Wednesday, March 30, 2005

The Ultimate Troll - Socrates on Trial

There is an evil person who posts on Front Page Forum who uses 30 known handles. He is the worst known troll and human being I have encountered. I do not say this lightly as I worked in a facility that hired people in half way house residents. I supervised hardened criminals who were ordinary reasonable people and often hard working.

What makes this troll unique is he fancies himself a writer . His usual title is Socrates but he posts under thirty names with identical writing styles. He targets
women in general and several notably. Commenting on a woman's intimate body parts is not good form. He uses the crudest and most vile descriptions to describe Donal who post here. He is also has a vendatta against Morgaan who reads this blog.

What makes him annoying is that he posts to himself . Then he uses the same style and claims independent identities. If misogyny is not a great enough crime he tells
Jews "Get in the Oven", has made a series of racist remarks aimed at blacks, latins,muslims. He has running skits with Chinese charachters that use gramatically
perfect Chenglish with no pronouns. The typing style is identical to his other personas. He will then have a persona scream bigotry at posters that do not post on race.He also steals identities and posts profanity under other peoples identities. He also uses old handles and claims to be back but the styles are identical to Socs.

Soc fancies himself a talented writer but his posts are devoid of substance and creativity. He mistakes spelling and sentence structure for intelligence and content.
David Horowitz, Yeagley and Richard Poe have visited this blog and not flayed me. Stephen Schwartz's assistance sent me a correction and I will repeat it. Stephen Schwartz does not bash Western Culture as he is a brilliant man. Soc asked Horowitz for a job as a staff writer and he was turned down. Horowitz knows talent and charachter when he sees it and Soc fails on both accounts. Richard Poe allayed my fears of being banned as I am a Rudy Republican. Poe explained that is easy to tell the difference between an honest person and a knave. Soc is worse than a knave he is a parasite and a predator.

Soc is lucky I am not Horowitz because if I was he might be looking at jail time. Soc confessed that he was rejected by Horowitz this Sunday on the Kaplan thread. The key with a criminal is to let them talk and they dig their own gaves. The problem is
that egomaniacs are never as smart as they think. Soc also demonstrated the stealing identity routine and demonstated it on a Gladzov thread. Soc has been trying to damage Horowitz financially. He has hurt FPM by turning the forum into the temple of Soc. He has his alleged cult of admirers who post on nothing other than Soc or target his foes.

I will not adress the more serious charges against Soc. There is about a one in fifty chance he did not commit the heinous crime . I did read the confession in the archives of FPM. However he is a sick and deranged person and may have said it for attention. The circumstantial evidence is that he teaches in a prison not a school.
The security check to work with children is tougher than to work in a prison.

Attention is like a drug to him and he plays this Sophomoric game of his clones worhiping him. He has an alias Muster Quark who has never posted on a topic only Soc boosting and attacking his enemies. The other crime is serious he is a bore with no imagination and creativity. He is the stupidest poster on the board as one has to repeat the same point dozens of times. The lack of creativity and intelligence is profound especially considering he aspires to godhood.

Now is the time to testify let FPM know our stories are here. An ordinary pest like Uptown or Ducky can stay. They post under one or name and are just comedic relef. I would not even complain about an ordinary troll. This is above and beyond tolleration
it is time to prosecute Soc.

I want to thank Richard Poe for opening my eyes. It is shameful what a fine place has devolved into. Responsible dissent is fine but self promotion needless abuse, harassment and being an uncreative boor is too much. We must aspire to greatness rather than sink to the lowest common denominator.

Fight Back and lets look ahead this is the first step.

The Beak


TheDONAL said...

Yes, this man who posts at FPM variously as Socrates--and about 20 other names--contacted me in 2003 and 4 of us at FPM began to write to each other from our email accounts.

Soon, Socrates was asking me for sex and suggesting I meet him for sex when he was with his 2 daughters, so I soon stopped writing to him. Online at FPM, he began a campaign of harrassment of me that included the vilest words, referencing my various female body parts daily and in multi-posts.

He soon fell out with the 2 other members of our group and included them in his campaign of harrassment, though they were men. He impuned their names, posted their personal info online, accused them of homosexual acts, crimes etc. He has continued all of this to this day.

