Thursday, November 13, 2008

Divided Country

Contrary to popular opinion the nation has never been as divided as it is now. The blathering Obamaists are quite vocal, but the discontent is greater than ever.

There are those who are in for a very serious rude awakening. Obama is an elitist and is quite the dullard. Leftist always overestimate the intelligence of their own and Obama is devoid of new ideas. He has gotten this far only by hiding who he is withthe aid of a complicit MSM. This will end very soon and each day will reveal yet another
campaign lie.

There are those who naively think that the hostility to Obama is racial. The hostility comes from the kid glove media treatment of a mediocre inexperienced dullard who never says much beyond hope and change.

Obama has no answers for America other than those that have been proven failures elsewhere.

His arrogance and poor judgment will become apparent to all.


Ducky's here said...

"He can never win (insert demographic) voters in (insert state)!"

Jungle Mom said...

Obama campaigned on 'change' but has proceeded to appoint many Clintonistas to posts. Where's the change?????

Beamish said...


It's like a Clinton Presidency without Hillary Clinton throwing lamps at people.

Elmers Brother said...

Now they're hedging their bets.

"I'm going to be really patient with him. Change takes a lot of time," said Hannah Gold, 21, a junior studying political science at Hunter College.
Our reader has a feeling--and now that he mentions it, so do we--that "Change takes a lot of time" is going to be a common expression over the next four years among the kind of people who mocked President Bush for failing to turn Iraq into a modern democracy overnight. We checked and found at least one other use, in a cautionary Puffington Host post, the morning after Election Day, by one Martin Lewis:

A very large percentage of the new Democratic voters have been bought [sic] into the fold by the mantra of "Change." And naturally they expect to see "Change." Especially the younger, more idealistic first-time voters.
Those of us who have lived a few years know that real change takes a lot of time to effect in a massive nation the size of the USA. And even longer to manifest itself.
Americans suffer from ADD. Especially young Americans.
Of course Obama himself said--Oh, look! A squirrel!--in his victory speech that "The road ahead will be long. Our climb will be steep. We may not get there in one year or even one term . . ." What about two terms? Maybe Obama should urge Congress to propose repeal of the 22nd Amendment. After all, "Sev" needed more than three terms to bring change.