Saturday, December 06, 2008

NYC reacts to Mumbai

As predicted NYC has reacted to the massacre in Mumbai with special training.Sunbeam is
worried about my safety. I am in the safest location in the city on a low floor. Concrete barriers prevent traffic from approaching the building. Parking is tightly regulated and cars are inspected before entry.

The notion of a band of Mumbai style in my building is not likely as around 1/3 of the people who work here are armed. and entry is via revolving doors with several armed guards and metal detectors up front.

Sunbeam embodies the best of the nurturing qualities of womankind. Her concern over my safety is touching, but I am in the safest part of the City.

NYPD has begun training Police to deal with this type of attack. However, traffic and the vast numbers of crowded people make an effective response without large numbers of casualties unlikely. Mayor Bloomberg's antigun mania makes this type of attack more dangerous. In a mall or a crowded street such an attack would meet a disarmed populace.


Always On Watch said...

There are so many soft targets!

We can only hope to increase our margin of safety. None of us are 100% safe.

Z said...

Always is right..we all know this; every time you go into a restaurant, walk on the street, go into a theater, go to work, etc., we're soft targets.

Are we going to have to hire armed guards at every single entrance way to the theater, the restaurant, the workplace?

Will the terror threat EVER go away?

beakerkin said...

In a free society this type of terror
is a real threat. The building I work
in would be a prime target. However in addition to all the security staff
there are actual emergency staff.

The Merry Widow said...

Dangerous times...and obama and the congress critters want to further disarm us...just goes to show, they do not care about us.