Monday, December 29, 2008

Mostly Good

I met with Sunbeam's parents in Baltimore. The meeting went well but we did get the expected slow down bit. They are wonderful people, but I made a point of bringing a big fruit basket. My family sent a bottle of wine, chocolate covered nuts dates. I treated
the entire family to a movie. One can not be too careful about seeing a movie with your
girlfriends parents but the Benjamin Button film worked. As usual I forgot the senior citizen discount, but Sunbeam rescued me.

We did not get to see AOW due to a very minor medical issue and the early Sabos.

I made a point of letting Sunbeam know she can drive my car. She enjoyed it so much I never got it back. The car was recently refurbished and is well tuned. I just drove a few blocks and that was it.

Sunbeam is a pleasure and I have never been happier in my life. I have never experienced such love and kindness in my life.

Sunbeam has figured out that I do know how to cook. In a previous relationship I did
all the cooking. We made a meal yesterday and I learned how difficult it is to cook for young children. In a large family such as the one I grew up in it was easier as it was impossible to cater to five kids. Sunbeam will be by my parents house in two
weeks. She is much easier to cook for than yours truly as I do not go near some vegetables.

I am a very lucky man as Sunbeam guides me with her light and warms my heart.


Always On Watch said...

We'll get together sooner or later -- even if I have to drive to facilitate the meeting.

Anonymous said...

Mostly good? Sounds ALL good to me, beakerkin! Well, everything but the driving part. Mrs. FJ makes me nervous when she drives... ;-)

Z said...

"slow down", huh? Was that her driving, or.....!!! (kidding) They actually mentioned you two 'slowing down' to both of you...? wow.

Well, they might be right, BUT, it sure sounds great to ME! And I'm so happy for you both.........and....

eat your vegetables!

Sorry you didn't meet AOW because of a medical odd: when you came here and we were going to meet, it turned out to be the 2nd time I was ever in the hospital in lo these many years..SUCH a bummer!