Thursday, March 24, 2005

Birth of a Neocon and defending Horowitz

People who pass this blog assume I am a far right idealouge. The truth is I am a Rudy/Arnold Republican and a moderate. I do enjoy civil debate and I wish we had more of it here. A true Conservative is dedicated to free speech that we endorse here each and every day. I have allowed attacks on myself that were entirely personal. This is part of the burden we must share for the privilege of being an American. Someday there will be white power nuts and their posts will be dealt with as comedic relief. Traditional liberals shared this view and understood this reality.
This is why I am glad when liberals like the Chemist or Kafka come here and share their opinions. We are celebrating the tradition of our American heritage by having open forums.
Kafka makes valid points that I often agree with. The truth is that if we took Israel
and the current war off the table my views are closer to his than the average reader assumes. The question is how do people who agree on so much end up on opposite sides ? I have described how I ended up as a Republican in previous posts. Now I will
detail my dissent from my logical home.
The issue as adressed by Kafka is that I am obsessed with Israel. The truth is I do not like talking on the subject. The reason that we spend so much time is that the left devotes itself to absurd anti Israel mania. There are entire blogs dedicated to nothing but Israel bashing and I am obsessed ? The claim was that the leftist critics
want balance. Have any of these blogs said a word about PA abuses such as harboring terrorists , lynching collaborators or rampant corruption ? The excuse given is well....... I never endorsed terrorism. Another critic expected the David project to be critical of Israel. Do you extend this logic to ISN or the lefty blogs ?
This disproportionate and often bigoted approach has pushed myself and others away. The acceptance of the blame america first crowd hurts the party. Republicans use Rudy, Arnold and McCain as surrogates appealing to middle America. The Democrats had Bill Clinton who polarizes in several key states. Kerry was a poor choice who was he appealing to "big media staffers". His intellectual incohernce and inability relate to common people were a disaster.
What does America see when they see the opposition ? They see extreemists like Chomsky,Michael Moore, Code Pink , International Answer. They see tinfoil hat conpiracy clowns and a host of communists and anarchists. They see extreeme hatred and moronic signs Bush = Hitler, Brooklyn out of Palestine and no vision.If the Democrats are ever going to rehabilitate themselves there must be a purge. Communists , Anarchists and bigots have no place in a functional party. Let them have their own parties and be kept at arms length.

Where does a social liberal,anti communist & nationalist belong ?

Enter into the mix the Late Eric Briendel,David Horowitz, Stephen Schwartz ,David Yeagley, Ronald Radosh and Monica Crowley.

These are nationalistic view points clearly dedicated to the ideals of our country without Communist blame America first bagage. Horowitz has the same right to free speech that every other American has. Unlike Raimondo , Chomsky and Michael Lerner he provides an open forum. He hides from nobody and reads this blog occasionally. I have exchanged numerous emails the rule is keep it short. Interestingly most of the criticism of late comes over the accademic bill of rights. The issue is abuse of power and professionalism in academia. I have discussed this on other blogs and the critics see this as a zionistic attempt to silence the opponents of Israel. The issue
is largely about abuse of power. Professors do not have the right to indocrinate students. They should be held accountable to act professional in a classroom. His forum has docummented a pattern of unethical behavior of some educators. Even in a business college (Baruch )I had to grit my teeth at times. The most absurd moment came when a professor called Anatoly Scharansky a CIA agent . He was still in the gulag at the time. However the vast majority of the educators were dedicated to their craft. There was an English professor who had some minor issues with NY Post readers .

The other critique of Horowitz is that his work is considered apostasy by the left.
His books describe a disillusionment with a cult like left wing. His life is chronicled in Radical Son. However one can read a host of similar accounts in the Second Thoughts conference. Ronald Radosh also has a wonderful and often comedic book Commies on the same subject. As a NYC member of this same ethnic group I had my own experiences with the similar types.His cult like description described people that were familiar.Michael Savage does a lampoon calling this crowd "Red Diaper Doper Babies " . The truth is there is an even more insanely liberal school than NYU up the block The New School for Social Research. I know the cast of charachters
first hand.

Horowitz has dedicated the later part of his career to informing the public of the tactics and members of the left.The left has perpetrated a series of lies , treason and sedition. The greatest lie was the Rosenberg myth and that CPUSA was independent of Moscow. The Venona Cables destroyed this myth and should be required reading. The
problem is the Totalitarian left uses front organizations to influence policy. The National Lawyers guild , ISN and ANSWER are front groups used to advance the extreemist influence. The public has the right to know that the woman in charge of health care cites a radical nut Michael Lerner. These extreemist do not belong anywhere near mainstream political parties. Let them form their own party and restore liberalism as a patriotic movement.

Horowitz has documented the abuses and abnormal fixation on Jews, Israel and Neocons.
This pattern of intollerance exists in the blogospere as well. Pro Israel posters are not allowed to post their side. We had visitors to this blog call me every name
under the sun. They have not refuted one fact in a post that was merely 1/3 complette. Still they come here and call me a liar and a bigot and have no quotes
or faulty facts. "You cant trust Plaut , Horowitz ,Farah as they are Zionist stooges". Horowitz , Dershowitz and the David project have a right to voice their opinions and perceptions as the leftist radicals.

Raimondo and others put the same scruitiny on Horowitz that he places on others. Do these leftists complain about neocon fixations ? It is healthy for the process that everyone is held accountable including Horowitz.


kafkaesq said...