When he and I had been corresponding amicably, he told me of his plans to bring down David Horowitz and his desire to ruin his FPM website. He does this started this with a series of board-clogging multi-posts, stealing our names and posting in our stead.

He makes up a whole 'team' of 'allies' (Team Soc) that he then uses to write back and forth to himself in various different names. We have attempted a boycott of him and his posts, but he simply steals our name, or makes up several more of his own, and his abusive, disruptive, and misogynistic posts continue as always.

The one solution that would truly help this situation--a name lock--as every other site has, has been denied to us. Yhe only recourse we have left is defending oursleves as best we can--often to the point of nonsense ourselves.

I don't know any other way to avoid being his victim except to stand up and tell him what an absolutely amoral person he is as often as I need to. This hasn't made the FPM board any better--and I recognize that. After over a year of being called a smelly c___ on a daily basis, a fat pig, a diabetic cripple in a wheelchair (none of those things is remotely true)I am beyond having a rational response. It's come down to pure defense and I'm totally dug in. Any help from the top has been totally absent.

Socrates is a man who wishes to destroy simply to destroy. Over the last nearly 2 years, he has shown he is incapable of getting along with ANY poster, and he has repeatedly posted anti-female, anti-black, anti-Mexican, anti-Jewish sentiments, and only in the very worst terms.

The day he told 3 of our most well-respected posters who happened to be Jewish to "crawl into the ovens" and "Jewish people are a scourge upon the earth" was basically the last straw. It was so nasty, so pathetically bigoted and calculated to hurt that I no longer care what I say to him--anything is fair game.

I don't understand why this one man has been allowed to single-handedly clog up a message board. I can't imagine what would be the motivation in allowing this--and the unwarranted attacks on me and others personally are the biggest reason I have not yet thrown any monetary support to FPM. I won't pay to be called a c___ everyday, nor remain alone in dealing with the abuse. No other website would allow it--I don't know why FPM DOES.

Warren said...

I'm afraid that the Internet has enabled those that used to make obscene phone calls to move on to bigger things.

Maybe this guys E.C.T. has worn off and he is due for another treatment.

I know of one that actually was able to make a board administrator think he was a young black radical when, in fact, he was a 63 year old white man on disability, (mental I suspect). The board administrator was quite embarrassed when I ratted him out, he was shameless. I started calling him 'the dog' because he followed another troll around the message boards. He had another personality that I nicknamed 'the baboon', he used it when he was trying to sound like a religious Liberal. He had several more that he would invent and use once or twice and he frequently used variations of others names to try and discredit them.

It was all about the attention.

TheDONAL said...

Yes, Warren...

It's all about attention and power. This guy was upset that I wouldn't sleep with him or even meet him. (Duh!) I subsequently found out he's 54 years old and weighs 350lb.! Together with his filthy mouth, I can well see why he hasn't had any company since the Flood....

Warren said...

Donal, harassment over the Internet can be a criminal matter and has been treated as such in the past. I don't know what's involved but it might be worth looking into.

look here

Muster Quark said...

Oh god, once upon a time, I visited this pathetic collection of disconnected nonsequitors that Beaker calls a blog just to amuse myself. I can see that my return visit proves to me once again that this is indeed a congested, poorly written, incoherent word-salad replete with bad spelling, terrible grammar, and rampant malapropisms.

As you can see from his latest "entry", Beaker attempts vainly, and pathetically, to do battle with me on FPM. As does this other troll Donal who responded here. They pretty much regularly get their asses kicked, so I guess they figure they can move to a new forum run by Beaker himself in order to satiate their rather prodigious totalitarian needs, and crush all dissent. I suspect that Beaker, the coward that he is, will promptly delete this entry, as it isn't some of the sycophantic drivel that he is used to getting among his collection of intellectually compromised acolytes.

But, just to address some of the specifics that these idiots saw fit to drag on over to this "blog", I will add that a) DONAL was the one hitting on Socrates (see posts from summer of 2003), b) None of the 30 aliases they cite actually belong to this individual. They simply use that as an excuse to chase off posters with whom they disagree. That is, they accuse all posters they disagree with as being just another "Socrates" alias, and use that as an excuse to shut down any valid points the person may have, c) Socrates does not weigh 350 pounds...LOL! The above idiots co-opted his identity and posted that nonsense, and d) This is little more than a cheesy, peurile, pathetic, little internet squabble that consumes the lives of these pathetic morons because they don't have anything going on in their real lives.

