Monday, December 01, 2008

Mumbai and the human side of us

The attacks on Mumbai could have happened anywhere in the world. A group of ten terrorist armed to the teeth could have produced similar results in any big city
including NY. Hotels typically have one or two guards with pistols in NYC and malls
have a few more.

This new model is hard to deal with except for Israel or in other places where
large numbers of people are armed.

The media is scapegoating the police in India. No police department is really
equipped to handle four of these invasions in one place.

I also do not want to hear a peep from the usual suspects. The victims were tortured and India is justified in whatever retaliation it seeks. Of course when a Muslim child is blown up because a terrorist uses them as a shield the media wails and the Euros go into faux moral outrage.

These are not soldiers in a war and as such they deserve no protections. Soldiers in
a war do not tie up civilians torture them and execute them. The antics make a mockery of the professionalism of soldiers.

I do not want to hear excuses from CAIR clowns or Commies. Attacking Jews in India has nothing to do with Pseudostinians or whatever other fake nationalities the left contrives. One can name Baruch Goldstein only because his behavior was so out of the ordinary. Given the barbarism of these attack it is amazing that the rest of us show

Sorry, but the excuses should have ended long ago.


The Pagan Temple said...

If the Indian populace takes matters into their own hands, it could be a bloodbath, resulting in thousands, maybe even tens of thousands, of mostly Muslim and a relative few Hindu deaths. It might not be too long before we see the tableaux unfold on our television screens.

In the final analysis, I wonder if this might not be that "test" Biden was talking about. How will Obama react? What will be the conflict, if any, between the outgoing and incoming administrations? What influence will Pakistan bring to bear on Obama to try to limit the Indian response, and what will his reaction be? That kind of thing.

Ducky's here said...

I do not want to hear excuses from CAIR clowns or Commies. Attacking Jews in India has nothing to do with Pseudostinians or whatever other fake nationalities the left contrives.

Were Jews the only ones attacked or the only ones among the dead you think worthy of recognition?

Always On Watch said...

The monsters of Mumbai have set a model for the rest of the jihadomaniacs.

The Merry Widow said...

ducky-The Indian doctors were HORRIFIED at to torture applied to the rabbi and his wife!!!!!!
They do not want to talk about it, AND they may need counselling because of the, "Maximum torture they saw."
Get a grip, these mohammadins DID torture others, AND killed them indiscriminently! But the WORST was given to the NYC rabbi, wife and 2 others!!!!
There were even mohammadins who stayed at that house to scope it out and to identify the Jews!
I can see it, why can't you?
Is it your anti-semitism? Or is it your disdain for any opinion but your own, or of your 'comrades'?
From what I have read, the staffs of those various establishments are to be commended for their, courage, fearlessness and willingness to stand between the terrorists and the innocent!
We should be applauding them, not stabbing India in the back!
These are jihadis, and to them there are NO INNOCENTS, but their own sect!


The Merry Widow said...

Read this, ducky!


Beamish said...

Such an attack wouldn't last as long here because the each average person among America's 110 million gun owners have enough weaponry to arm two other people,

I for one hope India kicks Pakistan's ass again, fully annexes Kashmir and tells the Pakistanis it decides to accept a surrender from that all of Pakistan belongs to India, and rent is due.

Beamish said...

The teachings of Islam do not specifically mention "Americans" or "Britons" as types of people Allah needs help killing, however these teachings are fairly explicit that Jews are the people Allah needs help killing the most.

The Merry Widow said...

Mr. B.-Then watch the ME explode...once land has been held by the ummah, it forever belongs to the ummah!
I'm on India's side on this one!
G*D bless and MARANATHA!


Jungle Mom said...

I posted about this on Saturday and have commenter who continues to say it is our fault.Amazing. And he is a college professor. I fear for our future with educators such as these.

Beamish said...

We're going to see an exchange of nuclear attacks between Pakistan and India in the next 10 years.

Always On Watch said...

Radical Islam + drugs = Mumbai massacre