Sunday, January 18, 2009

Beakerkin Goes to War

Not Exactly

A great number of my coworkers will be taking the day off to watch the inauguration. I do not share their enthusiasm for Obama. Many of them voted for him out of ethnic pride
and I understand symbolism.

It will be a tough day at work as the remaining folk will have to work very hard. I plan on bringing my A game with me.

Obama was elected on the heels of a financial mess largely by a compliant media that let him get away with saying hope and change endlessly.

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The_Editrix said...

Careful, Beak! If I as a gentile may say so, don't get caught in the Jewish self-blaming trap. Baruch Goldstein probably didn't do it, and the much-belumbered massacre at Deir Yassir wasn't a massacre at all.