Monday, March 28, 2005

My take on the Left and culture of insanity

I am one of those rare birds a proabortion Republican. I do not like the procedure and wished we lived in a world witout it. Yet I am a realist and know that mistakes do happen. I would like to keep the law as is. My view is that partial birth abortion
is infanticide and should stop. There should also be parental notification. One needs
permission slips for every other procedure an it is hypocritical to place it in a special category.

I also favor the death penalty and wish it were used more frequently. Society has predators who need to be removed. It should also be used to eliminate criminals who misbehave in jail. Terrorists should get it automaticaly and in an ideal world swiftly.

That being established there is insanity on the left with the Schiavo case. If she had a murder spree they would be up in arms protesting. I do not like men in black robes deciding whose life is valuable. The arbitrary whims of her husband should carry no greater weight than that of her Kin. This choice should be arived at in family consensus.Any Yahoo that would try to pull the plug on my gradmother who had Alzhiemers would have body parts broken. She lived and we loved every last moment of time with her.The fact that she couldn't recognize me didn't chang my love one iota.
This was grandma for better or worse and that is what families are about. Maybe you
want to live in a society that puts seniors out in the cold to die but leave me out of that vision.

That being said if it were me I would want the plug pulled. However it is not me and her family thinks otherwise. I respect the wishes of her sibling and parents. A spouse should not have sole power . Spouses come and they go but families remain .
What about their rights ? I would feel the same way if the sides were reversed. Kin should have a say in this matter.

You can rail about theocracy and the party of God. I ask you what exactly do you fear about the religious right ? Given the choice between Falwell and Robertson vs Michael Moore and Chomsky I choose Falwell. I know that Falwell is a loyal patriot
whom I disagree with quite often. Those terms do not describe Moore or Chomsky in any definition.


TheDONAL said...

I, too, am a pro-abortion Republican. I feel women should always retain the right to have control over her own body for, if she does not have it, some man WOULD. I feel, however, that women also bear the responsibility of making sure--through judicious use of birth control, abstinence, and in choice of sexual partner--they never have to use abortion as a way out of an unwanted pregnancy. For every right we are given there is also tremendous responsibility--women must step up to the plate and acknowledge this and act on it.

beakerkin said...

Thanks for reminding people that I am not alone on this.People assume
I am right to life as a Republican.
I am not and have never been. That
being said I do not and never will
like this procedure.

Icarus said...

Beaker, I have to admit at first I was skeptical, but you have gained my respect.

(for what it's worth)

TheDONAL said...

Beak, the email addy you gave me says it's 'undeliverable'. I have something to tell you offline, please write me and give me another email addy for you.

beakerkin said...

Welcome Icarus all view points are
welcome here and we get hostile post from the left. They do not know what a Rudy Republican is.
I have always been a cold warrior
despite some social liberal positions. This often puts me in the middle. To far right for the left and not right enough for the Conservatives.

Adam Gurri said...

My two cents:
Falwell was not so loyal a patriot after 9/11--as he and Robertson both basically said outright that the US had brought the attacks on themselves. No amount of apologizing afterwards changes the fact that that was their initial reaction.

On abortion, I have much of the same thoughts--though I don't think that it should have been decided by a court mandate, but rather, at the state level.

lastly, I think that everyone has been insane when it comes to Schiavo, and I wish that the government would get its nose out of a family's affair, and the media would stop obsessing about it and start talking about things in the world of actual consequence.

beakerkin said...

Adam as a direct eye witness to
9-11 and WTC 93 I do remember the stupid comments you refer to. I was quite offended at the time. They were stupid and he appologized
for them .

Falwell like any other public figure do say dumb things. They admit their mistake and we move ahead.

Those statements are not seditious
nor intended to make our country look bad overseas. This is the job of Chomshky, Moore and the tinsel town noobs.

Adam Gurri said...

They're still indicative of a malice towards American freedom. Just because they don't manufacture Moore's brand of propaganda doesn't mean they have a greater love for our country.

I don't care if they apologized. I wouldn't care if Moore felt like he had to apologize for Fahrenheit 9/11. As far as I'm concerned, the lot of them have been pegged for a while now as similar forces on the right and the left.

beakerkin said...

The right has some issues but is an entirely different animal. What would Falwell do if he got power ?
My guess is that they would chane a few priorities in education , focus on family and domestic law.
He would never betray this country
and try to aid overseas critics.

The left has a tradition of this kind of behavior. The sides are not equal in any description.

I say this as a Rudy Republican who is at odds with the Religious right. We agree to dissagree on this one.

Warren said...

Hello Adam,
I don't know if you personally know any fundies but quite frankly, they usually don't vote. In many ways they are like the Libertarians that refuse to vote for either a Democrat or Republican.

Falwell and Robertson are public figures in as much as the MSM likes to use them in a manner that suggests that they have far more political power than they actually have.

Neither one will ever be voted to any national political office, or likely, any local office higher than dog catcher.

We learn from the MSM that Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton, speak for all Blacks, Ted Kennedy and Robert Byrd, speak from moral authority, and Falwell and Robertson speak for Christian Conservatives.

Why would the media pay any more attention to either one of them than they would, sat to, a far less flamboyant and poorer Ted Turner?