Beaker is some guy on disability who sits at his computer all day, and Donal is 46 year old spinster who lives with her sister, and draws on trust money that her parents left her. Thus, she doesn't have any real employment (she does design on her computer), and so these idiots just engage in flame wars all day. That is their life.

Donal is hardly "harassed". She and her acolytes harass as much as anybody else on the site! This is easy to see just by browsing through some of the FPM archives.

Just one you might wanna check out:

I suspect this entry won't last long, because like I said, Beaker is a coward who hates it when his intellectual betters expose him and tell it like it is.


Muster Quark

TheDONAL said...

"Muster Quark" is another personality of Socrates. The name comes from a bit of doggerel he wrote entitled "Three Cheers For Muster Quark"--which is an execrable piece of writing on the too-well-worn-theme 'God Is Dead'.

It's a never-been-published piece of tripe, but it's something he circulated amongst our group at FPM. It's truly the worst piece of writing in the world--a 6th grader could do much, MUCH better!

TheDONAL said...

For the record:

I have never 'hit' on anyone on the Internet. It is extremely unwise for women to engage in such relationships and I rule them out completely.

I do not talk about sex or religion on the 'Net, nor do I divulge other personal facts about myself, and his continual sex talk was precisely why I dropped email contact with Socrates.

None of what he posts about me is remotely true. He knows my screen name "DONAL"--and that I live in the Seattle area--and that is all. He frequently steals my screen name and posts all kinds of filth or nonsense in my name; I urge anyone reading his posts to carefully consider the source.

Muster Quark said...

"Muster Quark" is a screen name I chose based on a story written by Socrates. I chose it as a form of protest for labeling all dissenting posters "Socrates". And please Donal, back in the summer of 2003, you, Jonesy, and Socrates where all drooling over one another posting all sorts of embarassing crap to one another. Please don't make me dig up the posts, because you know they are there!

Secondly, everything I've said about you is 100% true! You can't pick apart a single thing that I've said that is false. How do I know this? And why can I say this with the utmost confidence? Because everything I've said is verified by your own posts. Please name a single point that you dispute, and I'd be happy to dig up the post proving that once again, you are lying for the benefit of a naive audience who is unaware of the BS you and Beaker try to pull on the FPM forum.

Sorry lady, but I got ya dead to rights on all points!

Muster Quark said...

Proving you morons to be liars is getting easier and easier. See donal's sanctimonious little claim that she doesn't play footsy on the internet with strangers? Well folks, 5 minutes of going through the summer archives has already produced a hit. If you are interested, you can find plenty of others. But take a look at this just for starters: - Scroll down toward the bottom.

Here are just a few snippets:

8/9/2003 11:58:31 PM




I'm just a hard-core baby made of spit and nails.  Ready to defend again death at a glance.  The darkness of soul is not easily forgotten and never erased in this business.

But when I get to our party, oh, well.

There's that song again, DONAL.  It's the Crystal Ship by the doors.  Let's dance again, baby. 

Nevermind those pool players.  They'll get out of the way when they see how beautiful you are.

Date: 8/10/2003 12:02:28 AM


Comment: Ooooohhhh Soc, I swear, you're my Poet-With-a-Gun--let's dance...!

8/10/2003 12:21:43 AM



Now let's get fucked up and talk about each other uglies.

Now you're talking about Part TEN of One Man's Family...! LOL! This gal's got to go soon though--I have my rep to vouchsafe... (Actually, it's humid as hell here and I'm tired with all the work I did today... ) One last dance, though???

So there you have it .. Donal asking Socrates to "Dance" with him of sorts. They pretty much went back and forth like this all summer, and I can provide plenty of other examples. So, when she accuses me of lying, she should try and remember that I can actually prove everything I say. She can't offer up a single shred of proof for her allegations.

Exposing these idiots is too easy. I wonder how long this will stay up before pathetic old Beaker decides to delete it. Tee hee.

TheDONAL said...

As I said, the above-mentioned posts that "MusterQuark/Socrates has posted were things written by him under my name. They were said LONG before any type of registration procedure was necessary at FPM and, even when one was, he has the computer experience with which to overcome it and is still stealing names and posting drivel, to this day, as many of us posters.

