Friday, September 19, 2008

Final Review For Flynn's Conservative Hstory of the American Left

The book is enjoyable and entertaining on many levels. The early sections on Owen and George are interesting. The basic problem with the left today is its myth making is mistaken for history. Commies pretend George was a kindred spirit, but George had a genuine disdain for Marx. The fable of commies and Anarchist leading labor is also debunked.


Ducky's here said...

Seems to me that in the last month we've seen a lot of right wing/Libertarian myth making about the "free market" (LMFAO) totally trashed.

It's unfortunate that your pathology prevents you from taking a balanced view, Beak.

Anonymous said...

Just firin' a shot across yer bow to wish you and your'n a pleasant voyage. The weather may storm for a while yet as the gales of November come early this year, but I know you'll keep a firm hand on yer tiller till then!


beakerkin said...


The market is fine and only bird brained communists are still pushing Marx. None of the displaced Wall Street workers has any problems buying eggs or milk. This is your handiwork in Cuba, Zimbabwe and Venezuela