Monday, November 24, 2008

Feeling Goooooooood

I am ready and fired up to go to work having apparently traded food poisoning for a more manageable head cold. Part of being an officer is answering the call of duty.

I do not look forward to going to work today as I expect some difficulties from the recent changes in my life. People will have to learn my priorities have changed and being a good friend does not mean servitude.

Midway through the day I should be the recipient of pouting followed by guilt. I would sooner take a two by four to the head than have a woman do the former. I am certain if Justin is reading this he is probably laughing me.

Do any of you other guys have to deal with this?


The Merry Widow said...

Only with middle teen girls...anything else needs a smack!


Ducky's here said...

A woman's going to take a 2x4 to your skull?

Jungle Mom said...

TMW, Or PMS, or menopausal.. all I can say is, Good Luck, Beak!