Sunday, November 09, 2008

Reminder of this blog's policy

We do not permit comments from those who do not sign their name. We do not permit comments from those who fail to reciprocate the privilege. The sole exception to that policy is Justin Morris we would allow him to comment in spite of his voyage all over the map.

This blog does not allow or endorse criminality of any kind. Criminal threats will not be posted here.

Those of you who are upset about the election of Barak Obama should heed these two words JOE BIDEN. Biden is far and away the second stupidest man in the Senate and Bernie Sanders had to work very hard to take that title away. We do not want to become
cartoons like the Bush haters.

Even the one across the hall hasn't deduced that Bush won the military vote by big margins twice.


Justin said...

Beak, your comment regarding me was brought to my attention yesterday. I do still read your blog somewhat but have not commented on any of it. One thing you can be assured of is if I do post It will not be as an anonymous poster. If I have something to say I will put my name on it because unlike the cowards who do use the anonymous route I believe in what I say and have no problem tacking my name to it.

That being said I hope all is going well for you since you are now working for the new Marxist regieme :) Have a good day and keep writing as I do find some of it quite interesting.

beakerkin said...


Like you I swore an oath to the Constitution. I will not violate the position by Marxist fiat. Furthermore with one exception the most ruthless agents who do not respect process are those on the left.

Your comments are welcome here and we still salute your service, in spite of needing a scorecard to figure out where you are politically at any moment. I knew the criminal threats did not come from you as it is not your MO. Nor is it Rob's style. Furthermore, the
threats are all spelled correctly with flawless punctuation and that
clearly rules out Rob.