Saturday, December 20, 2008

Next on the List

I will be traveling to Baltimore to meet her family. Unlike my family, her family knows
me very well as I was frequently in their home for years. One might be surprised that knowing this that they still approve.

I am no longer the growing boy with the good sense of humor. I am not the college kid with the sweet boy band look anymore. I am officer Beakerkin and I have a larger than life persona even amongst officers.

I will be traveling with her to Baltimore. She really enjoys driving, so I will let her
drive my car. My car is not the easiest to drive, but she isn't frightened.

I am going to try and see AOW on the 26th with Sunbeam.


FJ said...

Baltimore rocks! Stop in to the Walter's if you get a chance. It's a "hidden gem" on the culture scene and they've quite a nice little collection of art and books.

Always On Watch said...

I can hardly wait to get together with you and Sunbeam! Here's to hoping that all the logistics work out for our visit.