Thursday, December 04, 2008

Double game

Pakistan plays a double game of pretending to be all things to everyone. It pretends it
is trying to reign in terror even as Al Queda and the wacky anti Indian groups operate on its soil. The episode shows no matter how much is granted to some Muslims it is never enough. India gave up large portions of its territory to create Pakistan, an ethnically cleansed state. Muslims did not leave India and yet they demand more land for more ethnically cleansed states.

The double game is pretending to be doing something about terror while actually doing nothing at all other than provide excuses. Let India do what it feels it must. Perhaps the folks in Pakistan will get the hint that this double game needs to end.


Always On Watch said...

Setting up a "place" for Moslems in Pakistan has been a failure.

The Merry Widow said...

Of course it's a failure...because it isn't aout sharing the pie, but etting ALL of it...greedy boogers!