Thursday, March 31, 2005

Revenge of the "wingnuts"

One of the things that people fail to notice is I enjoy posting and debate. If everyone sat around we would be like bobble head dolls. Post like that are lifeless
and dull. People who read this blog regularly know I respect honest liberals who are civilin dissent like Kafka and the Chemist. I do not hate the sneering left as typified by the Recidivist . He is entertaining but I stand by my earlier assertions. However he has a problem with dissent of any type. The truth is he is not as open minded as he thinks and should lighten up. I do tip my hat to him for being a sport yesterday. I salute the Chemist for providing an excellent blog every day.

The new term from the left to disparage us on right is wingnut. The term doesn't bother me one bit and I have grown fond of it.Wingnuts are fasteners and keep the screws in place.

1 I visit the Recidivist and I spot a Post Get Drunk Vote Liberal. " So Has Get Drunk Vote Liberal ...He thinks it could be fun to run the Gay adgenda down America's throat".

I pointed out thereis a wide variety of thought on the gay issue and the GOP. I listed the three major battle groud issues involving gays.
1 Most Americans favor civil unions. The issue was not presented that way
2Don't ask don't tell is the policy of the service. Gays can serve and the government is not allowed to ask or inquire on the matter.
3 In school districts the issue of orientation is being presented in early education.The critique is that the material is being presented way too early.

A poster named Hawke
"Y'see this sounds all nice and homo friendly but if the government ( you know, those people in power, not the general public) don't publicize thisview then it isn't the widely held views of American Republicans.
The US Government are anti gay in every way,shape and form.If there was any samples of this not being the case gays wouldn't feel so persecuted there right now.

Civil Unions? Quashed
Gays in the Military ? Not on my watch Pardner
Sex ED in schools? How about any Education in schools"

A pause on this for the reader who may be new. I did a post on Gay Rights Israel and Muslim nations combined. Mr Hawke who is respectful should look at that post before he talks of persecuted gays. The fact that Israel grants assylum to Gays fleeing the PA for their lives is meaningless to the Recidivist.Compare the US, Israel and most of the Muslim world on gays. Then tell me about where gays should feel persecuted.

The Recidivist "This is what happens when you have a semi-illiterate President who comes under the influence of religious fundamentalist Fuitcakes . ( Obvious gay pun
left alone )... All Abord ,this is the 9:11 to Sharia Law:)"

I reiterated my earlier points and added Your remarks about the Presidents intelligence are typical. Bush has an Ivy MBA and was found by the military to have a higher IQ than Kerry.
Republican's are made of several wings Rudy types are liberal on this issue.Libertarians also tend towards liberalism on social issues. The stereo type of the Bible Tumpers is Simplistic.


SL&V said...

What's the point of me reading your writings on gay persecution in Isreal when we were discussing American Republican issues? They are two different countries and we were only discussing one of them.
If there was a connection that I fail to see then please point me in the right direction.

In the future if you wish to misquote me do it with a little more aplombe.

beakerkin said...

Welcome to the blog Hawke

The point about Israel is that it is targeted disproportionately on
the Recidivists site. The PA and much of the Muslim world persecute
gays with Jail time and in some cases death. The Recidivist who I
do not dislike spends 1/4 of his
time on demonizing Israel and about
1/2 on the USA. He has not adressed
the issue of Gays in the muslim world at all. Supporting a regime that lynches gays is as logical as
a Jew supporting Nazism.

Moving back to the Republican Party
and the USA. The Republican Party is a big tent party of diverse opinions united by Nationalism and
a Pro Business Philosophy. What the
Recidivist is doing is taking the most shrill voices an portraying them as typical. This is the same
thing he accuses David Horowitz of

The difference is that there is a
real problem with tollerance for the Israeli point of view. Anyone
can come here and post uncensored
even personal attacks. I was given
preconditions like no zionist sources, no discussion of Islamic
History .This coming from a man who bashes western Civ non stop is
absurd. Singling out Israel for undue criticism is bigotry.

I do not hate the Recidivist but he
illustrates my points rather well.

Craigy B said...
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Craigy B said...

Maths ain’t your strong point is it? And evidently not the English language or truth either.

You spend 90% of your blog obsessing about him, misrepresenting him and deliberately misquoting him, claiming he has said things that he hasn’t said and claiming to be able to read his mind and you seriously expect us to believe that it is him, rather than you, who has a problem? LOL

So obsessed are you that even when debating wholly unrelated topics you have to bring it back to the gay thing and Israel and make personal attacks.

