Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2008 What a Year

When 2008 started I had just finished roaming the country. When it ended I had just started a relationship with the woman I had always dreamed of. 2008 was a magical year
for me. It had ups and downs but I never imagined I was still capable of a type of intense love. Through it all my loving blog family has been there each step of the way.

Many people misinterpret the changes I have made in my life as Sunbeam exerting control. That which is freely given is not control, nor would she ever do so. I wish to live a long happy life together with her and anything that furthers that goal makes me happy. Changing my diet, skipping dance clubs and missing football games are a small price to pay for happiness.


Anonymous said...

Live long and prosper, beakerkin!

Always On Watch said...

Happy New Year, Beak!

May 2009 bring you even more joy.

Steve Harkonnen said...

It's been a crazy year for me. I returned to blogging but finished my book and it's still with NCIS for classification review.

You know what, Beak, I'd like to meet you in person one day. If you're ever in Virginia let me know.

The Pagan Temple said...

Who said she was exerting control over you? Nobody here said that, that I can recall. Even Ducky has been mum about it. Methinks the gentleman doeth protest too much. It's not her, it's YOU! I've been through this kind of thing with women more times than I can remember. Come up for air. Watch the Super Bowl. I dare you to do something without her and not feel guilty about it. I say you can't do it. Or if you do, I bet you will be a nervous wreck wondering what she's doing and if she resents you doing something without her or is hurt about it. If she really loves you (and I have no reason to doubt that she does, by the way) she will understand. Everybody needs space. You need it. By the way, so does she.

jams o donnell said...

Here's hoping for a happy 2009 for you both Beak

beakerkin said...

I want to thank everyone for their kind wishes.


I want to spend as much time with Sunbeam. Certain activities are just not appropriate for a man in a loving relationship, bear in mind she is religious. Going to Caribbean dance clubs and dancing with three women in rather sexually explicit positions is just
not being respectful of my relationship. Sunbeam did not order
me, but she understands the situation. When I go with my coworkers to a regular bar or out for a meal it is okay.

As for the Superbowl party with the Junior officers this is a very bad idea. The guys tend to get drunk and rowdy and we eat stuff that would not be good for me.

A man in a relationship has certain
responsibilities. He me must always respect his girlfriend or wife and not betray a trust. Sunbeam also has to spend plenty of quality time with her daughters
and is a wonderful mother. She has plenty of her own interests.

I am blessed for any of the limited time we have together.

The Pagan Temple said...

"As for the Superbowl party with the Junior officers this is a very bad idea. The guys tend to get drunk and rowdy and we eat stuff that would not be good for me."

Oh, well since you put it that way. I just thought it was a bunch of buddies getting together to watch the game.

As far as the other stuff, dancing with other women, etc., of course you are right. It would take a real asshat to do that kind of stuff when he's got a steady girlfriend.

I just hope you don't cut yourself off from all your other friendships and relationships. I know from experience you would regret that in the long run. It's not necessary, except for people that might try to interfere in your relationship. Those kinds of people it is understandable you would want to cut them loose.

The Merry Widow said...

A Blessed New Year to you and Sunbeam, Beaker!
That kind of party ends up not being as much fun, as having a get-together with move!


Beamish said...

I'm happy for you, Beak, but I have to give you crap, because that is what I do.


Jungle Mom said...

Aw, you're in love! Happy New Year, Beak!