Sunday, November 23, 2008

Around the NFL

The Giants played a decent game without Jacobs and Burress. A monster game by Hixon saved them. Don't look but Boss has more TD's than Shockey.

The Cowboys are back, but do not get to excited with a win over the Niners.The Chargers are dead and whoever hired Norv Turner should get a cyber wedgie. The Eagles are dead and Reid looks to be DOA.

Arizona may not be so bad in a bad weather game as assumed because it has big receivers. Tennessee looked over matched against the Jets.

Washington has corrected the ship. I look for Washington to play a similar version of the game played by Arizona against the Giants. Portis will be a big factor if he runs well the Redskins have a chance.

If I am Bill Cowher the following jobs will be open Det, StL, SD, KC, Phil, Sea, and Cin. I take San Diego as the easiest turnaround. Spagnulo likely gets his choice and may end up in Phil. If I am the Lions I do whatever it takes to land Schottenheimer.
He has multiple draft picks and builds a smash mouth team.


Beamish said...

St. Louis fans want Bil Cowher, as long as his contract explicitly states that he is replacing Jim Haslett because he sucks.

Rat Fink said...

Cleveland really needs one of those guys, but as I heard Jimmy Johnson say today, it's not completely about the coaching, but about managing all aspects of the team on all levels. Maybe the Browns are (unfortunately for this fan) too far gone for salvation right now...