Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Are Jewish Consevatives Uncle Toms ?

This is the familiar charge leveled by me daily by a man called Uptown Steve.He feels that Jewish Conservatives sell out their own community be being Conservative.
He seems to feel that our community is in more danger from Falwell than Hammas. He also sees a vast network of right wing extreemist ready to slaughter the Jews. He also views Michael Lerner as an authentic voice in my community. Uptown Steve is not Jewish but feels he knows more about my culture than I do.Uptown also knows more about being a Native American than Dr David Yeagley. How does one aquire so much knowledge ?
"Beaker isn't a Christian but a Christian Suckup. He has deluded himself into buying the lie that Antisemitism is solely in the black and Islamic community and will deny white Christian antisemitism up to and until they shove him in the oven.
It's pathetic."
Uptown Steve FPM forum 3/23/2005 3:17
Thank you for your quote Uptown.

The fact is everyone has the right to their own opinions. The first amendment gives all of us the right to independent thought. I do not call myself a Jewish leader nor do I frame any position as Jewish. This is contrary to the Leftist Radicals who scream calumnies against Israel while proclaiming their ethnicity. The funny part is that the Recidivist fails to note leftist radicals are seditious by nature.The writing of Briendel are filled with examples of treason from this crowd. The Rosenbergs were guilty and Comunist Party USA did get a Soviet Subdidy. One needs only a short glance at the Venona cables to verify this. Therefore it is not surprising that the home of sedition should continue this. This does not imply that liberals like Joe Lieberman are seditious. This refers to the radical Chomsky - Lerner variety. The Recidivist names a Female Rabbi as his example of a Jew that sees his view of the world. This shows how amazingly out of touch he is with reality.
Traditional Jews do not ordain female rabbis and my comment stands. I have yet to meet a Jewish radical that can identify common prayer items. The only time they claim this heritage is to get a microphone and be a parasite.
Lets compare that crowd with my younger brother. My younger brother is an orthodox Rabbi and a Lieberman democrat. He practices the faith leads a congregation and raises his kids as religious Jews. He can conduct a sermon on each of those items. I am a non observant Jew and can easily name those objects. Neither one of us represents their positions as the Jewish position. We represent ourselves as individuals. The fact is the vast majority of American Jews support Israel. The leftist critics are outcast as are the Satmar and Neturai Karta. There are similar Arabs that see Israel as legitimate such as Joeseph Farah,Wahlid Shoebat but the left uses a double standard. Arabs and Muslims who support Israel's right to exist are caled Zionist propagandists.
When I enrolled as a Republican in 1980 it was considered unusual.There were some who called me a traitor over that choice. I was a fervent anticommunist Coldwarrior who was pro defense. The party of Reagan of Jimmy Carter was an easy choice especially with John Kerry types in the Democratic ranks.
The facts are my views on a range of topics place me in the Rudy/Arnold wing of the party. The failure of some is that they do not grasp the diversity of thought within our ranks. There are libertarians, paleocons and relgious conservatives. All of whom
think differently on key issues. I am as likely to be called a liberal by a paleocon and a far right extreemist by leftwing dolts. In reality I am a moderate who leans right. Every one of the other forms would be legitamate for a Jew to hold. The sole criteria is be true to your beliefs.
I have never been isulted or mistreated in a Church or at a gathering of any conservatives. I have identified myself as a Jew and been welcomed in numerous Churches. I was always treated with respect and courtesy and invited to return. I was never called a Christ Killer or a Pharisee in a church. Once or twice I was pestered with amusing questions. The key is that I sat in the back followed the service and listened respectfuly. This is what any good guest should do in similar situations.
I have attended meetings of conservatives and never heard a bigoted word. Had they been uttered I would have dealt with it. I have always been welcomed and well treated
and in NYC far from alone. The Republican party is far more tollerant than the hysterical leftist Radicals.
I went to a recent NYC peace rally and heard the following. The Protocols of the Elders of Zion is an accurate text, Jews Controll the media,Holocaust Denial ,Evil Talmud, Jews (Neocon -Likud -Larry Silverstein ) blew up the WTC, Jews are Khazars, Zionists are Pharisees, Jesus was a Palestinian,Jews control the Slave trade and Jews control education in America. Zionist was used as a curse word by people calling themselves Communist and Anarchist. This is strange given the blood baths both of the latter bear responsibility for. In one day I had experienced more Jew hatred that I did in my entire life. Even friendly leftist radicals have admitted we resemble an Anti Jewish mob at times. Mayor Bloomburg is called a "Jew Mayor" in some speeches. If one has a problem with policies than stick with policies.

I have asked some Jews why they remain loyal despite so much hysteria against our kind. I hear the well its just young hot heads excuse. I hear the tradition excuse for remaining in the party. I hear the working to change from within and that has some validity. Others have moved away from the Democratic party. It is not uncommon for a young Jew to register Republican. Free Republic has scores of Jewish Conservatives and there are some at Front Page Magazine.

I have spoke with a few former Radicals in NYC. The anti Israel and Jewish sentiments have forced them to leave. Who would want to stay in a party that requires litmus tests ? I opt for the freedom to be myself in the GOP


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Good Blog Beak!

beakerkin said...

Thanks CF. You know who inspired it.

Warren said...

Extremely good!

This presumption that a person should hold the same views as another of his race, or ethnic group, or be seen as a "Race Traitor", is blatantly racist in its own right.

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From Hispano...
Great Blog beaker. I think you hit the nail on the head with this one. Have a great weekend!