Friday, January 09, 2009

Too patient

The Israelis have been far too patient with the situation in Gaza. The far left anti semites are going to complain anyway so invade away. The notion that firing rockets at Jewish civilians is just an inconvenient fact.

If the people of Gaza are suffering it is for a communist contrived myth of a fake ethnicity. Every pointless death is at the feet of the far left and its absurd twists
to co-opt populist antisemitism. The Pseudostinian is actually better off dead than living as an Egyptian.

Egypt needs to take back its territory and end this game.


Always On Watch said...

The US abstained from the recent vote at the UN Security Council. Shameful on the part of America!

Ducky's here said...

Yes, the invasion should settle quite a bit.

Now why did Israel let go of Gaza to begin with. Because they didn't want to deal with the issue of incorporating an Arab population into the Jewish state. Simple.

Demographics are Israels enemy. They know that and there is a significant number of Jews who realize that trying to co-exist with a people you have tried to bomb into oblivion is going to be very problematic.

When you have children who have been left to cling for days to their dead mother and those kids grow up with no prospects and lots of hate ... well Beak then it's game over and all you cute little "Pseudostinian" nonsense ain't going to change the nature of the beast.

Steve Harkonnen said...

It's official: anyone who pities palestinians are all mentally retarded.

Further, anyone who wants to hold talks with Hamas are batshit insane, and also deserve what's coming to them.

sonia said...

I don't think Egypt wants Gaza back.

This is a case where Jewish history works against Israel. Palestinians aren't afraid of the Israelis, because they know Israelis will never exterminate them. Under other circumstances, fear of extermination would be a very effective deterent. There is no such deterent in this case.

If the Israelis want to survive, they will have to erect a statue to Adolf Hitler, with an inscription: "He had a good idea, but he chose a wrong target".

Well, either that or they should just offer $10,000 to every Palestinian who wants to leave Gaza. This way, Hamas fighters would soon run out of women and children to hide behind...

Warren said...

I can hardly wait until, Nostradumbass, graces us with more of his agitprop sounding remarkably like the crap spewing from Radio Havana in the late 60s and early 70s.

Come on Dumpy! Get real, get now. that crap is so... so... comrade Fidelish.

Warren said...

Oh and dumpy, not to disabuse you of your laughable propaganda(ish) ways, you don't really believe that if the Israelis wanted to they couldn't blast the Pseudostinians to hell. Or do you?