Tuesday, March 29, 2005

The Electronic Bar Part 3

There is something about a small enterprise that is intimate. Larger concerns loose the personal touch due to size. This blog which was originally was devoted to comedy has strayed from its mission. Some critics would argue my posts are still comedy.

Unexpected the previous instalment of this blog was picked up by Moonbat Central's
Richard Poe. His points are well stated and valid in his case. Moonbat Central is a professional site with a comunity oriented approach and standards. As a smaller blog I aspire to something entirely unique. I celebrate the first amendement here every day. I welcome all points of view but we tend to lean to the right. Civil dissent is respected. I even permit personal attacks but I wish they would be creative. Mr Poe
pointed out that if this blog were larger I would face tough choices and he may be correct. My first allegiance is to the first amendment that is the policy of this blog.

Mr Poe asked what would I do if neo nazis targeted this site. Mr Poe is an excellent
writer and brilliant man. He has limitations that I do not have here. As a serious
intellectual he may not be inclined to use such comments as comedic foils. This blog was intended as an outlet for my comedic aspirations. I demonstrated that approach in another forum. The white nationalist did not enjoy being lampooned. The worst thing one can do to a crank is be honest and candid. Therefore the first poster who posts crank classics like Larry Silverstein blew up the Twin towers will be labeled a crank.

Another crtiticism is I do not provide an email link. This was a choice I made early
in the set up of this blog. This forces my critics to post their complaints in public. You want to take a shot at me fine do it in the comment section for all to see. I live in NYC and have been threatened by leftists and Islamic Nationalists . I do not fear these types in person but the safety is a reasonable precaution. One crazed lunatic was enraged to near violence because I called my self a nationalist.
Yes I love my country and I am not ashamed to admit it. If you have a problem with that god bless you. I do not care what they think in some Salon in Paris. I do care what people think in Indiana,Newark etc.

Our commitment to the first amendment has never changed. Forums like Moonbat Central,
Bad Eagle and Free Republic have missions . They cater to a large but select audience
and wish to keep their message . As a large enterprise they run the risk of being swarmed with unrully types. My motto here is bring it on ,being small allows me to dedicate individual attention.Sometimess less is more and I count my blessings.

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