Further to that, you are clearly a pathological liar, because nowhere has he even mentioned his views on republicans. Nowhere did he tell you that you couldn’t use Zionist sources - he told you not to use your Zionist propaganda. You claim he is being anti-American when he has not said anything hostile about America itself or its people. Your problem is that lies are so ingrained that you seem wholly incapable of debating without using them. You even lie about what you yourself have said.

I have said it before and I will say it again: You are an illiterate freak. Your own blog proves it and his total anhialation of you over on his blog confirms it beyond a shadow of a doubt.

Dude, there is only one nutcase in these parts: that is you and I think recidivist has you summed up pretty damned perfectly.

Recidivist said...

Beaker, it really is quite astonishingly pathetic that the basis of your beliefs and convictions is so pitifully weak that you have to resort to lies in order to support them.

Drew/Pillbug said...

A) There is no conclusion regarding IQ and the Kerry or Bush. The only comparison is that of Kerry's miltary qualifications test and Bush's SAT. Its pretty clear the former is a joke test one only attempts to pass the minimum on and the latter a test one studies for in order to get into college. You dimwit.

B) Why the obsession with homosexuality? What is wrong with you? CAn't imagine if you have kids... sitting around the breakfast table ranting about faggots....

Drew/Pillbug said...

A) There is no conclusion regarding IQ and the Kerry or Bush. The only comparison is that of Kerry's miltary qualifications test and Bush's SAT. Its pretty clear the former is a joke test one only attempts to pass the minimum on and the latter a test one studies for in order to get into college. You dimwit.

B) Why the obsession with homosexuality? What is wrong with you? CAn't imagine if you have kids... sitting around the breakfast table ranting about faggots....

beakerkin said...


I have no problem with gays they are friends and nieghbors. Who deserve respect and dignity the same as anyone else. The Recidivist
is gay as his some of his readership. This is his lifestyle
not mine as I am heterosexual. My
response to someone saying they are gay is and. That in itself says little about you. It doesn't say if you can do a job well or if you are a good person.

The army military tested both Bush
and Kerry and Bush scored higher.

Hawke: If you were misquoted tell
me where and I will make the correction.

Craig The Toady

The issue started on Gays and the GOP . Perhaps reading comprehension
is not your forte. Now you want to
play wordgames "propoganda vs sources". We talk about other subjects on this blog try reading it.

As far as my being illiterate I take your critique for what it is worth zero. Other posters said if my attacks were bigoted let them stand. They weren't and they illustrated the absurdity of the Recidivists notions.

Profesional writers including David
Horowitz, Dr Yeagley, Richard Poe
have visited my blog. Stephen Schwartz sent a correction and we noted it.


Good of you to stop in what lies are you refering to. That you have a problem with Jews,America,Republicans,Zionist and anyone else that disagrees with you. Your blog speaks louder
than I do. If you have a right to
use the first amendment to say Bush is an idiot then I have a right to my opinion as well about your blog.

The issue of Homosexuality in the PA is relevant . You have bashed America on this basis and you vilify a country that treats gays well Israel.

The fact that you identify with a movement that gays flees from tells
me you are illucid.If you were honest about the PA you should post the truth. You do not adress it at all.

Gays are persecuted in the PA and other Muslim societies. They are not persecuted in Israel and that is a fact not opinion.

Do stop on by again

Warren said...

Dude, there is only one nutcase in these parts: that is you and I think recidivist has you summed up pretty damned perfectly.

Actually craigy, you sometimes, almost, seem to think. But I doubt you would past a Turing Test.

Recidivist, if you didn't find everything, "astonishingly pathetic", or some other petulant epitaph, you would have nothing to talk about, (exceptin dem dang Joos). I have heard no meaningful refutation from you, only insults and accusations.

Unfortunately for you, you do not control anything outside of your own blog. So what are those "Lies"?

Put up or shut up, windbag!

SL&V said...

Hawke: If you were misquoted tell
me where and I will make the correction.

A pause on this for the reader who may be new. I did a post on Gay Rights Israel and Muslim nations combined. Mr Hawke who is respectful should look at that post before he talks of persecuted gays.

You quoted me out of context and your response was inappropriate to my comment.
What does your post on "Gay Rights Muslim and Israel" (sic) have to do with my comments about the AMERICAN Republican party?
Show me the correlation and explain why I should read your post before making a comment about something wholley different and maybe we can move on.

