Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Selling out New Yorkers

The recent spate of Stadium Building in NYC has left out an obvious part of the formula
the fan. I used to go to eight or nine Yankee games but the new prices are just too much.

The problem with sports is that they have forgotten their roots. I remember watching the games in the afternoon in the summer and remembering the names of the players and all their stats. It was a great day or night when the family would pack up and go as a group. The same trip to the stadium would cost as much as a small vacation today and the food isn't even good.

Across the river football fans are being gouged with seat licenses that are basically
prohibitive unless one own s a business. There will be many Giant fans who have had seats for generations across many stadiums who can not afford the new seats.

Giant fans are unique in that one may be a fan of the Giants and never see a game in person as the seats are sold out for generations. I will never get a chance to see a regular season game. However, this doesn't stop me from sympathizing with a fan whose family has been there for many decades and now can't afford the new seat licenses.

I am just amazed that even with the worlds second lousiest product and high prices people still pay it to see the Knicks. Maybe it is like watching a car wreck, but there are much better things to do than watch the Knicks such as watching pedestrians
try to doge homicidal cabbies.

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