Saturday, March 05, 2005

I am one of Churchill's Little Eichman's

I have spent some time thinking about who Ward Churchill was refering to when he called the victim's of 9-11 "Little Eichman's". I have read most of the articles and there is a point that cometimes is forgotten. Dr Yeagley and other Native American have every right and perhaps duty to say this man does not repreesent me. This is magnified by the fact that he is self appointed spokesman and not a Native American.
The question is who did Churchill insult with his remarks.My first reaction was he insulted the victims , their families and the survivors. Still this did not seem to be quite correct and too narrow. I felt insulted as a survivor of the 93 blast and I had a front row seat on 9-11. It was much worse in person and I will never forget that day.
I had come to the conclusion at this point Churchill insulted each and every resident in the NYC metro area. Those people in the buildings could have been any one of us. They were our friends , family,aquaintences and I think our first natural reaction was who do I know amongst the dead. I remember wondering about the faces of the people I glanced upon on my way to work and wondered who was gone.
Today I went for a long walk and I passed by some firemen doing their job at a Nursing home. Are these the faces of Little Eichmans. These are young family men of great cheer and are the foundations of any community where they reside. I would love to see Churchill make that statement in a firehouse. He would learn about reeducation real fast. Firemen have a great sense of humor and are great people. However they have a brotherhood that only military people and cops understand.
I passed by Ground Zero and paused to look where the beautiful towers stood. I had entered them frequently on my way to and from work. I paused to remeember friends whom I met with on the way to work . Sadly, some of those friends are no longer with us having nothing to do with 9-11. My life as a NYC resident was intetwined with that magnificent structure.
The WTC was like a mini city filled with Dynamic energy. There was the wonderful underground mall always filled with great merchandise. There were the white marble floors and brass fixtures always bright and shiny. There was a fancy French bakery where the Late Big Bad Larry Yeah Yeah and I met for breakfast and a great Hot Choclate on our way to work. In an irronic twist of fate that bakery was one of the few undamage spots amongst the wreckage. The facility was used as a transpotation hub and I would make my changes there on my way home. There was an energy and vibrancy in the building and people scurying in all directions. Even in a fast paced city the WTC was a rather faced paced place.
In front of the site were the inevitable cranks handing out conspiracy theories . They make a mockery of the dead at the site of the greatest tragedy in our nations history. They are inevitably part of an extreemist group generaly the No Police State Coalition a radical group with ties to Lynne Stewart. I have encountered David Duke , Lew Rockwell and Raimondo types all on line with the basic 9-11 premise it was the work of the Jooooooos. Some of the more articulate try to hide be hind code words like Zionists, Likud, Neocons and Corporate media. The bottom line when you question these cranks it is the Joooooos. Even Art Bell calls this an overtly Antisemitic movement and labels these people cranks. Art Bell knows a thing or two about cranks and he read a ton of Emails. The repeated words were Neocon in every letter and Bell is not Jewish.
A young girl about ten tugged on my back poct . She must have guessed I was a local because of my overized NY Yankee logo.
Her bright eyes anf smile changed my mood " Mister who died here ?"She said. I turned to her mother and said " All kinds of people died here" I said pointing to the names on the list on the fence. " There were people from every race , religion and ethnic group. They were going to work on a tuesday morning. The others were heroes rushing in to save lives while the rest were fleeing. You have rich financial executives, secrataries , dishwashers , firemen, security personel and watrieses all perished here on that day. " I said.
At that moment the wisdom of the child made it clear . The people Churchill are talking about are part of my American family and the family of Western Civilization. Churchill insult had moved beyond the victims and families and survivors. Churchill insulted the eye witness and all residents of the Tristate area. I looked at the sadness of the little girl and realized this too was not enough. Churchill insulted all those who idenified with the victims and shed a tear on 9-11.
Ward I am one of those Little Eichman's you casually think little of. I am non violent but I dare you to make that statement in a NYFD station. I assure you that there will be a re-education and an attitude adjustment.

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