Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Not so bad.

The nation messed up big time last night. They will quickly learn that Obama is a man who has gotten by with connections and has zero substance. The only thing he has going for him is that Joe Biden would be even worse.

Who is Barak Obama

Barak Obama is a fraud. He claims to come from the heartland. This may be true if you were in a University Gulag, a big media company or your local communist front group. Obama wants you to believe that repeated appearances with Communist terrorist Bill Ayers and long term relationships with a Communist Anti Semitic crackpot Pastor are just part of regular life.

Obama is the product of Prep schools and the Ivies much like Gomer Kerry. Unlike Obama Kerry still had to earn his way in. There is a reason Obama has not released his grades and the reason is obvious. Also do remember studies that prove University Professors give higher grades to minority students for identical work.

Obama is the ultimate illustration of the foolishness of afirmative action. Obama is
the son of a Kenyan exchange student bigamist and alcoholic. His sole relation to slavery in America was that his mothers family owned some generations ago. This is not surprising but the questions of this policy run deeper. Many of the beneficiaries
are West Indian immigrants whose family was not enslaved in the USA. Other beneficiaries include African immigrants who may have had some family members abducted or on the selling end. The policy is flawed, unjust, divisive and often fails to help those it was intended to help.

We may never know if Obama benefited from these programs. He may have gotten in on merrit, but hiding his grades strongly hints otherwise.

Obama has gotten this far by hiding who he is. He hasn't done much or even said much
beyond droning on about hope and change. His Bolshevik allies in big media have spun
his fables and in the case of the LA Times with held evidence.

He will not be able to hide who he is and the easy victory will embolden his Marxist
mania. Some of his supporters are already into Kim Jong Ill or Hugo Chavez great leader messiah mode. Obama is an elitist whose egomania exceeds that of Bill Clinton.
Clinton was smart enough to understand that he could get elected by hiding who he was
but his early defeats over health care and gays in the military brought him back to reality. He spent his time after impeachment in survival mode. Obama will have a rubber stamp congress, but this will back fire in time.

The era of big media that is unresponsive to the bottom line is winding down. Every day newspaper readership drop as ads go on line. In the internet era news will be ratings and profit driven. The era of a few radicals in alphabet channels setting the agenda are over. Obama can't rescue big media as the long term trends are irreversible.

Obama's University Bolshevik allies might gloat and receive a few more grants for worthless scholarship. Even an article in yesterdays paper about record attendances at CUNY in NYC did not point to the real reason. Higher Ed is largely unaffordable and CUNY is a bargain. The media is quite fond of stories about 200 toilet seats in the military budget. The insane salaries paid to worthless scholars, nepotism and abuse of core curriculum requirements to provide jobs for Marxist hacks goes under the radar for now.

In a cash tight future the genuine prospect of outsourcing and on line alternatives
will change the Marxist strangle hold in higher ed. Universities will have to compete
with India and granting positions to Communist terrorists and spawn of NYC communist
leaders will be more closely scrutinized.

There is a saying a conservative is a liberal who has been mugged. We are all about
to get mugged with big unaccountable government that solves no problems. A liberal
Michael Bloomberg type can get results because he is a real leader with skills and
proven life experiences. Barak Obama is not Mike Bloomberg, nor is he fit to sit in his shadow on his best day.

Things will get better in time because when the economy gets worse and people see their tax bills rising media spin will not work. These things run in cycles and every move right or left has a balancing counteraction.

Of course there is the odd chance that Obama may have learned that Marxism doesn't work and is unpopular for good reason. However, given his egomania it is more probable that Linsay Lohan will have a fling with Mr. Beamish or Sonia will become
the spokesman for a clothing line.


Always On Watch said...

Will BHO's followers turn on him when they find out that he cannot deliver of all the rhetoric he spouted?

Those controlled by their emotions are dangerous indeed when things don't go their way.

Ducky's here said...

Got your butt kicked pretty good, didn't you, Beak?

I'd like to suggest that you drop the moronic rants and come in from the cold. I think that you'll find we will offer good treatment if you begin to moderate your rants.

Beamish said...

Screw you, Ducky.

Dissent is patriotic.