But right now I'm of the same mind as everyone else (please notice there's no-one here springing to your defence save you) you take people's words and use them out of context to make points about something you are obsessive over.

In truth THIS is exactly what is wrong with America today.
Congratulations for being the benchmark.

Craigy B said...

Warren, I thank you for the compliment, but fear that I can’t return it, because you don’t even show the faintest glimmer of even having the potential to engage your brain as you sit there spitting your detritus in defence of your evil fascist illiterate racist buddy Beakerkin.

Like beakerkin, you also misrepresent people in your evil quest and can't handle it when people see you for what you are.

Maybe it is you and your cowardly chum Beakerkin who should put up and shut up.

Craigy B said...

Beakerkin: Good to see that you still continue to pretend not to have seen the repeated posts pointing out your lies. You should be on the stage playing Nelson putting his telescope to his blind eyes and uttering his famous Ships? I see no ships. line - but if your performance is a bad there as it is here, I doubt that your reviews will be much better.

When a discussion goes against you and evidence against you is presented, you just carry on elsewhere pretending that you haven’t seen it and that last cowardly attempt didn’t happen. Thankfully most people in this world aren’t stupid enough to fall for your amateurish trolling.

Keep fooling yourself that you are fooling others; but the truth is that you fool noone that you are anything other than the most pathetic of poisonous ignorant racist trolls with aspirations to be the next David Horowitz scumbag. Alas, you don't even have the potential to reach those dizzy depths.

beakerkin said...


The relevance of my comments on the
subject was your comment about gay
persecution. Gays do not face prison time or execution in the USA. As mentioned before they are persecuted and executed in a variety of countries including the PA. This is one of a series of misrepresentation that the Recidivist makes. 90% of his blog is opinion not based in facts or

Craig B Toady without a clue. I am
glad you honor me by comparing me with David Horowitz. Horowitz has visited this blog and you can ask
Donal who posts here. Dr David Yeagley has visited here and comments favorably in his website.
Richard Poe editor of Moonbat Central linked this blog in a response. Stephen Shawrtz read a post and sent a correction that was noted.

You have called me a liar and hypocrite. You have FAILED to point out where. If I made an error
like with Viper85 I do note it. Do note none of your comments are censored. This is despite the fact that they are 100% personal attacks.

The basic problem is the Recidivist
is illucid and fact free.He has problems with Jew, Israel, Republican, Americans, The Pope and now organized religion. He spends an awful lot of time responding to me on his blog.

An objective reading of the blog
notes the following. My tone is calm and even comedic as the REcidivist invites satire. Unlike
the Recidivist I have a sense of humor.

Come here as often as you like and
bring help. You are over matched
and have to resort to LIAR.

Nemesis said...

Hey Beak


Craigy B said...

Beakerkin, you really are the most disingenuous coward there is.

I have shown you where these lies have been pointed out to you: In all the discussions which the coward that is you has abandoned.

And whilst you insincerely whine about others failing to substantiate what they say about you, you fail to substantiate a single one of the claims which you make about others.

You say that the basic problems with Recidivist are:

1 - Illucid (??) and fact free: Not only does he quote sources, but he quotes non-partisan sources and he gives links that actually work. You give links which are almost always broken and links which direct you to a partisan source like one of David Horowitz’s lame excuses for truth. So you are WRONG!

2 - He has problems with Jews: Other than a blatantly misquoted ‘quote’ provided by Warren, you have failed to show where he has expressed a problem with Jews as a race. You just use that as a smear. He has however shown where you consider Palestinians to be second class. That makes you not only WRONG but a BIGOT and a RACIST.

3 - Republicans: Despite him challenging you repeatedly, you have avoided giving a single instance where he himself has even commented on Republicans. Therefore that assertion can be no more than a deliberate and reckless assumption on your part. So once again, you are probably WRONG.

4 - Americans: Despite him repeatedly challenging you to show where he has a problem with America as a country, or its population, you have consistently failed to show an example of him expressing such a view, Therefore that assertion can be no more than a deliberate and reckless assumption on your part. So once again, you are probably WRONG.

5 - The Pope and now organized religion. He has no problem with the Pope, he has a problem with the office of Pope, something he shares with that vast majority of people in the western world and what exactly is wrong with that?

