Saturday, March 26, 2005

Take your best shot at David Horowitz

This is a sad but true fact that there are some cowardly leftist. This does not include the Chemist of Kafka. Yet I notice there are some bogs that do not allow Email . Conveniently these are the blogs with the most strident attacks on David Horowitz. I implore all you brave critics sent your comments directly to him. If you are not brave enough put them here and I will forward this post.

Do you think I would miss an opportunity to tell Rabbi Michael Lerner , Noam Chomsky or Dennis Raimondo off ? No I would step to the plate and send my thoughts. The problem is they do not post their adress. Horowitz is a giant and you can post directly to him. He isn't hiding so step up and give it your best effort. Do not be shy and let go of your anger.

Let us talk about some of the claims about David Horowitz. He was a former Communist and wised up. This is better than the Gnome of MIT who is still calling himself an anarchist. The fact that he has wised up and departed from the totalitarian left is to his credit.How many of you level similar charges against David Brock. I live in NYC have met this mindless cult of doctrinaire insanity. Do you think Lynne Stewart exsists in a vacum ? There is no excuse for anticapitalism, anarchism , communism or any form of totalitarianism. These extreemists have no place in the debate and deserve scrutiny. Freedom of speech does not preclude my reaction and notation of those comments.This does not preclude their right to be heard. It is ironic that they are protected by rights they readily deny others. DTN is protected under the same First amendment right you enjoy. Raise your hand if you complained over Hillary's "vast right wing conpiracy ". If you did not complain about that then you are a hypocrite.

Horowitz has every right to excersize free speech . The left uses the same tactics with less validity . How manny posters came to this site and called me a zionist, liar and a bigot. They produced zero quotes or incorrect facts. They also presume that because Horowitz,Farah, Trifkovik ,Alvin Schmidtt and Stephen Scwartz produce facts they do no like they are Zionist. Are they practicing hypocrisy by presuming all dissent is tainted ?

The religious right is not seditious . Jerry Falwell nor Pat Robertson have urged the violent overthrow of the government. What changes do they want that the left is hyperventilating over. Roe vs Wade would merely turn the matter to the states. For the record I am in favor of the existing law . The other demands school prayer and no gay marriage. Gays made a mistake in not accepting civil unions. The majority of America prefers that option.

The left has a history of sedition and should be watched. The Venona cables proved conclusively the left betrayed America. Does this mean all dissent against the war is sedition. Horowitz nor I make this claim but there are some important distinctions.

1 The dissent should be based on the policy.If you think that this is not in America's best intrest this is okay.

2 You should not attack Capitalism , America's History or add conpiracy theories.

3 No signs that advocate violence against officers or defeaism.

4 Distance yourself from Totalitarian Extreemists like Answer or Code Pink

5 Stay on message protest the war and stay on message. Palestine , Animal Rights and housing belong in seperate forums.

In the internet era everyone comes under scrutiny including Horowitz. If you are not up to the challenge do not publish . Horowitz has a right to interpret what you say and to add his two cents. Have any of you protested the Neocon Cabal routine ? Raimondo and others have been pushing variations on that theme. If you failed to say yes and are complaining you are a hypocrite.

Another familiar theme is the cheap shot over the death of Betty Van Patter. If one spends the time and reads his account the point is clear. Horowitz was a true believer in the cult of the left . The Pathers were the revolutionary vangard of the left. Like most followers of cults he did not believe the press acounts. Anyone who has contact with the far left knows they live in a seperate reality. Horowitz detractors conceed that his friend was killed by the Black Panthers. If one reads Pearsons Shadow of the Panhther on realizes that they were a streetgang with good PR.They told the brain impaired White leftist what they wanted to here. Horowitz and the true believers did the rest of the heavy lifting. The death of Van Patter started his move away from the left. He began an objective look at the lies of the left. One can read them in his excellent Second Thoughts Book.

There are a whole range of Authors who made the same journey. One can read Julius Lesters Journey in Lovesong. Ronald Radosh doccuments his journey in Commies. Peter Collier and Stephen Schwartz made this same trip. Christopher Hitchens is making the
break currenty.The extreeme left is a dead end commited to nothing other than obstructionism. I love my country and most liberals do as well. The time has come for
the blame America first crowd to go. Chomsky, Moore,Lerner, and Benjamin should be pushed out the door.

Do not blame Horowitz for pointing out the disease. Purge the extreemists and move forward with the rest of us. America does not benefit from one party rule. Conservatives become Lazy without competition. We are in danger of becoming a one party Country. That is a recipie for corruption and stagnation for our country.


viper85 said...

Some blogs that don't allow e-mail?

I take it that you are including your own cowardly blog in those numbers then :)

beakerkin said...

No an Email from my blog is easy
just use the icon ot the right of the comments. Click the symbol and
try and you can send my post any where.

If you mean that I choose not to publish my email adress this is my choice. You and all the critics will have to adress me in open forum that is uncensored. This is
brave considering we allow and encourage personal attacks.

You have called me a liar . What did I lie about ? I am waiting three weeks for a fact that is incorrect.

You have called me a bigot. Let us see the quotes. I have stated Islamic history and Sociology.

A coward does not run an open forum. Does the Recidivist if my statements were bigoted he should of exposed me. Other posters said this as well. Warren was also prevented from posting.

Bring help you can do better .


viper85 said...

So, your blog doesn’t allow e-mail. So glad you don’t dispute that then, Mr COWARD.

I did call you a liar, and I am calling you it again. Two weeks ago we had never even communicated, so it would be a lie if you now claim that you have been waiting for three weeks for a reason why I called you a liar.

I also called you a hypocrite. Do you want to know why I call you that? Because anything you do, which someone else doesn't, makes them a coward. Anything you chose not to do, you do because it is your free choice, not because you are a coward. Maybe I should have said that you are a cowardly hypocrite :)

beakerkin said...

Unlike some when I make an error I will conceede a point. No you and I
have been talking for about four days. You can check the archives I
have about two weeks of similar allegations from people you are familiar with Craig F, Mark Jordan
and the Recidivist. This is an honest mistake and noted. None of the material has been refuted.

I deliberately do not post my email. I talk with Donal & Warren off line and they know my name. They are friends a status you have yet to earn.

This forces the left to make its point in the forum. No convenient
denial any everything above board. Mark Jordan made the same request and the response is the same. I am not running and I maintain an uncensored forum. Can Warren or I post our opinions on the Recidivist journal no ?

However if you wish to tell me why that feature is paramount I will reconsider. Unlike other blogs we listen and consider requests.

You have also not adressed the post at all. I guess there wasn't enough there to attack .

Try again and have a nice day