You speak of Chomsky and Moore...Do you know what I see when I look at the GOP?

Jerry Falwell type wacko religious nuts, aka the American Taliban. The far right religious freaks control your party today. A token Rudy here or an Arnold there doesn't disguise this fact.

Take the Terri Sciavo case. 81% of Americans were against Congression intervention, yet the 19% minority of Americans got their way- thats how EXTREME the GOP leadership is today. Bush wouldn't leave vacation when he recieved a memo titled "Bin Laden to Strike in US" but he leaves to sign the Terri's Law?!? Rediculous. I have no idea how so called moderates like yourself can tolerate these extremist "leaders" of yours.

kafkaesq said...

Your forgot to defend Horowitz.

I await the defense of the indefensible...

beakerkin said...

I post in sections. I leave the comments open at all times.The policy of this blog is open forum.

I do not share your concern about
Falwell. Falwell is not seditious
and he is entitled to express his
views like anyone else. In reality
what has the religious right accomplished. Abortion is not going to be overturned and would revert to state rights.

kafkaesq said...

No impact?!

The whole Schiavo controversy woudn't have made it onto the national stage if the religious far-right didn't have some sway in Congress and with the President.

I think we'd be reelecting Al Gore if it weren't for the wacko fundamentalists stirring up non-issues about people's personal sex lives. So the religious right has had a significant impact.

I never said anyone was seditious.

beakerkin said...

Falwell and Robertson have the same
first amendment rights that all Americans enjoy. The Schiavo case has touched alot of religious conservatives including Orthodox Jews.

I do not always agree with them but I have no fear of them. Other than some abortion clinic bombers they are largely harmless.

Most of the gay issues were presented in the wrong context.
Civil unions with the same benefits
were not offered as an alternative.
Polls have shown Americans favor this option. Activists never sought
this reasonable compromise.

The Clinton messes were largely a result of his bungling more than
anything else. Sexual Harassment investigations are messy. I have seen them in the private sector. Often a pattern of behavior needs to be established . This did not come from the religious right but started with the far right American Spectator.

beakerkin said...


What do think the religious right wants ? Are they any worse than any other special interest group ?

Sneering at religion pushes more people away. The extreem left is hurting the mainstream democrats in a range of places. At what point do the extreemists become a serious liability.

viper85 said...

IF those are really the methods of the liberals (which I strongly dispute) then show that to be true; don't fall back on inane and pointless rhetoric.

Your methods, and those of Horowitz et al, only serve to turn people off.

You say that you are only obsessed with Israel because others are; but have you considered that many others probably only are because they see you spreading vicious lies and bigotry?

It is insincere of you to claim to be using the methods employed by others, yet also claim that your motives are more noble.

If it is OK for Horowitz to use a method, then it is insincere and hypocritical to complain when others also employ his tactics.

Chicken and egg. You can’t prove who did it first; now they are all doing it in reaction to one another; yet you say one is good and the other is bad.

I am Jewish and I was brought up as a Zionist. Liberals didn’t convert me away from Zionism, but other Zionists, and those who blindly defend the indefensible in Israel, disgusted me so much that I had to turn my back on it. So I converted myself.

Sorry, buddy, but you either reek of insincerity, or are blind to the hypocrisy of your own lies.

beakerkin said...

Glad you stopped by and added your comments. I do note the following

1 No examples of my bigotry are pointed out. You have also failed
to mention what lies have been told.

2 You are free to come here and post whatever you like. Warren and
myself were dennied that courtesy
on Liberal blogs. At no time were you mistreated.

3 If there is something so indefensible please post it here.
The fact that you didn't and went
on your way says either you are lazy or do not have the facts.

4 Leftists by nature are seditious
and their ethnicity matters quite little. They will orphan their own
kids for the cause "Rosenbergs". They also have no qualms about betraying their country either read
the Venonna Cables. This explains the rationale of Chomsky and you.
You are a vocal minority and do not
speak for the community as a whole in every opinion poll ever taken.
You are valuable to the left as a "useful idiot" and excell in that role.

The fact is the Palestinians are generic Arabs. Read the PLO charter
in their own words. The Assyrians ,Copts and Jews are the indigenous people. I suggest you take a trip to freedom house and look at Israels record.

If you have a problem with Horowitz
he responds to emails and reads this blog. Show some courage and send him your concerns.

Do come back again.

Adam Gurri said...

Well, it seems we share a certain love for open discussion :)

I've blogrolled you. You've got a good thing going here.

beakerkin said...

Carefull Adam we get invaded from
the hard left. Some of them might visit you.

Adam Gurri said...

Haha, hey, I'm all for being invaded. I'm a whore for attention, what can I say? :)

beakerkin said...

I started this blog as a forum for
comedy. Some would argue my blog is true to its roots.

I defended Israel in a hostile forum. Next thing I knew I was hip
deep in bitter leftiss. Someday I will resume comedy.

There are excellent liberals who post here Kafkaesq has an excellent blog. The Chemist runs an open forum. He sometimes is a tad strident on the GOP . However he is commited to open forum.

Warren and Redbeard also maintain
top level blogs on the right. I found it ironic that if you mention
Michael Moore in any manner you get listed on waypath.

Open forum should be the gold standard for all in the blogosphere.

beakerkin said...
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Adam Gurri said...

agreed. After all, if you've got confidence in your own position, then why hide behind the walls of a closed blog?

Warren said...

I'd go along with that!