6 - He spends an awful lot of time responding to you on his blog: I would suggest that he spends hardly any time responding to you on this blog. I fact I would suggest that the evidence shows that he pretty much ignores your trite drivel and has only posted here once (yesterday) in very many weeks.

YOU on the other hand have this crazed pathological obsession with him and his blog. You make wild accusations which have little or no basis in what is fact, but have very much to do with what you need him to believe in order for your vile smears to be founded.

Now if you really think that anyone reading your illiterate crazed rumblings objectively will come to the conclusion that you are either calm or rational, then I am afraid that you are even more deeply entrenched in your dream world than we had previously thought. The truth is that your blog is filled with anger, hate and bitterness; something which you also seek to spread to other peoples blogs.

On to sense of humour: YOU HAVE NONE. You are the one who pollutes humourous posts with your bigoted and racist rhetoric. You are the one who invades posts about wholly different topics with your fascist Zionist hatred. If you think that is funny, then your are SICK!

I am truly sorry to have to conclude this, but you are truly sick in the head you bitter old man.

Craigy B said...

Claiming that am over matched when I have to resort to LIAR is a little lame when a LIAR is exactly what you are.

The fact that you can't back anything up and keep avoiding the challenges to do so just shows that it is you who is over matched.

Recidivist said...

I spend a lot of time defending myself on here?

Until yesterday I hadn’t even looked and your vile hate riddled toilet for weeks, let alone thought about defending myself against your libellous smears.

I only came here yesterday because someone pointed out how comical (yet unintentionally so) your latest illiterate contribution was.

You would be a damn fool if you flatter yourself that I actually give a flying stuff about the hypocritical shit you are posting here, because anyone who matters also happens to know that it is mostly damn lies (and for the record, the insignificant shit Horowitz who you try so hard to model yourself on - and make us believe actually reads the codswallop on this blog - is not someone who matters).

It is actually quite comical that you even make that allegation given the fact that Site Meter shows that you spend on average two and a half hours a day reading my blog, visit on average 12 times a day and can hardly make a single post to your own blog without making mention of me.

The only thing that you have achieved is that there are times when I refrain from posting to The Chemists excellent blog because it is oh so fucking predictable that you will simply use that as another opportunity to disrupt whatever very valid discussion he happens to have going on there at the time.

You bang on about free speech when in fact all you aim to do is wear people down till they shut up if they don’t happen to share your evil bigoted agenda.

And before you start on the problem with the Pope crap, my views on religion are well documented in my blog.

I have zero respect for the institutions of organised religion; but I have a great deal of respect for the sincere individuals who follow their heart to any religion.

I also happen to believe that religion and politics are a bad mix and the only path to tread in government is a secular one that allows all faiths, shows preference to none and outlaws any form of discrimination on the basis of faith.

Now if you can really find anything bigoted in that, then you must be truly desperate.

I really don’t need to comment on anything else, because I think that Craig has pretty much covered all the other bases.

Now if you really want to convince people that it isn't you with the problem, then I really suggest that you are going about it the wrong way.

Recidivist said...

In fact what is even more comical is the fact that in the last 72 hours, not a single 3 hour period has gone by when you haven’t looked at my blog.

Are you really losing so much sleep over what it may have to say?

viper85 said...

Why would you even need to point out that there is a wide variety of thought on the gay issue in GOP?

He made no comment about GOP. He simply pointed out that two sites (one called ‘ Evil GOP Bastards’ and the other called ‘Get Drunk, Vote Liberal’) had made him laugh.

He added the euphemistic humor too; not about all Republicans, not even most or many, just a few Republicans.

He didn’t even express agreement with their views.

You simply saw it as a way to annoy by turning what was meant to be lighthearted in to a platform for your propaganda.

How can any sane person turn that in to having a problem with Republicans?

You say that you have the sense of humor that he lacks when you have just missed all of that? You are either very transparent or very lacking in the brains and understanding department.

Had it just been this once I would have been inclined to think that you misunderstood him. Given that it is almost every day I think it is just that you are vindictive and bitter.

beakerkin said...


You win the illucid pride with your blog. I think you a speech impediment and need to consult a
serious mental health expert.

Craig You are a toady and not even
one with talent. A basic reading of the blog backs my assertions.
Spending an inodinate amount of time on Israel the worlds only Jewish state is bigoted.The Zionism is Racism post alone backs
my assertion there.

