Monday, November 03, 2008

The Reality

We are going to have to endure four years of an egomaniacal pretender. Obama is the
problem and not the solution to anything. Our nation has endured buffoons and bumblers such as Jimmy Peanut and the Clintoon years. What makes Obama dangerous is his meglomania and detachment from real lives. Obama has never worked a single hour on a real job and has been handed life on a silver platter.

Many of you out there assume that because Obama is biracial he has experienced rejection and discrimination. He might have been refused membership in a country club
but that is about all. He has gone to elite schools likely aided by his racial identity and his white families far left connections or a combination of both. Obama has not released his grades because the obvious questions would be asked.

Obama serves as a perfect example of why affirmative action is a terrible idea. Obama's sole relation to slavery in America is his mothers family owned some a few generations back.

The Obama cabinet will likely be full of University Bolsheviks who have never done a days work in a real job. His appointments will make Sandy Berger look competent by comparison.

There is a good outcome down the road, but that is four years away. When people see the bills for the imperial government and the job losses people will react just like
they did in 1980. Jimmy Carter was a lousy President with miserable ideas and was booted out in one term. Carter never thought he was God or had the insane egomania of Obama whose arrogance is greater than Clinton's.

Bill Clinton led a charmed life because those who chose to believe ignored the truth
behind a man who was basically a slacker. America will not be as lucky this time, but we have survived Carter, Civil Wars and worse than a second rate University Marxist is likely to cause.

Beamish and Beakerambo in 12.

PS Beakerambo is supposed to be making an appearance on celebrity death match against
Rosie ODonnel. Rosie has backed out claiming Beakerambo uses performance enhancing drugs.


Always On Watch said...

I see that you have clearly defined Obama as a Marxist. That's is indeed what he is.

Duck will, no doubt, come quacking by to defend Marxism.

sonia said...

I disagree. I think Obama will be a great president.

Steve Harkonnen said...

Beak, stop by Karma's blog and also Misfit''s all chilling stuff. I am reminded of 1930's Germany right before the takeover of the fascists.

I totally agree, and sadly, Obama has this election in the bag.

Pasadena Closet Conservative said...

Don't you dare give up hope! Remember the last-minute surprises of 2000 and 2004. Vote McCain!

Beamish said...

I don't think Obama has it won. Certainly not by a respectable margin.

He's spent close to $700 Billion to just be "tied" with McCain.

Spending money like that to maintain a tie? that tells me he can't keep the wheels on his media hoopty.

Let me be first to state that I won't be surprised if McCain actually wins.

tia said...


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