Saturday, November 08, 2008

Paranoid Antisemites in Linda Blair Mode

Hat Tip Sonia

On a lark I typed in Rahm Emmanuel and Zionist in the news section and then selected blogs. The paranoid idiot of Marx, Hitler and Jihadis are in Elmer Fudd over drive.

Obama is and has been surrounded by Marxists his entire life. If you think that he discovered Pastor Wright is an antisemite after 20 years dream on.

A Chief of staff will have zero impact on foreign policy.


Misfit410 said...

Rahm is a pretty radical leftist, the news acts like his choice is some big play by Obama to show some sort of diversity in his choices or something.. Rahm is yet another player directly involved in taking money from Fannie Mae.. so I'm sorry if I see a trend here.

Ducky's here said...

Beak, I would have expected you'd be more upset about losing Lieberman.

As chairman of the governmental affairs committee for the last four years he has been able to quash Senate inquires into Bush's activities.

With Joe in charge there would never be any question that Israel is our primary duty.

Well, he's gone so some of Likud's shenanigans can be brought to light with the junior senator from Tel Aviv removed from his chairmanship.

Reid is going to kick his punk ass all over Washington and there is nothing the R's can offer the filthy little traitor.

beakerkin said...


Life is great if you are a Democrat.
The person who helped create the financial mess gets to be Chief of Staff.


Your back into Linda Blair mode. Joe Lieberman is the last Patriotic Democrat. Your comments are a clear
reminder why patriots do not belong in the Democratic Party.

Always On Watch said...

Did you notice Emanuel's body language during BHO's press conference yesterday? If you get the change, try to find a video or a still picture.

Z said...

Emanuel might have little impact on foreign policy in your opinion, but I ask that you remember Dick Morris' recent words "I'd let something out in the Clinton Admin and Clinton kept screaming WHO DID YOU TELL? Finally, I told him I'd told 2 people and one was Emanuel.." Clinton was furious and screeched "Don't you KNOW he's the biggest LEAK in the country?"

Emanuel may not be active on making policy, but leaking policy is a pretty grim thought, too. Who's he going to tell this time, N. Korea or Iran...or just stick to the NYTimes?