Monday, March 14, 2005

The Policy of This Blog

This blog is open to all agree or disagree. We have the comments section set at the most open available at all times. If there is something one doesn't like we encorage dissent . I even tolerate an enjoy a good jokes at my expense.I do not wish to live in a world of bobble head dolls. I am an American and I believe strongly in the First Amendment.In fact it is practiced here where all are invited.
Traditional Liberals are my friends and family and I cherish them. The also recognize that this freedom extends to Conservatives. This is a far cry from the radicals who push speech codes and throw objects at Conservatives . In crying right wing Fascist they are the ones using Fascistic tacticts by preventing ideas and opinions. The test is if one is a liberal I challenge you to have the same policy we have here. Open your doors to those who disagree exchange a post or two.
Anything less than the model I use here is a waste of space. If you restrict your space to those who agree with you one becomes lazy. We open our forum with a hello and bring a friend to those who dissent.
The two works that are below this are works in progress. I halted a human interest post to respond to the cowardice of the poster known as the Recidivist. His behavior and anti Jewish and Israel mania promted the posts on Israel. I like to do comedy and local issues as well.
Best Wishes
The Beak


Mark Jordan said...

If this blog is open, then why have you deleted two of my comments to the 'The Cowardly Recidivist and Intolerant Radicals' post?

The answer is that you are a sniveling hypocritical fascist troll, that is why.

It is you who is intolerant. You accuse people, yet fail to present evidence. You make points which are irrelevant, and you put the points in such a way as to suggest that you are defending points put by others. You refuse to answer points put to you. You refuse to provide sources where challenged.

The only thing open about you is your perceived right to say what the hell you like wherever you like.

Redbeard said...

Beak, the current incivility we're seeing from the left is troubling. It used to be that people with differing opinions could have a discussion without resorting to personal insult. But lately, I can't even count the number of times our President has been likened to Hitler, or worse.

Some of this nastiness must come from desperation, since the left is steadily losing its grasp on power. But there's more to it, I'm sure. The screamers have moved in from the extreme left and have co-opted the liberal agenda. Michael Moore and George Soros are poster children for all that has gone sideways lately.

My family is full of people who voted for Roosevelt, Truman and JFK. These folks haven't a mean bone in their bodies, and have expressed concern to me over the current nasty state of the Dem party and liberalism in general. I guess the upside is that I might get a couple of them to defect to our side now. Even a cousin who has been a lifelong supporter of the NEA is getting fed up, and is about to revolt.

So to any and all libs who have had their eyes opened, much like mine were in the late '60s when I jumped off the liberal ship, come on over. The beer is on me.

beakerkin said...

One post was deleleted and it said Hi from Donal. The fact is if I were so intollerant why don't I take your posts down. Read the comment below the deletion. I am going out. Does this sound like a response to you ?
Red Beard speaks the truth that your level of hostility is desperation. The American people spoke in November and they do not agree with you.
You have still failed to point out what is the basis of Palestinian Ethnicity. I posted links where you can go. You have not adressed the heart of this issue.
Muslim agression and Colonialism placed people on others real estate.Palestinians are not Jews they are Sunni Arabs. Zionism as Racism is stupid even by your low standards. Are the Falshas Martians
and North African Jews are they from Krypton ?
Why don't you bring your pals from Jews Sans Frontiers here. If you are so right present your points
my forum is open is yours.
Do come back again and bring help .

kafkaesq said...

"The American people spoke in Nov..."

Ever heard of overstating your case? You guys are really rediculous, all this talk about the left losing all touch with reality, slowly losing power, blah, blah, blah...

Bush did not even recieve a plurality of the popular vote in 2000. He recieved 4% more voters than Kerry in 2004. Where is the huge disparity? Almost half the American people agree with the Democratic Party. No, this country is sharply divided.

And the "current incivility" of the left Redbeard is refering to is based on two commenters on this blog. Then suddenly Moore and Soros are brought in. Other than being critical of Bush and his war in Iraq, what is so liberal about either of these fellows? And do they represent "the left"?

All I see here so far is a bunch of generalizations being thrown around about the left, without any factual support. Strawmen erected and dismissed.

And Redbeard, I have some anectdotal evidence to throw right back at ya. My father and brother have moved left because of the radical right-wing agenda of Bush and Delay, and the coopting of the GOP by religious fundamentalists. I have many Republican friends on the cusp, who don't like the Dems (taxes) but are increasinly uncomfortable with Bush and his policies.

Anyway, we can disagree with what our political opposites really look like, and I appreciate your openness to comments (even ones that disparage you).

P.S.- I think you've obsessed about whether or not Recidivist allows comments on his blog. Time to move on...

beakerkin said...


Unlike most blogs I will readily conceede points. The point about open comments has been beaten to death. My policy has been clear and all of us with one exception have the same policy.

I did change the title of the blog with your correction in mind but lets move past that for a moment.

It is okay to disagree with the policies but kindly be articulate.
A typical post was the one I responded to on the Chemist "The President is a Pussy ". Does this qualify as rational discourse.

You and I and others can talk about how we live in a soundbite photo op age . All Presidents do this to a certain degree.

The question is are we the public served by this new standard. In my opinion no but people do not sit and have the attention span .

There is certainly some anger on the other side that is over the top. If you do not like the policy the post why. Have you run into a 9-11 tinfoil hat conspiricacy clown type. I have seen the term wingnut in more blogs than when I was a purchasing manager.