Do you want me to comb the archives
and produce Republican quotes ?As far as America he has made absurd remarks about gays being persecuted
here. He conveniently leaves out a
series of counties where it occurs
for real.

The Recidivist plays word games . I have no problem with Jews just Zionist. The vast preponderance of
Jews are zionists. I do not have a problem with the Pope just organized religion. Am I am the hate filled guy? That is too absurd
for comment.

As far as my litteracy there are typos and mispelling in the Revidivists blog as well. Real writers have come by and enjoyed
my posts.

Who am I hate filled for ? The fact that you use zionist as a pejorative proves you have the problem. FYI I am not a fascist in any simple reading. Nor am I a racist in any definition either.
You have made the assertion and failed to back it.

Yes I do read your blog but I also
like car wrecks. I wish your numbers about my visits were accurate but I have been away due to medical concerns. I would like to know how I could be on your blog
if I was taking medical tests for twelve hours.

As far as your views on religion you misread history. I would enjoy
a good debate on that subject. I am not badgering you but that would make a good post.

You are not reading my responses as they are intended. I welcome a genuine challenge. The fact that people differ is okay and I accept
you right to hold other opinions.
My thanks for your hospitality was genuine. My thanks guys post was also sincere as well. You have a hard time recognizing humor as you lack it.

As far as the Chemist I post on a few threads. I do not think he would describe them as disruptive.
Look at his blog more closely . You will find me on a David Horowitz thread and on a Science thread.

What is my evil bigoted agenda ?
Your sophomoric charges do not hold up to scrutiny. Even Kafkaesq
told you nothing in my post waranted your reaction. Other people have opinions and you need
to learn tollerance.

That being said I have no personal
animus or malice to you. I disagree
and that is my right just as you have the right to disagree with me.
Unlike you I do not censor dissent
I have zero need to. I can back my

I will post part two shortly.

viper85 said...

Beakerkin, your failure to provide the proof that you demand off others shows just how insincere you words are.

viper85 said...

Beakerkin, I have just done a word search on 'Republican' against all of the comments on your blog, all of Recidivists blog and all of the comments on his blog. I also searched the comments on Chemist's blog.

Nowhere does he make a derogatory remark about Republicans.

Conclusion: You lie.

The word Jew is not synonymous with the word Zionist, therefore you simply can not justifiably conclude that having issues with the political agenda that is Zionism automatically equates to a problem with Jews.

Conclusion: You lie.

beakerkin said...


Do you want me to go post by post.
His comments on the president are exhibit a. Look for post on religious conservatives and look more carefully.

Israel is the worlds only Jewish state and calling the legitimate right of my people (Racist is bigotry. Excluding a range of authors is bigotry based largely upon ethicity. Calling American Jews paranoid is bigotry . Singling out the worlds onlyJewish state is bigotry. An objective person reading his blog would think similarly.

Read his blog again and try to look

viper85 said...

You don't need to go through every blog, I have already done that and you will not find what you are looking for.

Comments about the President are not comments about Republicans or Americans. They are simply comments about the President. Comments that most Americans will actually agree with.

Where he has made comments about Americans it is about showing solidarity with us and not blaming Americans for the deeds of our President.

I also noted that there are at least three occasions when you attribute comments made about the President to Recidivist, when in fact the comments were made by Chemist. Not once have you recanted your comments and apologized to Recidivist.

You have also accused him and at least other person of running a blog called 'Jews sans Frontieres' but you have never recanted when it has been pointed out that the blog has nothing to do with them.

You have then gone on to say that linking to the blog makes them racist - even though it is a Jewish blog - yet I notice that Chemist links to the blog and you see nothing racist about him.

The fact that you need to resort top comments about the President in order to justify your claim that he has made a lot of posts about Republicans does kinda show how desperate you are to justify your claims.

He didn't say that ALL American Jews were paranoid (even if Warren does agree with you). Your continued insistence on misrepresenting that non-quote just goes to show how shaky your ground is. Anyone who bothers to read the comment will see that he made a comment that American Jews generally are more prone to being paranoid about their race; I am an American Jew and I agree totally with him. I am not offended because he didn't refer to all American Jews.

By assuming that he does refer to all American Jews (who incidentally still aren't all Jews) all you do is prove that his point is completely correct, because it is your paranoia telling you that he must mean all Jews.

Which post on religious conservatives would you be referring to? The one headed ‘Oh Lordy’?

