Sunday, January 18, 2009


I went with Sunbeam and her family to visit Rav Roov I picked a bad day as it was 3.7
degrees when I left on a four mile uphill walk. My time in VT prepared me well as I wore layers. Normally my legs are fine but they were cold. I have lost well over 30lbs in six months.Near the end I stopped in at 7-11 to buy a small peanut butter and jelly sandwich as I needed the extra calories in the extreme cold. It took about 15 minutes to warm up and another 5 to get the bus to the next leg.

This may sound funny but I had a problem sweating from the layers and it is potentially dangerous in those temperatures. I used the ferry ride as time to alter the layers for the next part of the trip.

I made it to synagogue but elected to tell the curious that I was a friend of the Rabbi. Rav Roov quickly told the curious that I was in fact his younger brother. I am his younger older brother but this is a running joke.

Sunbeam came with her father and my brother greeted them as honored guests before his sermon. For those of you who think Kahanism is authentic Judaism, listening to this sermon should be mandatory. In short those who commit evil and pretend they are religious disgrace our community and Baruch Goldstein was one of many singled out.

I met Sunbeam's dog and it went as well as such an event can go with a shi tzu. I am
not a fan of small dogs as my temperament is more geared to a lower tempo less caffeinated type like a pug, bull dog, lab or most good old mutts. The dog does like me but alternates between love and warfare in as short as a five minute span. I am like King Kong so the attempts to bite are at worst annoyances.

This was the first time Sunbeam or I met a sibling and my nephew was present. My nephew is a good kid and he had a very interesting friend. He is always well behaved and about the worst behavior he does is watch the Mets.

This was also the first time both sets of parents met. It went well except for my mother's desire to be a detective/ Dr Phil. She likes to solve mysteries that do not exist and accidentally blows things out of proportion. Nothing terrible, just same old foolishness and my not dealing better with it.

I went to a Pro Israel rally and was surprised by the high turnout. The assorted politicians were there and a guest appearance by Rep Wiener. He got a huge response
when he called Jimmy Carter an "abomination". His speech was excellent and this comes from a person who has loathed him previously. I wish Gov Patterson would dicth
Kennedy and Cuomo and give the job to Wiener who is far better prepared. I did enjoy
the speeches of Councilman Oddo and our Borough President Molinaro. However, after being exposed to a typical Col Bernie Saunders ( Clown from VT) rant anything is an improvement. Obviously, there are no IQ or drug testing requirements for public office in VT.

Of course there were about 20 clowns trying to counter protest. As the event was held
indoors at the JCC this was just vanity. The protesters were mostly Arabs with no communist lackeys. If this were in Manhattan there would be an army of Commies manipulating the event. Commies are the political equivalent of hemorrhoids.


Always On Watch said...

I went to a Pro Israel rally and was surprised by the high turnout.

At least that high turnout is happening somewhere!

I love dogs of all sizes, if they aren't yappers and volatile nippers.

Caroline Kennedy will soon be seated in the Senate. She'll partner with her uncle to force socialized medicine down our throats. At least, that's how I see it.

So, things with Sunbeam and the families are going smoothly. I'm so glad!

beakerkin said...

I am a dog person but caffeinated types like Maltese and Shih Tzus are not for me. A dog is supposed to be a trusted buddy, not a high wire act.

My mother was up to her usual antics but it was nothing terrible. Sunbeam and I are not talking about getting married tomorrow.

She needs to start school and get that underway. We have many more steps to go and many adventures to
share. I love her more than ever
and she is truly the twinkle in my eye.

I am not ready for certain things yet. My confidence is not where it needs to be. Perhaps all I need is a walk in the moonlight or a hug.
All of us walk with some fears and our worst fears are of our own creation. However, the right words said by a loved one go a long way.
I do not know why but a walk in the moonlight always makes me feel at ease.

Anonymous said...

Where would the Pseudostinian apologists be without their Euro-commie amen chorus? I wonder if the commie idiots will ever wake up and realize that their old proletarian allies have been usurped by the mullahs running the Muslim Brotherhood. Nah, they're way too stoopid.