The level of hostility has to decrease before Americans will listen. People do not get persuaded by shrill voices and run from the conspiracy geeks.

I found there was no place for my kind on the left. Cold Warriors were dinosaurs in the Eighties. Appeasing the extreeme left is a RX for a train wreck.

In NYC my girlfriend who is apolitical voted Republican for the first time. She was pushed by the temper tantrum at the RNC. A lady down the hall who was a Holocaust Survivor said that she voted Republican because the protests reminded her of Kristal Nact. Do these people really think they are reaching people with the Nazi- Bush bit.

I went to the protesters after the election and asked the number of bush voters they knew.Few said more than two and NY State voted 40%. Surely, they knew more but Conservatives want peace and sanity.

However I tank you for your points.You have excellent taste in layout.

The Beak

Redbeard said...

Kafkaesq (I like that name, btw), in answer to your questions, yes, I do consider Moore and Soros to be arch-leftists in the most extreme and unpleasant sense. A quick look at their track records will underscore that assessment.

Soros funds multiple groups with the goal in mind of basically a left-wing takeover of the Dem party. His tactics are underhanded, and his goal is subversive. Thankfully he has largely just been wasting his money, though. He spent millions of dollars of his own dough to try to ruin George Bush and failed, much to my delight.

Moore is beneath contempt with his flat-out lies and offensive manner. Abundant documentation exists to prove that he plays fast and loose with the truth and that his movies are fictional frauds, not documentaries.

His personal philosophy is so far to the left that he makes normal leftists nervous. Take these quotes for example:

In criticizing the Republican leanings of his town's small business people, he said, "F**k all these small businesses. F**k 'em all." Nice guy.

His take on economic freedom is scary, as he stated on CNN a few years ago: "Capitalism is a sin. This is an evil system."

Another interesting tidbit is that the thug who carried out the Bali mass murders used excerpts from one of Moore's books to justify his anti-western hate. Great company to be in, isn't it?

I guess you can tell that I have no love for Moore or Soros. I'll happily debate with a sincere liberal at any time, and then go have a beer with him. But the "sincere" part of that leaves those two duplicitous individuals out.

I think I'll change my name to Grouchyesq.

Mark Jordan said...

One post deleted?

LIAR, but I suppose that you feel that you have a right to do that because you are a 2WTC93 survivor", had a "front row seat for 9/11" and a personal chum of David 'I mostly lie for a living' Horowitz :)

Such hilarity.

TheDONAL said...

Uh,Mark, Beak deleted my first post here because it was a test post wherein I just said 'hi'. I sure don't know where all the hollering here is coming from--and I see very little rational argument. What are you so upset about? If you have a question or disagree, just say so by making a clear point. What's the big deal?

TheDONAL said...

P.S. Mark, what's David Horowitz got to do with your rant? Yeah, he sent Beak an email asking for one of his posts? David often comments on something we've posted, or a letter-to-the-editor. Do you really have scream 'LIARS' all over? If you think something is untrue,put the bag of rocks down and please state your evidence and ask for discussion. 'Kay?

beakerkin said...

You can Email Horowitz and ask him yourself . He answers short questions and requested a post.

Your attacks bring nothing to the table . However, I am a WTC 93 Survivor and no I did not get hurt.My coworkers had to tell me because it was thought to be related to an accident at the Path Train.

Yes I saw 9-11 up close and what you saw on TV was a fraction. I do not need you or anyone else to tell me the threat isn't real . Unlike you I was there just one of thousands of rather ordinary people.

If you know a NYC resident ask him what your kind was doing on the Satuday after 9-11 in Union Square Park. I want one of your leftwing radical comrades to tell you.

I hope this is a personal attack .
Only a buffoon would try to slander the rest of the people who fit those descriptions. Well your behavior is consistent .....

Do come back again for a visit. Why don't you advertise this site on that font of (gufaw) wisdom website Jews Sans Frontiers. Bring them in we love to bother them with minor details we call facts.

Best Wishes
The Beak

Redbeard said...


Call me crazy, but it just seems that calling someone a "sniveling hypocritical fascist troll" and a "LIAR" isn't the very best way to win a debating point.

A leftist on another board once called me a "strutting jackbooted Hitler wannabe" because I took a position supporting the 10th Amendment in regard to welfare transfer payments. This guy wasn't exactly civil when he added that I should be killed so that I couldn't father any more conservatives. Wow. The Compassionate Left at its finest.

Ah, well. Life goes on, and it's almost time for dinner.

kafkaesq said...

Beak & Redbeard-

I agree that there are hacks on the left as well as the right. Both use the same crummy tactics, but for different ends.

I think we can get along then if you agree not to cite Rush, Coulter or Hannity and I'll leave out Moore and Soros.

As far as cold warriors go, you can be a cold war hawk and against the way Bush is administering the war vs. terrorism. I know a few of these types. I agree however that the current climate left of center is increasingly anti-war, but that's a combination of aging 60s Viet War protesters and people being distrustful of any Bush foreign policy in general.

You have to admit, Vietnam was a debacle worthy of protest, and Bush hasn't been completely honest in his Iraq War.

Personally, I distrust the movers and shakers orchestrating Bush's foreign policy. I don't believe for a second that they're sincere about "bringing freedom" to the Mid-East. That's just a sound-bite to distract us from the usual power plays these things called wars have always been about. Whether Bush himself is sincere is another story, and irrelevant as he clearly didn't conceive of these plans himself. But that's tangential, and I need to get to class.