Tuesday, November 04, 2008

A mess we can all share

We are about to elect a stealth candidate to office. The media has done a terrible job but ultimately the economy will have its revenge on the media. The era of the newspaper
is drawing to a close and every year more papers die.

The fragmentation of the new media via cable and the internet is a good thing. Obama will have a tougher time than Clinton because he lacks Clinton's skill and to be blunt
intelligence. Clinton was smart enough to toss the left a few scraps and govern from the center. Obama's intelligence is vastly over rated except when compared to Joe Biden. He has gotten through life based upon his ethnicity and his families ties to the very far left. He has never held a real job.

The question of detaching health insurance from work is actually not as bad as it seems. The reality is that rising health costs do saddle companies with an unfair handicap relative to their foreign competition. The solution should involve free enterprise and tax deductions for insurance. The new playing field should have one set of national rules, so that consumers have a wide variety of choices. The new system would avoid the onerous cycle of government hacks deciding who gets what.

We are about to elect a disastrous egomaniac into the White House. Change for the sake of change produced Jimmy Carter whose blunders we still deal with today. Once elected the stealth deceptions will end and the tyrannical nature of Obama will emerge. There will be a honeymoon period for three months, but he will be tested. Obama may surprise some of us and over react because he must. He is perceived as weak
and must react swiftly to a challenge likely from his friend Chavez.

We are likely entering into a time of deflation and it may not be so bad if you have
a secure job. If one is looking for work times will be rough. In times like these companies compete for fewer dollars with great deals.

America will survive the Obama mess. Obama will be a disaster as a President on a Carter scale.

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