Sunday, November 30, 2008


A few fellow officers joke about the careerism journeys we take. The most ambitious of us go around the globe to advance their careers. A friend with unlimited potential
decided to move to the Midwest with a girl from Vermont and build a life. We spoke of that Wanderlust that drives officers to go to every hot spot.

I volunteered for Katrina and was a candidate to go abroad. I sought to be on the front lines. I wasn't pulled by the career so much as for the sake of adventure. For me
it was another exciting chapter in a long book.

I have lost the need to be at the front and the pining for adventure. I have no need to
be larger than life moving from challenge to challenge. I am not John Wayne or any other archetype. I am a flesh and blood man and my place is near my beloved sunbeam and my family. Let the younger officers follow their wanderlust. True love is greater than wanderlust.

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Anonymous said...

I hear ya beakerkin. No more Brandi's for this sailor. Find an Oceanid, preferably Eucharis, but better yet, Sophie.

For with love comes responsibility. One must always strike a proper balance.