Saturday, November 01, 2008

Crime and Joe the Plumber

The invasion of privacy of Joe the Plumber is a serious crime that deserves criminal prosecution. Governmental access to private records is a serious matter and people are
deservedly fired for abusing their position to snoop. The government should prosecute those responsible for the invasion of privacy.

Acquiring governmental records is a serious matter and should only be done on an as need to know basis. In the offices where I worked unless dictated by procedure this is even done in consultation with a supervisor. Many times these requests are turned down
as there is a difference between probable cause and a fishing expedition.

Fishing person X is a Dallas Cowboy fan and that means he is proven to have bad taste.

Reasonable Cause: The accounts are inconsistent and a look at earlier versions of the same events may clarify the actual record or dictate a proper course of action.

Joe the Plumber had his privacy invaded by Bolshevik media clowns. He is and remains a private citizen. This disturbing trend was also clearly violated in the case of the release of the media records of Linda Tripp. We are also familiar with the Clintonian
abuses of FBI files of political opponents.

It is time that the existing laws of privacy were enforced. To paraphrase the fake victim husband of a non event Valerie Plame " I want to see a leftist media thug "frog marched" into the big house.

The First Amendment does not cover criminal acts such as invasion of privacy.


troutsky said...

Joe does seem to zealously guard his privacy. Is he a libertarian?

beakerkin said...

Joe is a private citizen and as such is entitled to privacy under the law.
I have no idea if he is or not a libertarian. He is a citizen whose
rights were trampled by a far left cabal of Bolshevik media goons.

The USA is not Venezuela and this type of abuse needs to be punished.

Beamish said...

Joe the Plumber dared to challenge the side of the political spectrum that gave the world Soviet communism and Nazi fascism to reveal their face and wealth redistribution policies.

And so, his government records were rifled through, in search of blackmail material to silence him.

You really didn't expect leftists to defend their policies, did you?

Always On Watch said...

There have been some ugly shenaningans during the last few weeks of this election cycle.