Saturday, November 29, 2008

Terrorist pathology

We all live with the image of the last attack as the new model. What we know about terrorism is that they thrive on uncertainty. We can not predict their new modes, but we need to look at what it is.

Extremists of all type cheapen life. There is a reason that such horrible acts are produced by extremists. An extremist is a wasted soul who thinks he posses the key to
the ultimate knowledge. All things are disposable to serve the divine idea. Thus a Communists idea of socialist paradise or a jihadis 72 virgin pipe dream are the escapes from the present reality.

There has been a profound change in my life, it has altered my thinking. I used to think of these extremists as assaulting that which I love and law and order. Now with
the changes in my life I see these foul extremists assaulting humanity and the natural order of life. The natural order is for people to respect life and live for
the loving relationships of soul mates, children, parents, siblings. The natural order is to see the divine truth as an extension of love of life. Junglemom serves with her family as a celebration of a healthy expression of the divine truth. Her family serves the poor not for power but as a calling from the above. Many of our religious readers understand and live this calling.

I think of my relationship with Sunbeam and am reminded of the natural order. It is natural for couples to love each other. I can't even begin to appreciate the sacrafice of military families. There is no greater sacrafice than that of a military
family especially the spouse. There is no greater evil than the love of a mother who
celebrates her son's death.

What sort of sick twisted person needs 72 virgins? A virgin does not know what she is doing and this is an ego trip. It is an impractical teenage arrested development sex
fantasy. A man is only complete when a special person is there sharing his life.

What sort of person needs socialist utopia? A loser who thinks he will create paradise with the empty rhetoric of long dead fools. Utopia does not exist and it is a fools dream and the despots tool. The empty words are usually said by sick twisted
types who deceive in order to get power. When was the last time you heard a commie talk of healthy love of anything or a respect for life. Kulaks, class enemies are mere human cattle or acceptable losses en route to power.

There are times men who are well adjusted have to kill. Such men serve to protect their country they love to protect their families and yours. They do not serve for 72
virgins, they do not dream of utopia, they do not do it for the pay they serve out of duty and love of country. Their dreams are of returning home to loved ones.

We can not predict if the next attack will be like 9-11, Madrid, Bali and so forth. More than likely terrorists will test the new administration and we will get hit again. We need to respond quickly and decisively and never forget the difference between us and them.


Anonymous said...

Let's face it, the ummah is nothing more than a socialist utopia and their disrespect for "innocent" life a symptom of their ideology.

The Merry Widow said...

To true, FJ. EVERYTHING is submerged into a twisted and perverted view of what G*D originally created...and that has always turned toward and moved toward the Light and Love.
Beaker-What you are experiencing is the NATURAL drive to protect and cherish those who complete your life.
As a mother, I feel the same way about my 2, I would fight tooth and nail to protect them. And if necessary, I would give my life so they may live!
But then, love seeks the best for the beloved...


beakerkin said...


I should have felt this before on some level. However, it is now more intense for obvious reasons. Each day
with Sunbeam is its own reward.

Always On Watch said...

Love for a special one can indeed change one's view of the world.