Saturday, January 03, 2009

Obvious end to the farce in Gaza

The demented morons of the world are now letting people suffer for a communist contrived fiction. The residents of Gaza have and always were Egyptian. The Palestinian
ethnicity is a contrived publicity ploy that was easier to market than Judenfrei real estate.

After the Soviets goaded and provoked the Arabs into escalating hostilities and the ensuing disaster ( Foxbats over Dimona) this fake ethnicity was contrived. The cry of
Jews into the Sea was too odious for anti semitic Euros to accept soon after the Holocaust so a fake ethnicity was created.

There is no case for Palestine and any comparison of Pseudostinians with Tibetians, Kurds, African and Indian tribes or the residents of Brooklyn shows that the case for Palestine is a joke at best. Lets see Palestinians have a regional accent but so do Brooklynites, Texans and many other places. People who were born in Brooklyn have no biological ties to the Canarsie Indians and neither do Arabs have any ties to Philistines, Finkelsteins or Phyliss Diller.

Commies are very fond of talking about colonialism and indigenous people except when those people happen to be Jews and other minorities under Islamic hegemony. These minorities lived under a Jim Crow domination in their own lands. When Muslims and their Marxist apologist deny this history they are on a par with Holocaust deniers.
Muslims live in denial of historical facts where the colonial oppressors are perpetual victims. How does a group colonized and treated worse than Blacks under Jim Crow become oppressors in any coherent discussion. Arabs as victims is as absurd as Indians and Black slaves oppressing white settlers.

If the world were serious about ending the mess in Gaza it would tell Egypt to end this farce now. Egypt should anex the area and end this farce. Let the residents of Gaza be what they have always been in the first place Egyptians.

True peace in the region requires the end of Cold War far left propaganda points. There are no Palestinians and this contrived label has been a Marxist ploy to make populist antisemitism socially acceptable.


Titus said...

Amen! Gaza for Egyptians! Pseudostinians into the Sea!

Always On Watch said...

All the calls for a peace truce on the part of Hamas is a joke.

Are these yearners for peace drinking the Kool-aid, or what?

The Pagan Temple said...

Beak, when you get a chance, come over to my site and check out the Palestinian children's show, "Pioneers Of Tomorrow" starring Assud, the Jew Eating Rabbit. No, I'm not kidding.

Ducky's here said...

were Jews the only ones living in the mandate of Palestine when the British threw up their hands and left?

Ducky's here said...

Beak, what do you call the people being bombed in Gaza?

The "extraneous people"?
The "irrelevant" people?
The "inconvenient" people?

Kind of a shame they won't recognize their lack of validity and just croak.

Ducky's here said...

Beak, why not just round up all the "Pseudostinians" and put them in death camps?

There are plenty of right wing "Christians" that are eager to help.

Ducky's here said...

By the way Beak, here's how it ends. Israel becomes more secular and the Arabs continue to breed themselves into a majority.

Then all this inane crap stops just like in Northern Ireland when the Catholics reached a majority.

And nobody regrets it except the religiously insane who have to shuffle off and figure out another path to the end times.

Got it?

beakerkin said...


Arabs have an abundance of colonized
real estate and need to settle their own refugees. History does not start in 48 because commies say so.

The people in Gaza are Egyptians dying for a communist created myth.
Their lives are irrelevant as commies contrived a fake ethnicity to stoke populist anti-semitism and ruined their lives for power.

Death camps are more your kind. Commies seem to project their evil
on the rest of us. Communism should
be treated as a form of mental illness.

Wonderful have you learned nothing about projecting linear trends. FYI
Europe goes down the tubes first
in that train of thought.

The Pagan Temple said...

Europe is already down the tubes, they just haven't caught on to it yet. When they do, the Germans will probably come up with another Hitler to take care of the problem. If not them, somebody will.

The Arabs have expanded throughout the entire Middle East. There are almost no one left of all the original indigenous populations. Philistines, Syrians, Gallileans who were not originally Jewish by the way, Idumaeans, Lebanese who were originally Phoenicians, on and one-all gone. Aside from the Arabian peninsula and parts of Jordan, the Arabs were indigenous nowhere to this area, including Iraq by the way. Get right down to it, you can add Egypt. The full-blooded descendants of the original Egyptians, what ones are left, are a minority in their own country, just like the Chaldaeans and Assyrians are in Iraq. Modern Egyptians now are mostly and predominantly Arab.

Be that as it may, Palestinians need adequate compensation for the theft of their homes. It's not their fault that their ancestors lived for four hundred years or more in lands owned by Jews two thousand years previously.

The UN needs to compensate them, since they propagated the theft. All Palestinian heads-of-households should be independently wealthy. A million dollars a piece, at least, and another two or three million each in a Swiss bank account which they can draw from in limited amounts as needed, free from grasping greedy Arab hands. Then they should be situated in Jordan, Egypt, etc. Set them up wherever they want to go.

Then let Israel have the truly secure, stable and prosperous nation their people deserve.

That is the only way this will ever be settled. That, and Hamas and for that matter Fatah should all be eliminated by whatever means necessary.

Ducky's here said...

Beak, should anyone in Gaza be allowed to live?

Steve Harkonnen said...

"...Muslims live in denial of historical facts..."

Not surprisingly, so do Liberals. Case in point: the fictionalized tale of McCarthyism. It simply doesn't exist.

We could write a book and call it "Fables From the Far Left" and include the stories of McCarthyism and palestine for good measure.

Steve Harkonnen said...

Then all this inane crap stops just like in Northern Ireland when the Catholics reached a majority.

So Duck, are you trying to re-write history by "proving" that Northern Ireland no longer belongs to British Protestant rule, or are you just making this shit up to make yourself look like you've researched this?

Let me know when you want me to stop giving you rope. I will tug hard.

roman said...


The Egyptians tried to take this piece of land by force from Israel several times and got their ass kicked. Now that it is an Arab controlled autonomous region and in dire need of some kind of SANE governmental administration, they suddenly have no interest in it. Can we draw any conclusions here?

bernie said...

@The Pagan Temple: Palestinians need adequate compensation for the theft of their homes.... All Palestinian heads-of-households should be independently wealthy. A million dollars a piece, at least.

You realize that this would require more than 11 trillion dollars. Either you are joking or bad at math or are you thinking of the original 740,000 Arabs who left Israel in 1948? Then we are only talking about $750 billion dollars, something the rest of the world will certainly not cough up.

However, as long as we are speaking of compensation, 750,000 Jews were thrown out of Arab lands in retaliation for the creation of Israel. It would not be fair to compensate Arab and not Jew.

Warren said...

Roman asks:
Can we draw any conclusions here?

The conclusion I have drawn is, like the rest of Israel's neighbors; Egypt doesn't want to govern land infested with troublesome Pseudostinians.

I think Ducky should take in 50 or so.