Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Of Plaxico Giants and Beaker's

The Giants did the right thing by cutting ties with Plaxico Burress. Success is no substitute for sanity and sound judgement. Plaxico's idiotic antics proved too much and
he will likely never play for the Giants again.

I find myself in the midsts of many life altering choices. My new relationship with Sunbeam has prompted many changes in my life. I no longer eat junk food for lunch and eat fish and lean vegetables with a fruit cup for lunch. I no longer go with my coworkers to dance clubs on Fridays. If they are going to a regular bar I still join them. Some of my coworker's have questioned if these changes are the real me. These new changes are the real me. A good diet that is close to Kosher is helping me shed pounds.I have more energy as well. I have no interest in dancing with strange women who are mostly tanked. When the guys cut lose and have one or two is another story and part of the bonding experience that is important to officers.

The moral of the story is one can have everything and still make poor judgments. Behind every good man is a better woman and I count my blessings every day.


Beamish said...

You big sap.


Steve Harkonnen said...

Hey, gimme drunk women to dance with anytime! I'm coming up there to go party with you, hook a brutha up!!!

beakerkin said...

Mr B, Steve

I am taking some heat for not going to the dance clubs. Those parties are
very popular with the female coworkers who have to drag some of the guys to go. I never cared for those parties and did so as a courtesy. Now that I am with someone special this activity is not right.

Sunbeam did not tell me to do this. I do it to honor her on my own. The
goodbye party for my friend downstairs is guys drinking at a bar with a few female coworkers. I am going to that party, but for a short time.

Z said...

"you big sap" BEAMISH!! I'm ROARING here! I love that word SAP!

But, Beak is NOT a sap!! (Smile)

I was smiling from ear to ear having read this, anyway, so then reading BIG SAP and laughing was just a bonus.

Honestly, Beak, if you get any happier, I'm going to have to get another cup for MY happiness to runneth over into!

You don't need to print this...just know how happy this makes me! I know it does ALL of us!

But, for heaven's sake, eat a good burger now and again, won't you!!

The Pagan Temple said...

Yeah, Beakerkin, eat a cheeseburger, live a little.

Beamish said...