that pesky question. Is Belichick that good of a coach or was it Brady that made all the difference?

The Pagan Temple said...

I tend to think he's good, but overrated. "Do your damn job" isn't a strategy.

Beamish said...


Them dirty Bengals don't wear prison orange and stripes fer nuthin'.