Monday, September 22, 2008

The logical progression of terror

The last week served to remind us that terrorism is still here. We are far more apt to
encounter it in areas like Yemen and Pakistan. The reaction of the Pakistani government
will be interesting as its military has been reluctant to fight the extremists on its soil. The government of Yemen is a joke at best and can be expected to do little or nothing.

Muslims like the person who was here last week miss an important point. It is one thing
to be upset by foreign policy. However, that does not give one license to commit acts
of violence targeted at civilians. The Hotel that was blown up probably employed over 100 locals who are now unemployed. An extension of this illogic has Americans upset at Muslims attacking NYC nuking Mecca. Sorry, but as Schwartz notes terrorism is a disgrace and hurts Islam and there is no excuse or word games.

The reality is that the terrorist problem in the world has two causes Islam and Communism. Commies are quick to point out the odd abortion clinic bomber. However, Christians do not attempt to hide such criminals or make excuses for such behavior.
Commies do make excuses for the antics of Ayers, Chesimard and so forth and actively
aided them avoid justice. Furthermore when communist criminals are caught they mysteriously wind up with high paying jobs at an academic gulags.

Communists like Renegade Eye pretend that Bill Ayers was a spoiled child. He was a spoiled child who acted in the name of communism. Just as Pol Pot, Mao, Stalin, Trotsky and Jim Jones also committed their crimes in the name of communism. Similarly, Osama Bin Laden, Mougniyeh and others commit their brand of terrorism in the name of Islam. In the case of Fattah and perhaps one or two others one can have both causes acting in concert.

The problem with American Muslims is that the excuses need to stop. There is no excuse for 9-11, there is no excuse for Beslan, there is no excuse for terrorism. Amoral communists fail to differentiate between an attack like one at Beslan designed to kill children and the reactions caused by needless deaths due to populations allowing terrorists to act in their midst. Thus a marijuana Marxist like Graeme Striecher will point out the higher death tolls in Israeli responses to repeated provocations in a self righteous stupor. What the communists omit is that terrorists
purposely try to inflate these numbers by hiding in civilian areas. In actuality the Israeli response to the repeated provocations in Gaza has been muted. A Grozny type response is how a typical government deals with these provocations.

However, it should be noted that the Civil war between sides in Gaza has produced scores of atrocities without comment from Marijuana Marxists or the Toilet Trotskyite
from Minneapolis saying a word. I am watching the situation in Gaza carefully as a report on the situation there has the commies of Fattah now aligning with Al Queda backed elements in Gaza. The John Batchelor show generally has superior intelligence analysts. Commies are amoral and have a history of aligning with actual Nazis while pointing their finger at everyone else and calling them Nazis. This prospective alliance should come as no surprise to students of history.

Schwartz stands alone as a giant in his vision of a more rational type of Islam. Those who continue to dream of a global caliphate are madmen who endanger all of us with their blood lust. Those who believe utopia in this world is possible will rationalize all excesses to create it.


What we learned in the NFL this week.

Teams are not as good or bad as we make them out to be, unless they are the Rams and they are close to being as bad as their record. Usually a good running game will cover up other weakness but Jackson has not gotten on track.

The Bengals played with nine men in the box to slow the Giants running game. Had they
been more creative Kevin Boss could have had a big game.

New England will regroup from their surprising loss. Other than their defensive line
the rest of their defense is a step slow and subpar. The exception is rookie LB Mayo.
The Dolphins will win around six games with a decent running game and a QB who doesn't make stupid mistakes.

We are also learning the value of experience in the QB position as Kerry Collins and Kurt Warner show they still have life. Collins will probably take the team further than Young. He somehow manages to get better production out of the WRs than Young.
Warner was always better than he was given credit for. Hopefully he is mentoring Lienart as he mentored Eli Manning in NYC


Steve Harkonnen said...

Since Pakistan has made deals with the Taliban, it's difficult to even believe the Pakis can be trusted and therefore should never be considered a real ally.

Further, what confuses me is the fact that Russia has enough problems with Islamic terrorism that I am surprised they haven't reached a consensus that we should be fighting Islamism together with the Russians, but, then again, I've just answered my own question....they're still Communists, just wrapped differently.

Ducky's here said...

I was thinking Beak. We buried my aunt this morning and her stone isn't far from my mother, father and grandmother's.

Someone had left stones on the top of my fathers grave. No idea who but it struck me as a very warm gentle custom.

Beamish said...

Well, since you mentioned football, I am a St. Louis Rams fan, so I have to take me graces where I can.

You might root for a better team, but I guar-an-damn-tee you that no team will ever suck as bad as the 2008 St. Louis Rams. They've turned sucking ass into an artform.

Most teams have a Red Zone defense. We have a Red Carpet defense.

When Matt Hasselbeck, a damned QUARTERBACK, can knock not one but two Rams defensive tackles on their asses simultaneously to block for a running play, it's time to shit the bastards out of our city. This team can not be fixed.

It must go. St. Louis wants a football team. Not the Rams. An actual football team.

The Pagan Temple said...

The Bengals showed what a good team they can be when they have the incentive. Their incentive last Sunday was in playing a good game against the defending SUper Bowl champions. Had they actually had the incentive to win the damn thing, they might well have done it, but they just don't have that much faith in themselves. Their morale is just shot. Chad Johnson is just not what he used to be and Chris Henry is gone. I don't see them having even as good as a fifty-fifty season this year.

Kurt Warner is a good quarterback. I wouldn't call him a great quarterback, but he's vastly underrated, and I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that he wears his faith on his sleeve.

By contrast, let any mediocre new black quarterback win two games in a row and suddenly he's one of the all time great new quarterbacks and destined to the Hall of Fame to hear these yobos tell it.

Steve Harkonnen said...'s time to shit the bastards out of our city. This team can not be fixed.

Beamish, I thought for a fleeting moment how very well fitting that would be if you were talking about the Detroit Lions. I lose faith in my team sometimes but I am barely hangin' this year.

Beamish said...


There are many things wrong with the Rams, including a team owner / inheritor who believes Scott Linehan should be the head coach for at least this season because it was his dying mother's wish.

Don't make me rant on Haslett. Check out my anti-Haslett blog rant from last year, and multiply it by a billion.