Just consider the source--and check out the styles. Socrates sounds like he always does--a rabid asshole in heat.

Muster Quark said...

Oh my God! What an incredible LIAR you are! LOL! Are you honestly going to sit here and tell me that those posts were faked?! You posted that drivel ALL SUMMER of 2003....and nary a word was mentioned about those being fake posts back then in all of those months! Un-friggin-believable. If they are supposedly fake, then a "fake" donal must have been posting that entire summer. Why didn't you identify them as fakes then?

Whenever any fake posts have been written in your name, you are always the first to jump up and declare them fake. Why is it then, during that entire summer, you never denounced ANY of the posts as being fake? The reason: Because you posted them, and you know it....and now, you are lying to the people who read this blog because you are hoping to benefit from their lack of knowledge regarding FPM history.

What a liar and hypocrite you are! I guess that is what self-avowed liars do. You admitted lying about Jonesy, so it isn't the least bit surprising that you are lying here. I suppose all of the idiots who read Beaker's blog will probably accept your BS as gospel simply out of ideological sympathy, but you and I BOTH know that you are full of crap - And are fomenting a series of lies here to try and fool everyone about who you really are.

Pathetic, lying old spinster you are.

Muster Quark said...

Please Donal, do tell. Read over that ENTIRE thread, and inform us why you didn't identify a single one of those posts as being fake. Also, tell us why you continued with those sorts of interactions ALL SUMMER and didn't identify a single post in your name as being a fake? Could it be because that is before you and Socrates were feuding? And you were exchanging that idiocy back and forth the entire summer?

Well, now you don't like Socrates anymore and you feel ashamed that you ever engaged him like that. Well, tough shit. You wrote that crap, now face up and deal with it. Nobody forced you to write it, and nobody put a gun to your head. You did it willingly and voluntarily, and whether you like it or not, you were once quite affectionate with Socrates...and that knowledge is what makes you so angry inside. You HATE it that I exposed the truth, and so you try to lie your way out of it. Pathetic.

But again, I'll wait patiently to hear why you didn't identify a single post that summer as being a fake.

By the way donal......


Warren said...

Donal, I urge you to go ahead and press criminal charges.

Well "Quark", how much do you weigh?

Talk about pathetic!

beakerkin said...

This is Muster Quark the man in the Iron mask. His some mission in life is to promote the virtues of Socrates and pursue his detractors.
He post on no other topic non stop
and provides zero clues to his identity. He has an identical style
to Socrates but we are to believe
he is not Socrates himself.

Soc is a predator who preys on women and seeks attention. He is a
failed writer rejected by DH and is
pursuing two goals . Harass several
female FPM posters and hurt DH financially. My response is that DH should use his statements and press criminal charges. A man may
not use cyberspace to damage another person's business.

Soc is an English teacher who fails
to notice that spelling has zero
correlation to content. Horowitz,Yeagley & Poe have stopped here. This is a fresh format and it can be interesting at times.

TheDONAL said...


As you can see, Muster Quark/Socrates posts are typical. At FPM, his silly and meaningless self-chatter was expanded to include every manner of sexual act, and sexual description, of his detractors.

He will do anything he can to put himself in the spotlight--even as he posts in 20 different names. What he has posted here is absolutely benign compared with his delusions and self-absorbtion at FPM.

Warren said...

I googled the screen names and read through a bunch of the posts.

This guy, or whatever, is a troll in the purest, hacker dictionary, sense of the word.

I have read FPM, every day since its inception. I never post or read the comments because the troll density makes it too time consuming for someone with my time limitations. It is just too hard to glean meaningful content from the BS.

He is a delusional, stupid and mean spirited, (essentially soulless), POS, just asking for someone to clean his clock!

I have seen this kind of thing in the past and on occasion took the necessary steps to stop it, but it is extremely hard to do if you don't have administrative powers.

What in hell is wrong with the administrator of the comments section at FPM?

TheDONAL said...


I don't know why FPMnever instituted a permanent name-lock which would, at least, cut down on some of the filthier posts... Every other site seems to use them with no trouble at all....

You can go to FPM and read all kinds of Socrates's garbage--under MANY different names. Please be aware that posts under 'DONAL', Beaker, Jonesy, etc. may well be him, too. He has the tech know-how with which to steal our names.