If that is the case, then the words on the post aren’t his (apart from the last bit that says that these people are scary, which they are). The main body of the post is a direct cut’n’paste from their own site. It is what they say about themselves.

He doesn’t single out Jews and Israel and the direction of his blog is a lot less blinkered that yours which deals entirely with one issue. That doesn’t make him a bigot, it makes you a hypocrite. In fact I would venture to suggest that he has made no posts about Jews and that until you started your vendetta, he had made hardly any posts about Israel. It is your own lame rhetorical response that has encouraged him to post more about Israel.

If you were to look on other discussion forums, you would see that he hardly ever makes a comment about Israel, so if there is anything Israel centric about his blog now, then it is probable entirely your doing and a reaction to your offensive use of other peoples blogs to spread your racist brand of Zionism.

You also claim that he censors dissent. I see plenty of comments that include dissent and I am guessing that it is when you use your racist language that it gets censored. Racism uttered under Freedom of Speech is an abuse of Freedom of Speech.

The other vaguely hypocritical thing that I noticed was that you decry him for saying that he has friends who are Jews. You said that this is the language of a racist. Nowhere did he claim to have friends that were Jews. He simply said that all the Jews he know were anti-Zionist. But later you justify your position with “I have many friends who are Muslim”. If using that terminology makes him a racist, why doesn't it make you one when you use it?

Your problem is that you have developed a hatred for him and you have chosen to assume what he thinks. You are making comments on your assumptions rather than on facts. That is ignorance.

I would like to offer the suggestion that you should take a chill pill and start to look with the objectivity that yuo expect from others.

viper85 said...

The unfortunate reality is that almost everything you say is a misrepresentation. Your blog is full of non-quotes which you pass of as quotes.

On your ‘Revenge of the wingnuts’ posting, without even trying very hard I can count seven falsehoods.

Those are not the actions of a calm rational mind. Those are the actions of angry mind lashing out.

Recidivist said...

Guys, please just drop it. He believes what he needs to believe - facts don’t even figure in his reasoning process.

He isn’t worth the effort - at least not on my behalf, because it really doesn’t bother me what a nobody thinks or says on his own blog., so long as he keeps his intolerant gospel of hate well away from my blog.

And Viper, trying to make him understand that nothing about that petition site was in my words is a lost cause. The point has already been made six times and he just needs to believe that they are my words and that I think that they are representative of all Republicans. It is as simple as that, but sometimes simple things escape simple people.

Thanks for trying, but leave it now. I think you will find that he is actually enjoying the attention - which is in actual fact probably why he trolls so desperately in the first place.

beakerkin said...


The quotes were as represented although you may not like my interpretation. This is similar to the interpretaion that is often posted such as questioning the Presidents intelligence.

I can comb the site to back my assertions. This is not a game that is productive.

The Chemist is also linked to the sites you have mentioned. The link
is not the question and plenty of sites have link. The substitution of Zionism for Jews is not even subtle.

The terms and limitation of the debate were bigoted. No Zionst propoganda (sources). No discussion
of the colonial nature of Islam. No
discussion of a range of similar people being occupied by Islam with a greater case for nation hood.

There is no such thing as a Palestinian ethnicity. The fact is in the PLO charter. Try reading it sometime. This is not bigoted or racist but factual.

His presentation on the subject contains folklore. Mine contained history with sources. The bottom line Jews are indigenous . This is backed by archeology etc.

I do not hate the Recidivist read the tone of my responses. This is not my nature. If you want to see hatred look at the post from nemesis. I do not even know who this person is. However his blog is even more fact free.

As far as the Petition I will post his full response. I am fairer than he is . The O Lordy came from
a right wing website and I scored it left 6 wingnuts 4

viper85 said...

You are misrepresenting yet again.

All you are doing is showing that there is no depth that you wont sink to in your desperation to justify your own racism and bigotry.

viper85 said...

His response is there for all to see.

He hasn't been unfair because he hasn't made a representation of it. You have however totally misrepresented the whole discussion. You even entered it with your usual loaded motives.

viper85 said...

Don't you think that you saying that you don't hate him, when you sneeringly attack him at every possible opportunity just shows that you are you are more than a little insincere?

I noticed that you now ignore the whole Republican issue. Probably this is because you know that you are wrong and know that you deliberately misrepresented.

You also ignore the facts about the false allegations that you have made. Same reasons no doubt.

Know that you are wrong and dont have the balls to say so? Hope it will go away like the dozens of other issues that you try to blank?

