Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Bad Ideas

In the USA we already have civilian control of the military. The call for yet another
type of security by Obama harkens to Brown shirts or Cuban block patrols. The United States does not need another organization of jack booted clowns doing God Knows what.

There is talk of expanding a range of agencies. Big government is not the solution to
anything it is the problem. A government job for mindless ACORN clowns is perilously
close to a Cuban block patrol. I can just imagine some clowns from Code Pink trying to annoy Cuban Americans or Jews who support Israel. I might start wearing my steel toed boots for the first clown that tries to void my First Amendment rights.

There is the Obama apologist explanation that he meant enlarging Vista and the Peace Corps. In real parlance it means government jobs and power for unemployable radicals
out of ACORN, Code Pinko and every other freak group.

Is this the one of the so called "new ideas". These are not new ideas and they should be correctly termed "bad unAmerican ideas".

What America actually needs is DHS reform. There are way too many appeals and the system of endless motions and appeals needs to be ended. One appeal absent some misapplication of law or precedent should be sufficient. We also need to crack down on asylum fraud/abuse, phony adoptions and fake marriages.

The bait and switch games continues. Lobyists may now be on the transition team so long as they are not involved in the areas they worked. Next will come the tax increase on people making as little as 50,000. Do not believe the 250,000 number as like everything else with Obama it is a fraud.

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Ducky's here said...

Beak, I've been nominated as head building monitor in my coop by the incoming Communist administration.

I think the comrades made a wise choice, no?