Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Praise for Stephen Schwartz

The highest praise a man can get is from one who disagrees with him. I have been exchanging posts with Author Stephen Schwartz. We seldom agree but I admire his courage and determination. He ducks no question much like I do in this blog on a far smaller scale.
Schwartz is clearly a very talented writer and a dedicated craftsman. Like all great authors I have exchanged posts or emails he has a huge ego. The two exceptions to this rule are the wonderful Monica Crowley and the modestst Dr. David Yeagley. Part of marketing these days is an oversize persona and Schwartz has it in abundance. However, in light of some of the genuine abuse he takes about 90% of the barbs are waranted. I have been hit with enough of Schwartz's bolts from Mt Olympus to last a lifetime.
Part of the problem that I did not understand until I got this blog is that one is going to attract detractors. I have dealt with mine with ease and hardly broke a sweat. My opponent and his toadies come here daily with personal rants. They cry LIAR and your response is based on fiction. The problem is when asked to name where they failed . Several people have made the same request but no response. Unlike my oponent I have a strictly open blog. I hide from no one like Stepen Schwartz . The fact is that my opponent has had to adress me in his own blog. He issued a policy of the blog statement long after mine. He even adressed the bigotry charge in a neutral forum before I made it. Hmmmmmmmm
Schwartz is an Muslim American Patriot who deeply cares about his faith and his country. He has no problem telling you who was responsible for 9-11. I had a front row seat on that day. What you saw on TV was a fraction of the horror. I am a WTC 93 survivor . Shwartz will readily tell you we are fighting an evil Nihlistic screed called Wahabism. The problem is that Saudi money is here financing mosques , schools and think tanks. Schwartz is fighting the good fight from within his community . From the outside it looks like he is fighting windmills at times. Schwartz remains optimistic about the future of his community. The truth is that if he is right we can be spared the war of civilizations. All you lefties should get behind his efforts if you want to avoid a generational war.
Schwartz Rx appears to be the use of the big stick in Saudi Arabia. The monarchy gets to stay as figure heads. The governmemt is transitioned into a democracy with Constitutional protections. Wahabism is discredited as the oficial version of Isam in the state. Mecca is to be opened to people of all faiths.No invasions , no revolutions but plenty of Teddy Roosevelts big stick.
If Schwartz is wrong this can easily devolve into the war of civilizations. The days when Islamic terrorism went unpunished are over.The invasion of Iraq changed alot of minds in the Arab world. The image of the paper tiger is finnished and state sponsors are more careful.Lybia has dismantled its WMD program and is moderating. Bashar Assad is weakening and a deal is probable down the road. Egypt and Saudi Arabia have made early moves towards democracy. Lebanon is looking promising at the moment. However things can change there in a hurry. There are signs of popular unrest in Iran. History will judge this war but things look promising at this current juncture.

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