Or is attacking people and blanking the issues they put to you just the method that you use to deliberately wind people up?

beakerkin said...

No I do not ignore the Republican
issue. However unlike the Recidivist if I make an error I will conceede a point.

He made a stupid comment about 9:11
and Sharia law. That comment was offensive and unwise. Howver the OLordy post was satire and I may have over reacted . I was gentlemanly enough tp post it. His site caters to a gay readership.The satire was hamhanded
and likely a response to a stupid quip.

I stand by my assertions on Jews and Israel and his bigotry. His comments on 9-11 Sharia express were stupid as calling religious
fruitcakes. If he wants to say that was poetic license and part of his never ending Bush mania it is debateable.

You may make the claim I am a bigot
but there is zero validity to it.
Those are my views and nobody has defined what constitutes "Palestinian Ethnicity"
The presentation had folk lore ,conjecture and speculation.
Nor have any of the facts been refuted.

viper85 said...

Unless you regard total silence as a concession of error, then you don’t concede your errors. If silence is a concession of an error, then readers will note that you have conceded about twenty fundamental errors in this conversation. All of them based on your assumption and hatred.

Everything you have said has been refuted and you denial of that is futile.

beakerkin said...

I conceede I over reacted on the
O' Lordy post. However his 9:11 Sharia law comment is enough to prove my assertion.

I stand by the assertions that he has a severe problem with Jews. He
tries to get around that by the substitution of zionism. He has not
proven there is a Palestinian ethnicity. He plays word games like
no zionist propoganda, Islamic history or discussion of people in
similar situations.

Singling out the worlds only Jewish state for disproportionate
criticism is bigoted. His post Zionism is racism was clearly bigoted.

viper85 said...

And singling out the left for exclusive criticism is even worse bigotry.

You say that you do it for a reason - he does it for a reason to, which is a reaction to idiots like you.

His reason isn't based on hatred and racism, but yours is.

You are the bigot, not him.

fred said...

I am lsurpirsed that you still are so ardent a supporter of Rudy. He is, after all, not just a guy who professes Catholicism but publically made a display of his adultery, made a fool of himself with NY media, and has blown therefore any chance of getting any mainstream GOP support down the road...

Warren said...

craigy said:
"2 - He has problems with Jews: Other than a blatantly misquoted ‘quote’ provided by Warren, you have failed to show where he has expressed a problem with Jews as a race. You just use that as a smear. He has however shown where you consider Palestinians to be second class. That makes you not only WRONG but a BIGOT and a RACIST."

A quote, is a quote, is a quote; especially when you cut and paste it in!

Although you seem unfamiliar with the concept; words have meaning. When they are put together into a logically constructed string, they are called a sentence. They are supposed to convey information, thoughts and questions. When they are put together into a thing named a paragraph, they are supposed to convey some form of semantic or logical connection.

These things seem to be concepts beyond your feeble grasp.

I'm glad to see that you finally learned to type with two fingers, although your use of all capitol letters in the words bigot, racist and others, could just indicate that you may have found the caps-lock key.

The recidivist has said, and these are cut and pasted in from his own posts:
~~begin paragraph~~
"Now I have a question for you: Have you ever imagined what it would be like to be a Jew without a sneering chip on his shoulder?"~~end sentence, end paragraph~~

A "sneering chip"? Who ever heard of a sneering chip?

I find the sentence structure too flawed to be anything other than what I believe it is. Maybe he meant a "sneering" Jew.

The Nazis were quite fond of "sneering" Jews as we can see here, here, here, here, and here.

[sarcasm]How quaint, how touching, how utterly fascinating![/sarcasm]
Perhaps he could have called that, "chip"; a big nosed "sneering chip". No that doesn't seem to work either, (sigh).

Next paragraph, (complete):
"Have you wondered what it would be like to view anti-Israeli, or anti-Zionist, sentiments as something other than anti-Jewish (I wont say anti-Semitic, because Jews don’t own the Semitic tag, which applies equally to the Palestinian people) .. but perhaps to view these positions as being against oppression and a brutal racist regime, which seems not to respect any decent humanitarian values?"

Use of the 'I'm not an anti-Semite, because Arabs are the same as Jews and I don't hate Arabs', rationalization. The obsession with an imaginary bogeyman state, Israel, and ignoring the realization by any sane account of the repression of Arabs by their own totalitarian governments and the use of "Palestinians" as political pawns by those same governments and the PA; renders that statement into the bizarre.