When I advise people to consider the source, they really must consider the source!

Warren said...

Don't worry, I saw what was going on and realized how easy it was to hack their joke of a "security system" in their comments section.

It was truly amazing! Imagine, sometimes you and Beakerkin used the exact same syntax as soc and company.

I will tell you this. If he did not know your signup email addy, I don't believe he would have been capable of hacking your account. I won't go into it further because it could cause more problems on an already troubled board.

Keep a secret email addy for signups and don't use it for anything else.

ps Sometimes working in a prison means making license plates.

Anonymous said...

You are right on all counts regarding Socrates, he is the biggest Internet FAKE of all who he claims are fakes, alas, he has become nothing more than very small fly buzzing about annoyingly.

His blatant ego driven self-grandiosity is laughable.

beakerkin said...

I have read that he has spread his poison elsewhere. Around six years or so I tangled with him. He likes boards where there are a lot of people and he can play one against another.

He quickly learned I do not attack, but if he provokes me I expose his aliases by pushing his buttons. All of us have but one writing style and a trained person can spot these poorly written aliases in seconds.

He has moved on to other sites. As my site is to small he has left it alone. In general I did not allow him to post at all.

He got bored and that was about it.

Anonymous said...

Where does Socrates post misogyny?

Anonymous said...

Socrates was finally sued by someone he stalked to the ends of the earth. That suit, in combination with corporations Socrates did business with, finally identified him as one Seth L. Allen of South Easton MA. He has been served with notice, knows that he has been served, and is so far refusing to go to court. He has wound up on (an infamous right wing blog/outlet) looking for the right wingers to pay for his legal defense fund against the person he stalked for years who finally had enough of him and sued him.

No longer is Socrates anonymous, and no longer can he hide behind an anonymous connection and stalk people far and wide.

Socrates aka SETH L. ALLEN of South Easton MA has finally been located and identified.

beakerkin said...

This is good news as he was a royal jerk. Invasion of privacy criminal threats of a rude and vulgar nature.

Above all he was a hack writer and a bore. For someone who swore he was a great writer his creations were boring and fooled nobody.

It is too bad he did not do this in Nevada where being annoying is against the law. I could not believe that one until I saw the charge.

Anonymous said...

(Disclaimer: Had to use "Anonymous" as I have no account with which to sign in with.)

Ah yes, Socrates, AK= Seth Allen, we know you all to well by the trail of slime left behind so like that of a slug.

My personal experience with this MEGA TROLL of the internet ended sometime ago when I exposed his real identity, his personal attacks and creepy criminal stalking of me and others close to me abruptly stopped as he was very close to being hauled into court, an option that is still very much available to those he has attacked on a constant basis.

Yes, I'm Lou Aubuchont from Parsonsfield Maine and I am the person responsible for first outing Socrates / Seth Allen,...Oh my, maybe he will sue me for that, dear oh dear, how afraid I must be,.... NOT !

I predicted long ago that "Socrates" would be his own undoing and true to those words he has come full circle by actually threatening a well known Blogger via email, his (Seth Allen) own email, this guy is an IDIOT and I have the proof to back it up but then one hardly needs proof when it is broadcast all over the internet via his many, many FAKE IDENTITIES that always lead straight back to "Socrates" AKA = Seth Allen.

It's my understanding that Seth Allen is currently being sued by at least one party for his stalking and harassment of them and it's very probable that he is going to be sued by other parties in the near future if my sources are correct.

It seems that little "Socrates" / Seth Allen has managed through his not so genius writings to make a name for himself, one that I'm sure will be reflected in countless court records and proceedings for a long time to come, I hope that he is enjoying all of the success that he has brought upon himself through his idiotic actions against others.

Unlike "Socrates" / Seth Allen, I am not ASHAMED to sign my real name to what I write, nor do I feel it necessary to hide my identity behind countless FAKE user ID's as he is known for doing.

I am Lou Aubuchont of Parsonsfield, Maine and proud of it.

beakerkin said...

Some of us work for others and do not have the legal ability to do this even with disclaimers.

That being said threatening and stalking people is sick. One can argue a point or even have a cyber war without his antics

Just Call Me Lefty said...

Anonymous said...

I wrote a little bit about Seth Allen, too.