Sunday, November 16, 2008

Temper Tantrums

There have been strong protests from the gay community over set backs on election day.These protest actually have a negative impact as the loudest most irresponsible voices usually play for the camera. It is very easy to throw a temper tantrum, but ultimately it gets one nowhere. Results are made by building bridges with responsible people, but the process is long and slow.

I am and will remain opposed to gay marriage. My opposition is based on the fact that marriage still remains a religious term. I favor civil unions as a practical solution to a fight that is pointless and inane.

Gays should be able to live with dignity. Needless fights over jargon do not suit anyone.

No doubt the bird brained Duck will be by with his standard rants. However, the actual record of communist countries on the subject of gay rights has been historically poor. Muslim countries have poor records in this area as well, but the bird brained poultry sees no evil.


In other news spineless Rowan Williams recently praised Marx. This should come as no surprise given his prior sophomoric statements on a variety of subjects. His leadership has been a disaster and a split in the Anglican Church looms on the horizon.

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