It was a paragraph meant to, at the same time, disavow an anti-Semitism connection and rationalize the next paragraph:
"Why is it that American Jews are generally so paranoid that they are wholly incapable of divorcing condemnation of Israel from condemnation of their race? .. in contrast to the European Jews, who can generally stand back objectively, criticize, debate and accept the validity of so much of the criticism of Israel, without the NEED to see it as a racist insult."

But wait!
Are the Jews a race or not? Gee, I'm totally confused now. Perhaps it was only a Freudian faux pax!

American Jews are "generally paranoid" and "incapable" of what he sees as rational thought. Oh! But those nice European Jews are the bastion of correct thinking, ignoring that 2/3 of the Jews in the world live in Israel and America. European Jews are "objective" and capable of being objective because they agree with you and him. Of course having already discredited the concept of a Jewish race, (in your collective minds); reinforces his earlier paragraph.

Let's see, The Jews aren't a race and he constantly needs to re-enforce his rationalization, but when it suits his purpose, they are a race, as we can see from his obsession and this excerpt taken from his blog at a later date.

(Whole paragraph):
Far from being folktales, it is genetic fact. In fact it is such genetic fact that if you take the DNA markers generally regarded as identifying a Jew, the average Palestinian is more Jewish that the average Jew.
You know, I heard the same statement from a white supremacist, one of those "White Nations" folk that post over at stormfront, about three months ago. He came to another board, at that time, looking to make "converts". Got his ass sent packing too! You see, us members of the "mud races" are, real persnickety about racial labels.

I never received a fair chance to refute recidivist's charge, or the report he cited because he cut off comments to that blog entry!

So here is my answer:
There are two main types of testing in common use for this type of testing, mitochondrial DNA testing and Haplotype marker percentage testing of the Y chromosome.
Mitochondrial DNA, is only passed from mother to daughter and thus the fathers contribution is invisible to testing. In the same way Y marker testing can only contribute information from the male parent leaving the female parent invisible.

The genetic testing referenced used the Y marker which can only be passed by the Father and is actually 1 chromosome of the XY pair that determine whether a child will be male, (XX = female).

The Problematic Role of DNA Testing in Unraveling Human History
See here.

The problem with tying markers to ethnic identity is that Y marker testing shows only one line of ancestry. Therefore, ancestors, (females), on other lines are invisible. (The Y marker can ony be inherited from the father).

Using the Y marker a female child cannot be linked to any of her ancestors or even her mother or father. A male child can only be linked to his father, 1 in 4 of his grandparents, 1 in 8 of his great grandparents, 1 in...(geometric progression).

Using 3 generation per 100 years, in a period of 1,000 years. You have linked "1" male child to 1 of his, 536,870,912 direct ancestors using 1 of the 46 human chromosomes.

Markers mutate progressively over time, due to environmental differences, as compared to the gene used as a basis.

Logic tells us, If the supposed "base" genes are from contemporary stock grown in a different environment, the net effects are magnified. The 2 gene pools would mutate differently and at different rates. In 1,000 or 1,500 years a lot of cumulative change would occur.

essentially the study that was cited is worthless in the use to which it was put.

Haplotype percentages were used in an attempt to prove ethnicity. Haplotypes can be used for the mapping of disease genes but they do not indicate ethnicity.

As Beakerkin pointed out elsewhere;, the Jews are not only a race, they are also a religion and a culture. That along with the last 1300 years of sexual slavery by Muslims renders the gene study irrelevant.

Recidivist, your blog is a glowing temple of ignorance, dedicated to the Onanism of yourself, replete with toad like supplicant. If you think Beakerkin is obsessing, look at the little toad's, troll like, postings on this board!

Warren said...

Oh, btw for you non tech type people. The best way to return to this blog from one of those links is to "right click" on a non-busy portion of the link and choose "back" from the drop down window.

beakerkin said...


I am not nor have I ever been a religious conservative. I have always been an ardent Cold Warrior
but moderate on domestic issues. I
tend to lean to the right there.

Rudy is a tough on crime leader with vision. His views on Social issues almost match mine perfectly.
If you want to win the war on terror vote Rudy. You can hold out
for a better candidate but there is none out there.

The adultery is not a major issue as his marriage . It was a loving relationship with one woman as opposed to serial flings. This issue is irrelevant as Bill Clinton

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