Sunday, March 27, 2005

The Electronic Bar Part 2

The policy of this blog remains its dedication to the First Amendment. Yet there are
those I respect who at times dissent from this ideal. Dr David Yeagley removed a group of white supremacists from his site. Yet this is an aberation as his site is dedicated to Indian Patriotism. The White Hate element did not fit in with his overall goals for his forum. He wrestled with the choice and made the correct choice
for his forum. Yeagley has invited me to post there and I do in the Jewish section . I seldom post beyond those sections as it is a forum dedicated to Native Americans. I read those sections but rarely post in respect for the goal of the forum. Native Americans should decide their own affairs.

Richard Poe is also a writer who I also respect. Yet he is dealing with the same problem on Moonbat Central. There is a disruptive element on that forum . He is deciding how to deal with it . His choice was to ban the disruptive posters. I strongly dissent from that choice but it is his forum. However Raimondo and Lerner do not provide any forum at all. My dissent is a respectful disagreement with a writer I admire.

The policy of this blog remains unchganged. If you are a fan or agree than lets hear from you. If you disagree that is fine as well and speak up. We serve all customers
at The Beak Speaks Bar but lean to the right. We allow entirely personal attacks but wish they were more creative. Warren and myself are not allowed on the Recidivists site but he is welcomed here. He is an example that Horowitz is right about intollerance and mindless bigotry. His supporters have been on this site for three weeks calling me a liar and bigot. They have yet not found a single quote or fact out of order.

I salute all who are dedicated to open forum even those who disagree with me like the Chemist & Kafka who run excellent blogs.


Anonymous said...

From Beaker's Nephew

Hey Socko I know you read this blog you tub of lard. You are a disgrace to humanity
and what I leave behind is smarter
than you. You are such a great writer a HS Junior figured out your aliases.

Get help fast you Moron.

Beaker's Nephew in Jersey

Big Bubba Rules

Warren said...

I would point out, that the white supremacists in question, at Dr Yeagley's forum, were only banned after they had started to systematically delete their posts and comments. Some of those posts were so badly mangled by the deletions that they made no sense what-so-ever, and had to be removed from the forum. Others remain in the archives.

Dr Yeagley's opinion was that they should be heard and addressed. The people in question seemed to lose their collective minds, when their "facts" or logic were called into question.

beakerkin said...

To Viper 85

Do you want to claim Richard Poe
did not read this blog. He linked it in the comment section in Moonbat Central.

beakerkin said...

Warren I agree with Yeagley and he is my favorite writer. He wrestled with a difficult choice as a writer
whose trade is open expression.

Bad Eagle is a forum dedicated to
Indian Patriotism. I fit in there
as a patriot and Yeagley fan. White
Nationalism based upon degradation
of a range of people does not fit in with that mission. Yeagley does
not degrade anyone and loves his
country and community. The preponerance of those types on his forum ran the risk of him being misconstued and adversely affecting his trade.

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