Saturday, January 31, 2009

Sorry for the Gap in Posts

There has been an abnormally heavy work. I am still with Sunbeam who amazes me more every day. I am lucky such a beautiful and kind woman is interested in me. I treasure our moments together and she makes me happier than I ever felt in my life. I always wanted to be with her and she is even better than anything I ever dreamed of. She made a wonderful pot dish with beef and barley. My blood pressure and weight is way down and I generally do not eat beef or poultry. I love them but keeping my weight down as well as trying to get closer to kosher are important.

The cast of characters is the same. The Princess and I have not spoken for well over two weeks. Cafeteria food was not good enough for her when I was fetching. Now it has become acceptable as she is paying for her food. She desperately wants some contact but my door is always closed. The vegan is a good friend who is genuinely happy for me. I like her as a person and hopes she finds someone to make her happy. M is still sweet and desperately trying to lose weight. She is trying my diet but it does not look good but it is better than before. For her this weight loss is a matter of life or death as she has had one stroke already. J is an amazing person who
is the company gossip. I will be with Drummaster and Rav Roov for the Superbowl. I chose not to hang with the coworkers as they tend to get smashed and do things that were never appropriate for me.

I will write some political stuff later.


Always On Watch said...

Cafeteria food was not good enough for her when I was fetching. Now it has become acceptable as she is paying for her food.

LOL! I know a few types just like that.

The Pagan Temple said...

Don't worry Beak, the Princess will give up on you someday. Women are like that, their natural pride won't let them do what they consider is making a fool of themselves by continually going after a guy that makes it as clear as possible he doesn't want her. She'll find somebody else eventually and she won't bother. She might act spiteful for a while, but she'll get over it. Look for her to start engaging in obvious flirtations to make you jealous, if she hasn't already.

All your friends will get over it too, once you show them you mean business and refuse to respond to their foolish attempts at camaraderie.

By the way, did you know frog legs were kosher? Who would'a thunk it? I couldn't be Jewish. The cheeseburgers I could get over, but I ain't giving up oysters for anybody.

Tell Sunbeam it's not polite to stand in front of the tv when the game is on and you'll do fine. Who needs "friends" anyway.

Anonymous said...

You're sounding more and more like a new beakerkin.