Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Dissent Types

I want to point out the difference in my dissent and the standard treason that the left passes about. My dissent is aimed at Obama and his allies in the MSM, unions and big academia. Unlike the far left drivel I remain a nationalist and one will see but one flag and one document by my side. My flag is still the American flag and the document is the Constitution.

The MSM has anointed a crypto Marxist because they were tired of getting flak on their visits from their Euro salon types. Obama is a Marxist replete with a communist mentor a crackpot racist communist pastor and he socializes with communist terrorist Bill Ayers. If he is not a Marxist and has practiced some form of reverse entryism he is not to be trusted.

We can wage this battle in standard mode. However, it is the time and place to fight against his green and big educational allies first.

Eliminate student loans for Social science majors. Demand overhaul of the liberal arts base and hiring reform. Lets drain the Marxist swamp of its feather bed jobs.

Lets keep up the fight to drill for oil everywhere. Repeated polls show 70% of America favor this position.

The media anointed messiah has no answers other than those that have failed elsewhere.


troutsky said...

It is an inspiring movement you are building under those banners. You would need re-education camps for all the soc.science majors, however.Have you tried an exploratory hole in your basement? Thats how the Bush's got their start!

Ducky's here said...

Beak, I've changed my mind.

The possibility that Holy Joe Lieberman’s (R - Tel Aviv) political carcass would be available as a flotation device in the future means that the Dems should play ball with the little Mossad traitor for the time being even if he should be tried for treason.