Monday, November 17, 2008

More NFL notes

The Giants demolished the Ravens and face a Arizona on the road. Warner is a great QB
but he does fumble when hit. The evil Cowboys won the game with defense. They have mortgaged their future on Roy Williams and the gap between the Giants and the Cowboys will grow greater. The Eagles hit rock bottom and need to think about next year.

The Jets will play the Titans next week. The three key performers will be Jenkins, Haynesworth and Farve. The Jets are quietly getting good play from their TE. The game will boil down to Farve vs Colins and Farve has a better supporting cast.

Turn out the lights in Detroit, KC, Oakland and St Louis. Sadly Edwards has some type of plan and given a year or two he would have built something special. The next coach will get credit for his sacrafice.

The Dophins have over achieved and have shown what superior coaching can do. Atlanta
is playing over its head but is improved.

The most under rated team is still Carolina.

Norv Turner, Wade Phillips and Del Rio need to face the Axe.

Onto MLB

No pitcher should ever get a contract longer than three years.

Prince Fielder gets traded to a big market club and makes himself hated.His father was loved by the media and fans until he left NY.

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Beamish said...

I'm not doing any football blooging this year because my work schedule keeps me away on game days.

The St. Louis Rams will not improve until upper management gets it in their heads that Jim Haslett belongs no where near a coaching position when there are literally thousands of high school cheerleaders that demonstrate more game awareness every week. The headline in the sports page the day Steven Jackson comes up for contract re-negotiation (a distant two seasons from now) should read "Steven Jackson told to go f*ck himself." The day that useless piece of shit leaves the NFL should be made into a national holiday.