Monday, November 10, 2008

The Rape of the US Taxpayer Starts

The media is ignoring Obama's blatant caving to Green radicals over the carcass of the
US consumur. Repeated polls have indicated that Americans are in favor of expanding the areas where oil companies can drill. Obama plans a side run around procedure by executive fiat. We can not count on a global recession holding gas prices in check forever. Domestic oil production also creates good jobs for American families. Obama has just proven he cares more about the opinion of bug eyed treasonous anti American radicals than consumers or domestic job creation.

Those of you who live in PA or other coal producing areas should be concerned about the messiah's jihad on the coal industry. This is just another example of Obama just could care less about jobs for American families.

The media is in full apologist mode and is ignoring the rape of the tax payer. This recession is going to be prolonged by the malfeasance of Obama catering to bug eyed activists.

The open ballot for unions is an assault on freedom. I say this as a union member who
has always been pro union. The right to vote for a Union and union elections need to
be protected by the same respect for privacy that civil elections are given. Open elections are subject to coercion and payback and keep corruption in place. This is
exactly another type of payback for a minority interest at the expense of the consumer.

The messiah has made and will make no effort to control the ever increasing costs of higher education. The Bolshevik creation of academic gulags where no actual work is done and sham social science research is foisted on the public needs reform. The reforms should be aimed at lowering the cost and improving the quality of education.
However, this is another area where Obama caters to the interests of bug eyed radicals at the expense of US consumers.

"Send your kids to IIT instead of MIT and save money at get better quality and fire Chomsky who embodies mediocrity".

Obama will attempt to breathe life into the dying MSM. Look for the messiah to reimpose the fairness doctrine on talk radio and blogs. Newspapers die daily and it is largely a fight against father time. Classified ads are drying up and readers get
their news on line. Fairness to the messiah is a few egghead Bolsheviks all educated
at the same journalism school by Bolshevik professors ( including one who swears the Rosenberg Traitors are innocent) determining what you will read and see. Talk radio and the blogosphere is a practice of the First Amendment. Talk radio is also ratings driven and more interactive than the imperial MSM that marches to the tune of a few select Bolshiviks who are out of touch with America.

The Bolshevik traitors are screaming bloody murder over the Emmanuel appointment. Emmanuel is a Jooooooo who supports Israel but unfortunately will not be placed in an area that will blunt the deranged radical madness. Look for Carterite retreads and University radicals to be placed in those positions. Obama is clinging to hope that appointing moderates like Emmanuel who are on the map will reassure the markets.

I am making another lifestyle change. All big ticket items will be purchased at Walmart.

I do not miss the lesser networks. My sole concession to the boycott has been Football. There will be no other watching of non FOX programming.

Will the folks at FOX kindly do America a favor and fire Troy Aikman. He is almost bringing back memories of James Lofton. Perhaps his abuse of the laws of grammar was caused by serial concussions. Can someone dial the phone and find Matt Millen? I hear
he needs a job after wrecking the Detroit Lions. He was outstanding as an announcer
and should have remained in the booth.

A note to John Madden. Madison Hedgecock has been an excellent blocker since the Rams
stupidly cut him. Unfortunately, he seems to have developed stone hands and has dropped four in a row as a receiver. Kevin Boss already has developed into a better blocker than Shockey. He has four touchdowns to Shockey's zero and is getting comfortable as a reciever. It is no stretch to see him end the year with six touchdowns. That would be a decent year for most tight ends and better than Shockey in recent years. Madden is a quality broadcaster and above all entertaining.


Beamish said...

What's up with the New York Jets only beating the Rams by 44 points yesterday? Were they tired of scoring points against the universe's worst football team?

The Pagan Temple said...

NBC also needs to cut Keith Olbermann from Sunday Night football.

Ducky's here said...

Beak, why don't you pledge not to leave your house until Obama is impeached?

Also why not turn off moderation and get some posts here?

Anonymous said...

Ducky, why don't you get your own blog instead of telling other people how they should run theirs.

Oh, that's right, you're a Leftist. That's what Leftist's do.

beakerkin said...


I have a valuable job to do. I swore an oath to uphold the Constitution and not the egomania of a crypto communist.

All those who played a part in the is election of Obama will be boycotted.The MSM guilty of malfeasance and can not be trusted to do its job. I will get my news from FOX exclusively.

All of us have the right to spend our money as we see fit.

Olberman is an ass and needs to be fired.

The Rams will get better. They just do not seem to have a plan or understood until this season we need to rebuild.

They won two games and Haslet seems to understand that this is a two or three year job.

Ducky's here said...

The open bailout for unions ... coming from a member of the public employees union who sucks at the taxpayers teat.

You hypocrite.

beakerkin said...

That was open ballot you bird brained
communist. Furthermore given the responsibilities the pay is sufficient.

I would love to get a job as a professor in a University where I could work ten hours a week for six figures and get paid thousands for speaking fees. Those jobs are controlled by the Old Bolshevik network.

How many hours does Noam Chimpanzee
work? Sorry but most government workers do actual work unlike University Communists.

Beamish said...


Let me tell you what's wrong with the St. Louis Rams.

1.) Upper management - Someone up there actually believes Jim Haslett belongs within 3 miles of a football field.

2.) Coaching - Haslett was fired from the New Orleans Saints for a reason. That reason is: HE SUCKS. Linehan (now, finally fired from the Rams) was fired from the Miami Dolphins for a reason: HE SUCKS. Every week, the Rams cheerleaders demostrate more knowledge of the game.

3.) Players - If Steven Jackson could run the ball half as well as he runs his mouth, he wouldn't be sitting on the bench for the last month complaining about an aching vagina or thigh or something. Across the board offense and defense, the whole team works hard at f*cking off. We need a clean sweep here as well. It's a team of has beens and never will bes.